O’Sullivan v Fu. Final-Frame 2018 Masters
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O’Sullivan v Fu. Final-Frame 2018 Masters

September 30, 2019

it’s been fabulous all day a minute Suzy you look like you may have broken down earlier and he’s just chipped that one in and of course he fought that the yellow to come back down the table for the loose rag just bounced off the cushion perfectly and even that shot I mean the frame was over but still but this was the best one of the best positional shots I’ve seen to come off so many cushions and get on the yellow there was quite incredible this was wonderful cueing straight through the ball off the two cushions for the black and it’ll clear in the woman in the frame offered so it’s he’s being at his very best today his focus has been superb every time he’s got the chance there’s an Abbott ability about it for Marco firm afraid you just gotta hold your hand up and say you know well played not much he can do he’s had a chance in the last one I will say that missing the brown where he just had to put a bit of power in other than that the rest of the match he’s just been comprehensively outplayed yeah when he did get in there he we’re gonna show you the broad that he missed but even prior to that tea he had to power this and sometimes it’s not as strongest part of his game playing deep screw shots when he was in before where he potted the green and cannon the blue that spoiled it slightly for him you know the thing is with that shot as well then as I asked he think he probably should have took the block there you know he’s too eastern of power the brown in which we know isn’t great he’s in a situation but he’s fallen ill behind if he potted the block instead it takes the block he’s got a chance to win the frame they’re taking that block off and he’s ended up over power in it if he gets if he looks if he knocks the block in all those Reds down the table are they’re from with a great chance he just over here over hit the ground once again too hard missed it in there he’s got to sit and watch well the players are having to sit and watch the people come back into the arena they were like and went back in and time six market food today so Marco bricks often frame six I’m not the best break off he’s ever played he’d be hoping it’s not his last break off in this year’s masters but the odds are in his favor of a whitewash here it has to be said he had it a bit thick and that’s why the red come back up as well [Applause] and when you’re playing well that’s the sort of little flick that you get there they have to avoid the Reds but caught them but still got nicely on the color just playing to miss the Reds there but it’s developed another one looked as if he was gonna play for the loose ready might go straight into the paint now explain for that loose one that he just nudged I’d accidentally this John is gonna clear the path for the one to the right of the pack there yep definitely seven both of them go on either side available so probably play this and leave the cue ball a little bit low so he can play a cannon and you see bit low now if you go to pot this and force another couple of reds into play fourteen fifteen you can leave the Hangul on the pink you can play into the top 93 he’s got a loose one at the back but an alternative is there one on the right does go well he could play into it I was on the loose red twenty-nine thirty all about the split now 37 he’s just was ressure here this pot again while he was getting done to see if he could pop the long pink and leave the one at the back of the a bunch of reds there could be and a break unless he’s takes a double on 44 when he played four he could take the double on the one near the cushion there and play there’s a shot to nothing and he’d be on the black of it goes in thank you very much he fouled it off [Applause] immediately walked away from the table declared a foul on himself he was going to take the double on there ronny was hoping to take a double on that wasn’t he he must have just touched it you couldn’t really see myself but you if you touch it with your hand you know yourself straightaway sometimes you follow the ball and no one sees it we’re so proud of our sport that the players still do that declare the files and themselves surely not that was difficult and look routes going a bit of a chance for Marco know he sees no one touch whatsoever he’s been kept off the table completely and probably a little bit embarrassing for Marco he just can’t get any rhythm going and even when he beats the difficult black the yellows are to stop them from coming back up to the Reds laughs oh wait yeah I think that chopped tells you a lot I think Michael was ready to leave the arena it’s one of those days where probably never got a chance so I’ve no thee may I have Christian first here and send the red back up the table as long as it doesn’t hit the green now I’ve led it well might we’ll see enough of this red could possibly get round behind the pink oh it’s very thin once again look at the pace on the safety shop although I may sound like a bingo : ah but Ronnie O’Sullivan said bricks of 120 120 150 74 112 75 I mean that’s phenomenal [Music] we need any much you want to play in fantastic score [Applause] [Music] thought it was possibility played it such a way he’s looking at the red cluster of four the one on the left hand side is available if he just lands on that one [Music] [Applause] yeah when he removes this red it’s gonna clear another red and life those four Reds look safe but they’re all gonna clear each other as he pots one it’ll make another available so this is looking like the end of match and look at the time it’s coming up to around 20 minutes six 97% pot success rate it’s just looking now to see 13 I dread this news the pink spot will be available in a couple of shots time 14 and when he plays to get on that and pots it it’ll clear the other two for the left corner so you have to say it’s all over here 36 the difference and he feels it as if it’s a bit tight that red so if he feels like he can always play the cannon which is what he’s done into the mobi extremely unlucky not to be on one tough afternoon for Marco but you’re still the top class play 22 Marco just one of those days where you’ve run into something that was very special indeed I even ran into somebody playing like this twenty-nine nice for Ronnie O’Sullivan 13 I hope to start his defense of the title in any way better shape he’s been superb you know he has every aspect 37 he was already favored for this championship this year 38 to this performance he’s going to be sure there in the button that’s what certain 45:46 not surely he can’t ping the rail out and clear up from here he’s got the angle to do that and still left a chance of this difficult read no [Applause] sorry that fell of the army palea standing up in recognition of that performance from Ronnie O’Sullivan solutely amazing and he takes the match six frames to know

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  3. Other pro snooker players:
    “Is Ronnie O’Sullivan registered on this tournament?”
    Sponsors: “yes he is”
    Other pros: “what’s the second place prize?”

  4. I'm just wondering who is this O'Sullivan true rivals..? I mean the one player that can defeat him really2 bad… is it Selby,? Or Judd Trump ?

  5. It's tough to beat Ronnie when you're playing well. Fu plays really bad here and he may as well pack up and go home after frame 5.

  6. I honestly think Ronnie tried as hard as he could to subtly throw the game and keep Fu in for another frame. It is an amiable sentiment, but you could tell Fu just wanted to leave.

  7. What if he called his foul so he didn’t have to take that shot and make the other guy have that shit shot🤔

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