O’Reilly: Here’s Why Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris Should Be Disqualified
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O’Reilly: Here’s Why Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris Should Be Disqualified

August 24, 2019

Hey Bill O’Reilly here and this is the Talking Points Memo. You might have missed it because it was underreported reported but last week something very, very troubling happened and it concerns two senators who are both running for president. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. So last week was the fifth anniversary of the terrible shooting in Ferguson, Missouri where a black man was shot to death and there was all kinds of accusations about the police officer killing Michael Brown. That turned out not to be true. You remember the “hands up, don’t shoot” stuff and all that. It was a media disgrace and in the end, the Justice Department under Eric Holder, one of the most liberal attorney generals in the history of this country, exonerated the police officer, even though he had to leave the force. He said there was no racial motive in this at all, that Mr. Brown himself was very aggressive and the officer was being physically attacked by Mr. Brown and the shooting was justified. This is the federal government’s investigation. Now put the story to rest until Kamala Harris said last week quote “Michael Brown’s murder forever changed Ferguson and America.” Soon after that, Elizabeth Warren tweeted “Five years ago Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.”. OK. Now this is a pattern of behavior from these two. You’ll remember both of them convicted Brett Kavanaugh in his hearings, based upon no evidence whatsoever. And subsequently after the Senate vote that put Judge Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court, the FBI went in heavy and found nothing. Nothing. Everybody knows that. All right. It’s on the record. FBI is the best criminal investigative agency in the world. Found nothing. Yet Harris and Warren convicted Judge Kavanaugh and told the world that he was guilty. Now, the man has family, the man has two daughters. I mean it’s just beyond the pale. And now they’re back telling the nation that Michael Brown was murdered. These two people want to be president of the United States? Now this isn’t a partisan play. I don’t like partisan analysis. I find it dull. When I turn on the television or read a newspaper or whatever and I see a certain person who I know is always going to take the side of a party, no matter what. I don’t even bother. Turn it off or I don’t read it. I don’t like that. This is an American issue, not a party issue. We have two people running for president. All right who basically say due process doesn’t exist. That if I think you’re guilty. All right. Me, Kamala Harris or me, Elizabeth Warren, if I think you’re guilty, you’re guilty and I don’t even care if an investigation shows you’re not guilty. I don’t even care about that because I know that murder was committed in Ferguson, Missouri. Not only is this absurd and should be disqualifying for both of these women. They shouldn’t even get one vote from anybody because of what they’ve done with Kavanaugh and now the late Michael Brown. It is an incredible occurrence that they have not even been criticized by the media. I haven’t seen anything in the national media as far as non-ideological is concerned. I mean they’re all ideological now. We all know that but the newspapers, The Associated Press… or anything, no. You can now get away with anything. Anything. It’s really disturbing, the depth of the deterioration of our constitutional rights in America. The most important right. You have. All right outside of freedom of speech, is due process. Because if you don’t have due process, anybody can accuse you and you are guilty. And that can ruin your life in a heartbeat. If Kavanaugh was voted down by the Senate. Remember, it is only one vote. Hid whole life was over. Always in the shadow of it. So the point of this Talking Points Memo is to alert you, a fair minded person. I hope you are. There is danger in this presidential election, real danger. Warren and Harris have no use for the Constitution at all. And they have proven it now twice, beyond any reasonable doubt. That’s the memo. I am Bill O’Reilly for Newsmax. Please go to Bill O’Reilly.com for more honest, fact based commentary. We’ll see you soon.

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  1. Michael brown was a sadistic street thug. No one was safe from him. He regularly beat up black people. I bet his victims were relieved he would no longer be around.

  2. The Democrats are trying to start a race war inside the United States of America. These people are nothing but pure satanic evil. I can say satanic because the Democrats took any mention of God out of their platform. They are not the father of lies but a bunch of bald faced liars

  3. Demorat´s strategy is to make people angry so they are easy to control, according to estimates the percentage of white supremacist in USA is about one in ten thousands, .0001%, Evil MSM wants us to believe that people are dyeing and we are in danger, it´s all about regaining power.

  4. Very troubling candidates.
    I'm voting for America.
    Both of these senators are guilty of text book slander.
    These representatives have told the American people that inocent men are guilty of murder and rape.
    Keep it real Bill.

  5. Bill, you are 100% correct.  These two witches are trying to change the verdict and change history with their lies, and trying to rile up the country again over something that was settled years ago.  Warren later tried to backpedal by saying, "Well, what matters is that a man was shot!"  Yes, big deal, a man was shot IN SELF DEFENSE.  It happens all the time.  What a lying POS she is.

  6. These two creatures are nothing more than marrionets… they are being puppeteered by some higher up. To me they are simply NOTHING.
    But what is more upsetting is the American people who support them.
    They are no better. What a shame that these so called Americans dont see the true picture. They too are being puppeteered.


  8. Harris and Warren are just following the Deep State, Democratic-Liberal, Rhino action of the past 11+years and have been getting away with it because until Trump came on board – not that many Republicans/People dared to take them on! Thank GOD, PRESIDENT TRUMP AND TOM FITTON FROM JUDICIAL WATCH, BILL BARR AND HIS TEAM AND THOSE CITIZENS WHO ARE FEELING THEY ARE ABLE TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE VILEST, TREASONOUS CONSPIRACY AND CORRUPTION ON THE LEFTIST REGIME.

  9. Typical female behavior. Judge based off of emotion, mood, and feelings, not by evidence/ logic. Good thing Hillary lost..

  10. It's no different than the false narratives they keep going about Trump saying "he grabs women by the pussy" . He NEVER said he did that or does that
    Or the one about saying "there are good people on both sides".
    It's taken COMPLETELY out of context and the rest of his sentence is never repeated by them where he condemns White Supremacists, etc…
    They're DOGS! Simple!

  11. those same two women will ignore the cries of angel families mourning every day of the year for their loss, and that is just terrible of them.

  12. This has been a huge issue of mine. The left has been throwing out countless lies and propaganda with total impunity. And the media just sits there and lets them get away with it. Its doing damage because a certain percentage of the population actually believes it. That's why we're hearing baseless things repeated by people we know.

  13. Bill, this analysis of Ferguson and Kavanagh news from the false lips of Kamala Harris and Fauxahontas is powerful. It is truthful. It is patriotic. It is brilliant. And it is deadly alarming.

  14. They both disgust me and are an embarrassment to sensible females everywhere. The two of them alone are excellent reasons for repealing women's right to vote. Warren is a self serving liar and Harris is a hobag hack of an attorney that should have everyone questioning how the hell she ever managed to pass the bar. She probably has calluses on her knees.

  15. Bill, you make an excellent point. Two candidates don’t give a damn about due process, and think we’ll vote for them?!? I think NOT. WHY would anybody vote for someone that thinks only what they alone decide and not what due process decides. I’m ashamed I didn’t think of this before, but I am glad O’Reilly pointed it out. Quite honestly, I would never vote for either one of these candidates no matter what they say at this point.

  16. Of course Due Process has been killed (at least on one side of the political forum) and guess what? The Democrats are what killed it or are still trying to bury it. They know that there is no evidence that Prez Trump colluded with Russia or any other foreign entity to steal or cheat to win the 2016 Presidential Election…yet they don't give a damn. They think he is guilty…Case CLOSED!!! The Democrats and Leftists have ALWAYS run on the platform of: Feelings before Facts. And that is exactly why Trump is President and WILL be a two-term President. It honestly is hard for me to fathom when the Democrats when, or if ever, will win the White House again.

  17. Billo The Clown Orally grabbed his wife by the neck and dragged her down a flight of stairs while his daughter watched terrified and fearing that she would be next. It's public record, you can look it up !!!!!

  18. You had me until you said the FBI was the best investigative agency in the world. The FBI is the most corrupt agency in the world. GTFOH O’Reilly!!

  19. the dems governor of illinois sign the law to teach children about gays. not reading and writhinghes not looking after you people in illinois is looking for himself.this is your demo
    politicians this are the stories that should be published.

  20. No one is talking about the law signed by the California governor that limits a police officer's options to protect himself. Rules of engagement are now so strict that we will see more deaths of officers there. Sad..

  21. No worries. God is in control. He will NEVER allow these evil women to ever be in a place of power. Guarantee! Same goes for Hilary Clinton.

  22. Trump says something shady and he rightful called out and dragged across the hot coals.
    Progressives are not given the same treatment , they are protected! Even if individuals see their lies, the media is not shouting about it!

  23. This loser is still trying to stay relevant….I thought we heard the last of him after his 5th lawsuit for sexual harassment when the audio tape came out of his message on a woman's voice mail drunk saying how he wanted to use a luffa sponge on her in the shower lol lol lol

  24. Kkkharris and Pocahontas will say anything to get votes. Harris slept with William her way up and Warren cheat and lie her way byusing Indians. True no one should vote for these 2 liars

  25. Heard Harris's record out in CA is being swept under the rug after the debate when Gabbard attacked her job performance.

  26. These people are evil! All dems have a socialist agenda that will turn all Americans into slaves or criminals. If people are so brainwashed and naive that they can't see the truth then our future is doomed. As long as there are people who support this madness there will always be chaos in this country.
    Don't vote Democrat or your lives, and your children's futures will be hell on earth.

  27. I wish you were back on Fox news or some other prime time channel. I miss your excellent, insightful and well researched reporting, editorials and opinions.

  28. You lost credibility when you told everyone to shut up about Obama and sexually harassed your coworkers! We didn’t forget. All the flip-flopping in the world won’t hide your true colors. You are not a real patriot!

  29. With ALL the corruption that emanates from the Left how is the violation of Law ABIDING citizens their 2md Amendment Right allowed to be infringed on?

  30. And I suppose Donald Trump, in your opinion, respects the Constitution . . . He does not. If Senators Harris and Warren misspoke, DT misspeaks at every turn. You cannot have it both ways. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. . .

  31. Both of these women, when sworn into office, held up their right hand and swore to uphold the constitution. Their behavior and actions, and inflamitory words have proven them to be liars and devisive people.

  32. Bill,
    Warren & Harris would never let the truth get in the way of making sensational comments in the belief that it aids their cause. You're right though, where was the media to condemn them for these outrageous and incorrect comments? Missing as they always are when their left leaning readers aren't interested in actual facts. Imagine Trump making a similar statement, it would make headlines in all newspapers and TV news outlets would run with it for days.

  33. Demonrats can get away with anything, but not republicans, if Trump said that he’s a racist, a bigot, he doesn’t care about justice. The left is out of control and needs a smack down in 2020. 🇺🇸 KAG 🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 DEPLORABLES UNITE 🇺🇸

  34. Omar and Talib will eventually not be congresswomen which means no security detail. Get out the popcorn.its going to be must see TV watching that turbin explode.

  35. Bill, you need to realize that the democrats believe lying is just another way of expressing yourself regardless of the facts

  36. Well Harris and Pocahontas are doing it for votes because they know there's actually stupid f** out there that actually believe that that happened even though the evidence proves different and Bill you also said that the FBI was the greatest investigation agency in the world sometimes I wonder bill they sure botched Hillary investigation and several others when your proof is in the pudding the FBI definitely taking some black eyes in the last couple years let's hope general attorney William Barr can bring them back and do the right thing investigate all these phony accusations against Trump like the Russian collusion hoax let's hope he takes it all the way up to the top we all know who that leads to

  37. Thank you for your information.I had not heard what they said.
    When that incident happened the Obama administration fueled the fire and when evidence showed what happened that administration did not apologize for helping fueling the fire.

  38. How many millions did oreilly pay to that lady he harassed? He is like his daddy Trump. Why do you people listen to this adulterer?

  39. Jay Nixon, our Missouri Governor at the time, was the biggest piece of shit out of all of it. He stood by and did NOTHING

  40. FBI-Federal Bureau of Idiots just look at the Clinton case you just can't make that stuff up about how they handled it so badly.

  41. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth 'Black Cloud' Warren and all the democratic presidential hopefuls are just that . . . HOPEFULS. None of them have leadership qualities. Their socialist platform does not fit in our American culture.

  42. Thank you Mr. O’Reilly. I miss you so much on Fox News. You know how to analyze the results objectively! 👍

  43. guy i agree with you till you said the right to free speech is the must important right. the must important right is the right to bear arms guy. without that right how will you protect your right to free speech? come on man how you so smart and so stupid at the same time?

  44. My take… Kamala Harris is a Jamaican dominatrix who probably practices "Obeah". ( Google it if you don't know.) She also suffers from something that the psychological professionals call a "Borderline Personality". Google that too… Elizabeth Warren is just a ditsy school teacher.

  45. Harris and Warren lies for political gains, judge and jury.They never even investigated for them selves and past a judgement.They call themselves Lawyers and want to be President of our country.Wake up America, kill their votes.

  46. but you are an educated white male and your opinion along with the facts don't count in this leftist environment

  47. I am still asking the question and no one is answering. If you have to be born in the United States, to 1 (under Obama rules) US Citizen or 2 (under Article 14), when did Harris' parents become citizens? AFTER she was born.

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