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October 8, 2019

In a video I released a couple of days ago I asked a question that next and nobody has probably ever cared about before Which was how long it would take to drain the nether of all of its lava Yeah, that one was a weird one but today I want to spin things around a bit and ask a question that probably Everyone has thought of at least once or twice when thinking about Minecraft And that is what is the highest framerate you can get in Minecraft? Well this might seem like a rather easy question to answer There’s actually quite a lot that can go into it, so let’s go ahead and let’s check this out If you guys have been playing Minecraft for long enough now you may have heard someone say “but can it run Minecraft” when referencing a computer’s performance in the past Minecraft has been pretty Notorious for framerate issues when traveling around the overworld if you don’t have a decently modern computer, this might be especially Apparent for you, and while mods like the Optifine mod can greatly help out your framerate if your computer is struggling, today I want to focus on vanilla minecraft and see what the highest framerate I can get might be But what does it mean to get the highest framerate and minecraft? Are we talking about the latest version of Minecraft or any version at all? The Java edition of minecraft has been around since May of 2009 or for almost nine years now and it’s safe to say that during that early era the game was a lot simpler in the past than it is now, so Let’s go ahead and let’s break this question down If we start off with the most modern non snapshot version of Minecraft, then we’ll be checking this out on Minecraft 1.12.2. Right off the bat, We can turn our chunk render distance from 16 all the way down to 2 Then we can turn smooth lighting off set particles to a minimum turn fancy graphics off and test all of this on a super flat map. It’s also worth noting that my computer is completely overpowered for Minecraft I don’t own the computer that I own to play minecraft at a super high frame rate I own it so videos will render stupidly quickly because I’m a bit impatient with that So alright, with all of these settings set I get somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,600 frames per second it’s also worth noting that I used my graphics card’s built-in capture software To record this footage, which doesn’t impact my in-game frame rate at all. Pretty Awesome. So alright, 1,600 frames per second, is that our final answer? We’ll honestly, no. With the F3 menu open, Minecraft’s frame rate is actually lower than it is when it’s closed. If we take note of what the frame rate is when we open the F3 menu, we can see that it almost always drops the moment after this menu is opened. Also, in this version of Minecraft anyways, if we make the game windows smaller and we fly way above the loaded terrain, the framerate jumps up to right around 3,000 frames per second. While no monitor in the world comes anywhere close to 3000 Hertz and the human retinas framerate limit is somewhere roughly around 1000 frames per second, it still begs the question, how much further can we push this can we get over 3,000 frames per second in any version of Minecraft under any circumstances? -and the answer again, is yes. Using Minecraft’s launcher, we can access a myriad of old versions of Minecraft. However, after testing with various versions of the game for well over an hour, I only found one version of the game that can top 3,000 frames per second that I get in Minecraft 1.12.2, which is the very first version of Minecraft ever, and no I don’t mean release 1.0, beta 1.0, or even alpha 1.0. None of these come even close under any conditions that I could set. If we want to break 3,000 frames per second, we have to go back to pre classic 0.0.9 a, which was the very first public release of Minecraft ever. Using this version staring straight up on the lowest render distance, the Minecraft launcher tells us that this version is getting around 4000 frames per second. That’s incredible. While it’s completely unnecessary to play Minecraft at such an absurd framerate, I think this question is one of the more interesting concepts to experiment with. If you can manage to get a higher frame rate than I got with this video, Let me know in the comments section down below or on Twitter with a screenshot, at twitter.com/antvenom and if you enjoyed this video, Please consider leaving a like on it, because it would really help out myself, the channel, and the video quite a lot. So anyways guys, I hope you all enjoyed. My name is AntVenom, and I bid you all, farewell. Thanks so much for watching.

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  1. Ive heard of you alot in the fit mc videos and this is the first video of yours ive watched. Needless to say im very pleased because dont ask why but your name gave me the impression the you were going to be this high energy, cringy, markiplier type of personality. Ive always hated those types so hell yeah, nice composure, nice video.

  2. Guys if your wondering what software you can use to record but not impact on your frame rate, use GeForce experience. You will need a good card though

  3. Note: YouTube renders their videos in 1080p and 60 FPS, so that’s why you don’t really see a difference when his frame rate limit is unlimited.

  4. For me it was reverse. I thought how long will it take to drain the Nether and never what is the max fps for Minecraft.

  5. Lmao ur pc is not completely overpowered for minecraft 😂😂 u have a fucking 980, a old ass gpu
    Like ya ur cpu is great but ur gpu isint good

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