OUT OF LIBERTY | Official Trailer 1
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OUT OF LIBERTY | Official Trailer 1

November 17, 2019

[Horse walking] [Music] The Mormons… They were transferred here a month ago from a jail in Richmond. Joe Smith, leader of the Mormons In Clay County Jail, right here in Liberty. My job is to keep the prisoners
’til justice can run its course. Any man who has a problem with that can take it up with me. Justice has got to be served today. You’ve got the most hated men in Missouri in there. You know they’re innocent, right? You have to convince the state to release us. How long you gonna keep protecting them, Sam? This will haunt you the rest of your life. [Mob yelling] Order! Order! We’re done listenin’ to all of you. Nobody needs to die today.

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  1. What a sad comment James. There really is a lot you do not know about Joseph Smith and the rest of the LDS church. You are obviously so filled with hatred,bitterness,and anger. These good men did far more good than bad when they were alive. Just because it is popular opinion that Joseph was a bad man,does not make it true. He made mistakes just like you and I do in life,and he learned from those mistakes. He who is without sin let him be the one to cast the first stone. Sorry you feel that way James,but when a heart is full of hate and envy? It is not capable of loving others. Remember that next time and try treating people you don't like with respect.

  2. Joseph Smith was a straight-up con man, who was pushed out the window for good cause. If I had been alive at the time, looking at what he was, I would have been right there pushing him out the window as well. This trailer looks to be false accounting of the event. Joseph Smith was arrested for what amounted to small-time terrorism, burning down the press of a person who exposed Joseph Smith. But this makes sense as the Mormon Church completely opposes the freedom of the press.

    The Mormon Church is a complete lying organization and has apparently funded this false recounting of the events of his death. There is nothing they won't stoop to, including covering up sex crimes by those connected to the church. This movie could be viewed but from a comedic perspective. It would be good to go through it and tally up the inaccuracies.

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