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Overview of America

October 13, 2019

the United States of America
born in 1776 our country is the offspring of a religious based heritage
of liberty under law blessed with great natural resources and a pioneer people
given to Industry and moral discipline our nation grew to be strong and
prosperous and developed the finest governmental system ever devised by man America soon became known as the refuge
of the world’s tired hungry and poor millions left everything in the old
world to start over in a land that rewarded initiative and hard work and
perseverance the many millions who didn’t come here found comfort and hope
and knowing that indeed there was such a bastion of freedom and opportunity a
place where dreams could become reality today our nation appears wealthier and
more powerful than ever new technologies have revolutionized our daily lives
luxuries once enjoyed only by the rich or commonplace and very affordable home
ownership is widespread and our people have the expectation of continued
economic growth and prosperity yet more and more people are coming to realize
that they may prosper materially only for a time because their freedoms are
diminishing the sobering reality is that America has been led far from its
praiseworthy beginnings our people and businesses grown under a heavy burden of
economic political and social problems which are the result of a widespread
departure from the fundamental truths that made our nation great if the United
States of America is to endure citizens far and wide must once again come to
understand embrace and live by timeless concepts concepts called Americanism what made America great and set it apart
from other lands was it Natural Resources no other lands are equally
blessed was it the people no the people who built America came from elsewhere
was it government planning and wisdom that spurred our nation to such Heights
no again it wasn’t what government did that made America great it was what
government was prevented from doing that made the difference what set America
apart from other lands was freedom for the individual freedom to work to
produce to succeed and especially to keep the fruits of one’s labors America
became great precisely because the stifling effect of too much government
had been prevented however freedom in America was not
totally unrestrained Americans overwhelmingly chose to limit their
actions with moral codes such as the Ten Commandments personal morality and
limited government it’s a combination that characterized America and made it
the envy of the world when our founding fathers decided they’d
had enough of British oppression they broke away and declared independence
they stated as self-evident truth in the Declaration of Independence that men are
endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights in other words God
gave man his rights and that among them are life liberty and the pursuit of
happiness and in the very next sentence the founders define the proper role of
government when they stated that to secure these rights governments are
instituted this is the entire philosophical base of our nation
here the government cannot legitimately redistribute the wealth assumed power
over the people’s lives and dominate man’s existence with oppressive taxation
regulations and controls according to the founders government was to be a
negative force which leaves people alone its sole function is to protect citizens
from one another and from firing governments and especially from their
own government itself the founders did not create a government to be a positive
force to do things for people to take from some to give to others they
understood that when a government starts doing something for one citizen it has
to take from another to do so and in the process it gains control over both Britain’s rulers didn’t accept the
declaration of independence so our forefathers had to fight a war to make
it stick by 1783 the war for independence had been won and British
forces were sent back across the sea but the governmental system at that time was
weak it had no power to settle disputes between the states nor the powered
attacks for proper needs such as national defense
so in 1787 delegates from twelve of the thirteen states met in Philadelphia to
revise the system and they produced an entirely new governmental structure
known as the Constitution of the United States keeping faith with the thunderous
assertions in the Declaration the Constitution was written to govern the
government not the people and not the states each of which was a jealous
guardian of its own sovereignty the founders created a central government
with strictly limited powers this left the states free to compete with one
another to be the best state the one with the least amount of Taxation and
controls one where citizens would want to build a business and raise a family
that spirit of competition produced excellence as honest competition always
does it’s important to note that the Constitution wasn’t forced on the people
it was sent back to the States for ratification in several of the founding
fathers wrote essays explaining it in an effort to persuade fellow Americans to
adopt this new system of government some of the essays written by James Madison
Alexander Hamilton and John Jay were collected into a volume known as the
Federalist Papers those essays provide valuable insights into the intent of the
founders in establishing our government eventually all thirteen states ratified
the Constitution and then each ratified the first ten amendments known as the
Bill of Rights further tying the hands of the federal government these amendments are indeed about rights
but it would have been better had the Bill of Rights been labeled the Bill of
limitations on government why because it’s vital to realize that the Bill of
Rights never gave citizens any rights whatsoever its sole purpose was to
safeguard god-given rights by limiting government power
the founders even insisted that Congress shall make no law about speech religion
the press assembly the right to petition the right to keep and bear arms and so
on these amendments are directed squarely at the federal government not
the individual and not the states they are like most of the Ten Commandments
which are essentially thou shalt nots the Bill of Rights says Congress shall
not shall not shall not all the way up to the marvelous Tenth Amendment which
says in effect if we forgot anything you can’t do that either when Benjamin Franklin exited the
Constitutional Convention he was asked by a woman sir what have you given us
his immediate response was a republic ma’am if you can keep it yet most
Americans today have been persuaded that our nation’s governmental system is a
democracy and not a republic the difference between these two is
essential in understanding Americanism and the American system before we
discuss political systems however it’s helpful to address the confusion that
has been spread about the political spectrum many have been led to believe
that the political spectrum places groups such as communists on the far
left fascists or dictators on the far right and political moderates or
centrists in the middle however a more accurate political spectrum will show
government having zero power on the far right to having 100% power on the far
left at the extreme right there is no government the extreme left features
total government under such labels as communism socialism Nazism fascism
Prince’s potentates dictators kings any form of total government those who claim
that Nazis and fascists are right-wing never defined their terms
this amounts to spreading confusion toward the middle of the political
spectrum can be found the type of government limited to its proper role of
protecting the rights of the people that’s where the Constitution of the
United States is those who advocate such a form of government are really
constitutional moderates so let’s analyze the basic forms of government
they are monarchy or dictatorship ruled by one oligarchy ruled by a few
democracy ruled by a majority Republic ruled by law and anarchy which is ruled
by no one in discussing these five we’ll see that that can be narrowed down to
even fewer looking first at monarchy or dictatorship this form of government
doesn’t really exist in the practical sense it’s always a group that puts one
of its members up front a king has his Council of nobles or Earl’s and every
dictator has his bureaucrats or comma czars the men behind the scenes
this isn’t ruled by one even though one person may be the visible leader it’s
ruled by a group so let’s eliminate monarchy dictatorship because it never
truly exists oligarchy which is ruled by a group is the most common form of
government in all history and it is the most common form of government today
most of the nations of the world are ruled by a powerful few and therefore
oligarchy remains at the other end we find anarchy which means without
government some people have looked over history and found that many of its worst
crimes were committed by governments so they decided that having no government
might be a good idea but this is a mistake because as the ancient Greeks
stated without law that can be no freedom
our founding fathers agreed and held that some amount of government is a
necessary force in any civilized orderly society in a state of anarchy however
everyone has to guard life liberty and property and the lives of family members
everyone must be armed and movement is severely restricted because once
property has to be protected at all times civilized people have always hired
someone to do the guarding a sheriff a police force or some branch of
government once law enforcement was in place the people were freer they could
leave their property work in the fields and so on ensure the proper amount of
government makes everyone freer there are some who advocate anarchy however
not because they want no government but because they don’t like what they have
they use Anarchy as a tool for revolutionary change the condition of
Anarchy is very much like a vacuum where something rushes in to fill it he’s
calculating anarchists work to break down the existing government with riot
and killing looting and terrorism tragically the people living in such
chaos often go to those best able to put an end to it and dag them to take over
and restore order and who is best able to put an end to
the chaos the very people who started the anarchists who created the problem
then create a government run by them an oligarchy where they have total power
this is exactly what happened in Russia that led to Lenin taking total power and
in Germany where Hitler’s Brownshirts created the chaos that brought him to
power but anarchy is in a stable form of government it’s a quick transition from
something that exists to something desired by the power-hungry it’s a
temporary condition and because it isn’t permanent we eliminate it as well the
word democracy comes from two greek words demos meaning people and Crotty
in’ meaning to rule democracy therefore means the rule of the people majority
rule this of course sounds good but suppose the majority decides to take
away one’s home for business or children obviously there has to be a limit the
flaw in democracy is that the majority isn’t restrained if more than half the
people can be persuaded to want something in a democracy they rule
what about Republic well that comes from the Latin res meaning thing and pública
meaning public it means the public thing the law a true Republic is one where the
government is limited by law leaving the people alone America’s Founders had a clean slate to
write on they could have set up an oligarchy in fact there were some who
wanted George Washington to be their king but the founding fathers knew
history and they chose to give us the rule of law in a republic not the rule
of a majority in a democracy why let’s demonstrate the difference in the
setting of the Old West consider a lynch mob in a democracy thirty five horseback
riders chase one lone gunman they catch him and they vote thirty five to one to
hang him democracy has triumphed and there’s one less gunman to contend with
now consider the same scenario in a republic the thirty five horseback
riders catch the gunman and vote thirty five to one to hang him but the sheriff
arrives and he says you can’t kill him he’s got his right to a fair trial so
they take the gunman back to town a jury of his peers is selected and they hear
the evidence and the defense and they decide if he shall hang does the jury
even decide by majority ruled no and has to be unanimous or he goes free the
rights of the government aren’t subject to the majority rule but to the law this
is the essence of a republic many Americans would be surprised to
learn that the word democracy does not appear in the Declaration of
Independence or the US Constitution nor does it appear in any of the
constitutions of the 50 states the founders did everything they could to
keep us from having a democracy James Madison rightly known as the
father of the Constitution wrote in essay number 10 of the Federalist Papers
democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention have ever been
found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property and
have in general but in short in their lives as they have been violent in their
deaths Alexander Hamilton agreed and he stated we are a republican government
real Liberty is never found in despotism or in the extremes of democracy and John
Adams a signer of the Declaration of Independence stated democracy never
lasts long it soon wastes exhausts and murders itself the founders had good
reason to look upon democracy with contempt because they knew that the
democracies in the early Greek city-states produced some of the wildest
excesses of government imaginable during that period in Greece there was a
man named Solon who urged creation of a fixed body of law not subject to
majority whims but where the Greeks never adopted Solon’s wise counsel the
Romans did based on what they knew of Solon’s laws they created the Twelve
Tables of the Roman law and in effect built a republic that limited government
power and left the people alone since government was limited the people were
free to produce with the understanding that they could keep the fruits of their
labor in time Rome became wealthy and the envy of the world in the midst of
Plenty however the Roman people forgot what freedom entailed they forgot that
the essence of freedom is the proper limitation of government when government
power grows people freedom recedes once the Romans dropped their guard power
seeking politicians began to exceed the powers granted them in the Roman
Constitution some learned that they could elect politicians who would use
government power to take property from some and give it to others agriculture
subsidies were introduced followed by housing and welfare programs inevitably
taxes rose and controls over the private sector were imposed soon a number of
Rome’s producers could no longer make ends meet and they went on the dole
productivity declined shortages developed and mobs began roaming the
streets demanding bread and circuses from the government many were induced to
trade freedom for security eventually the whole system came crashing down they
went from a republic to a democracy and ended up with an oligarchy under a
progression of the Caesars thus democracy itself is not a stable
form of government instead it is the gradual transition from limited
government to the unlimited rule of an oligarchy knowing this we as Americans
are ultimately left with only two choices
we can keep our republic as Franklin put it or we will inevitably end up with an
oligarchy a tyranny of the elite just as there is widespread confusion
regarding political systems there is similar confusion in the economic arena
all during the 20th century Americans were led to believe that there was a
great struggle going on between capitalism in the communist world
undoubtedly a struggle existed but the real adversaries were rarely identified
properly no discussion about economic systems will make sense without first
defining terms and one of the most basic terms in economics is capital whose
definition is the means of production to illustrate what capital is let’s
consider a very simple economy on the sands of a small island a
castaway has just washed the shore he has no food and he’s hungry he searches
the island he finds no berries coconuts or anything edible he goes back into the
water and tries to catch fish with his bare hands but he fails so he goes back
up on shore he finds a bush he breaks off a branch he gnaws at one end to make
a sharp tip back into the water he goes and with his spear he catches fish his
spear is capital it’s the means of production for catching fish
he gave up some of his time and some of his energy to produce something he could
not eat but something that would help him to produce something that he could
eat capital therefore can be tools machinery and even a man’s handmade
spear to catch fish such being the case considered that the Communists in the
former Soviet Union as well as in China and Cuba have always used tools and
machinery officials there even view people as capital therefore by strict
definition are not communists capitalists for that matter is in every
one a capitalist and so is not every economic system a capitalist system what
then is the difference between what the communist system is and what the
American capitalist system is supposed to be the difference is ownership of the
capital is the system monopolistic
state-controlled capitalism or is it competitive free enterprise capitalism
it is between these two opposing economic systems that a battle has
always raged before we proceed let’s also define free market basically it’s a
self-regulating system in which all parties are completely free to transact
with one another but we’re force fraud or injury damages one party the
government’s role is only to punish those who commit such offences and to
vindicate the rights of the other party this protects the integrity of the free
market or free enterprise system without intervening in it the term private
property also needs clarification for private ownership and control of
property is a key component in the free enterprise system in order for ownership
of property to be full and complete all four of its aspects must be met
these are title control use and the ability to dispose of what a person owns
in a free market economy these aspects are unrestrained so long as the owner
does not infringe on the legitimate rights and claims of others true
ownership of property and freedom go hand in hand they always have now let’s compare the two systems of
capitalism in the competitive free enterprise system capital or property is
both owned privately and controlled privately in the monopolistic system
holding title to capital can be accomplished privately or by the state
but more importantly capital is controlled by the state or by the elite
few who control the state the Communist Manifesto which contains the basic
program for all communists and all socialists explicitly preaches the
destruction and abolition of private property Karl Marx understood the powers
of controlling capital and so have all communists and socialists who have ever
looked and still look to Marx as their leader state controlled capitalism
results in high prices and low quality after all why would a monopoly strive to
improve if it has no competition on the other hand honest thrifty and
hard-working producers throughout the world prefer competitive free enterprise
system for all here low prices and high quality prevail because a variety of
producers will seek to attract the widest amount of customers competition
results in excellence and always has says the political spectrum shows the
range of government power we can also plot the various economic systems along
another spectrum these forms of government control in the market stand
in sharp contrast with a completely free market in the last century or so there
have been basically four forms of state controlled economies all on the far left
of the economic spectrum fascism Nazism socialism and communism in each the
government controls the capital the difference among these is how much is
owned or controlled outright by the government in a fascist system the
government doesn’t own businesses on paper but it does control them in
Mussolini’s Italy even though he didn’t hold title to businesses he told the
owners what to produce how much to produce when to produce where to buy raw
materials who to hire who to fire and what price to charge the rest he said
was up to them the fascist system is more efficient than other state control
systems insofar as those living under it think they still own their businesses
shopkeepers concerned themselves with maintenance on the machinery employee
relations painting the building and so forth but the government controls owners
through an array of Taxation and regulations under Nazism which means
National Socialism its proponents went one step further and acquired ownership
of some corporations such as Volkswagen however Hitler didn’t cease ownership of
other industrial giants he simply controlled them just as
Mussolini had controlled businesses in Italy socialism is where government
officials acquire possession of major industries such as transportation
communications and utilities in order to leverage control over the entire economy
through ownership of these vital segments of Industry and by creating
government regulatory agencies socialists gain control over virtually
everything else finally there is communism the granddaddy of all in the
economic sense in a way communism is more honest than fascism because all of
the capital is owned and controlled by the state there are no pretenses about
it now let’s combine political and economic systems because ultimately one
never exists without the other we see again that there are only two ultimate
choices a competitive free enterprise system in a republic or a monopolistic
state control system under an oligarchy immoral people have always been a vital
element of America’s strength the founding fathers well understood the
biblical teaching that righteousness exalteth a nation they also knew that
expecting a free market economy and limited government under Republic to
endure without morality was expecting the impossible James Madison cautioned that limited
government alone was inadequate for our nation and John Adams observed our
Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people it is wholly
inadequate to the government of any other
George Washington stated reason and experience both forbid us to expect that
national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle yet
there are people today who think that Liberty is license and that morality is
unimportant or irrelevant to politics and economics but as Benjamin Franklin
added only a virtuous people are capable of freedom as nations become corrupt and
vicious they have more need of masters the alternative to Americanism is what
has condemned most of the human race to live as slaves throughout the millennia
it is the idea that rights are privileges dispensed by an oligarchy
according to the unlimited rule of men that the state should control or own the
nation’s capital with all economic activity directed from a central power
and that morality is inconsequential and that security is preferred over freedom
and opportunity our nation continues to be steered off course and the principles
that led to America’s greatness are being cast aside the simple question for
us is do we continue the slide away from our nation’s founding principles or do
we return to the kind of government we inherited time is running out for
Americans who sense that something is wrong they have to decide what kind of a
country we shall leave for future generations all that is needed is for a
sufficient number of Americans to get involved in the fight for freedom and to
return our nation to less government more responsibility and with God’s help
a better world

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  1. Question: Why did you not include the 'Anti-Federalist' points of view in this Video?, seems a little one-sided to me., especially since Patrick Henry ( Mr. Give me Liberty, or Give me Death guy) refused to sign the Constitution of 1787. Should Patrick Henry's refusal give you even the slightest pause? Also, you did not go into any detail concerning the American Republic's 1st, and still valid Constitution " The Articles of Confederation" which is still published in the U.S.C. Volume 1 so why not? Is the JBS, doing a little re-writing of history here?, what about the Presidents of the Republic PRIOR to ole George? Hmmm…..Has JBS ever heard of Lies by Omission?………….

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    Is far more accurate than your rose tinted glasses dream like assessment

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  6. There was a GLARINGLY OBVIOUS omission in the financial section. WE, in America, have the Federal Reserve System, which literally controls ALL capital. They literally create money, which directly draws it's value from ALL the capital it represents, ie; inflation. Plus, it FULLY controls who gets that money. It shares a portion of that control with the government directly because it allows the government to spend massive deficits, which directly taxes ALL capital and ALL property in the country, not just the "legitimate taxes" they "collect" from the people.
    In effect, the republic is dead and we CLEARLY live in oligarchy/capital controlled economy.

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    Hello from Ukraine, oligarchy state controlled by few unfortunately.
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    Thank you TheJohnBirchSociety
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    Yet, try I must. Sometimes resistance is the only Victory one will ever know. Just like those who fought in the Revolutionary War against England. They never won the war, they just refused to lose.

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    But Australia really wasn't special in that regard. Shipping criminals halfway around the world was part of America's sordid history, too.

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    They are in the process of taking over all mineral rights, land, water, all of it and FEMA Mega City SMART stack and pack cities await those who survive their assault
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  20. I am 65 yrs. old and I remember JBS signs along the Hwy. when I was a little child. Your big message for that day was " Get the USA out of the UN" now that I know what it means I fully agree.
    What happened to you ?why such meager growth?
    Thank you for your timely messages. God knows we need them.

  21. Good video, just one nit to pick. Anarchy does not mean “without law”, it means “without rulers”. Laws agreed upon voluntarily are enforceable in an Anarchist society.




  23. And all these things he talks about or being undone by the Democrats they wish to undermine all the values of America and the contempt Ten Commandments that its Society was based on the religious principles America founded on I'm now being washed away by those people wish the open their borders and let those people flooding to carry out genocide formation against all those values that people hold dear in America it is time for the American people take back their land they made the first step by electing the People's president and now he needs to good American people to stand behind him and bring back what is good what is good about the American life and the things they stand for it is time to bring back those two religious principles that made America the great nation they was do not let the globalists and the elitist and the Deep state destroy your nation take back your land and cast out those who wish to destroy all the good things that America stands for remember the bad things have been done in in America have been done by the bad people those deep state politicians who use the state to prosper and to fill their own pockets with the gold of America 2 take away from the decent people the upstanding people and to spend it on the evil and wicked schemes to destroy everything that is good about the American people

  24. This man is talking about is a fine example of the Democrats with a wish to destroy and cause chaos in America is now fine example of the type of people Mr Trump is fighting against is the Democrats that wish to cause chaos Anarchy across America and then they say give us the power and then they have complete power the Destroyer what is left of America that's why the people have America voted for Mr Trump to stop those people from doing this to the good American people that's why Mr trump believes in less government unlike the opposition who plays an even more government to control every aspect and create their own dictatorship to rule America but they are using the anarchist and those who wish to destroy the American way of life to do this get wise take up Arms and fight for what is right cast out these demons those ones who wish to destroy everything is good about America be very aware but those people who talk about freedom are the ones that doing the damage with your president is the one who is trying to undo the destruction of his country the country he loves and the people he loves he wants to stop those globalist and the latest from seizing power and destroying America

  25. The idea of a Republic is the ideal , and if there must be a government , a Republic , under the rule of law is definitely the superior choice – however,
    The extreme example to the right of the chart ( anarchy ) is one that has been defined wrongly , and has been misrepresented in a shameful denouncement of mis-definition and slander !
    Anarchy is correctly defined as "no government" – but has been slandered and misrepresented as some sort of belligerent chaotic monster of hooligans running around doing anything they damn well please , which is a lie !
    Being an Anarchist myself , I recognize that Anarchy is the same as a law unto ones self , but NOT without constraint !
    Anarchy simply states : do ANYTHING you choose – but do no harm or mischief to anyone , which is the problem , because most humans are incapable of doing what they want , without causing damage or suffering to another !
    Anarchy is the supreme example of the golden rule , and because most people are incapable of such behavior , there must be a government to rule over them, and hold them to account for their actions !

  26. The wall is just a distraction nobody cares about a wall what we need is immigration enforcement how do you do that make e-verify mandatory. if illegals can't buy cars can't get license plates can't get driver's license can't rent apartments can't have bank accounts can't send money back home can't get any welfare benefits after detained if employers are fined or thrown in jail for helping illegals like the law demands they'll have to go home and if that doesn't work then take them off the streets put them in concentration camps. we need an Eisenhower we don't need a Jimmy Carter of any color black, white or orange!

  27. The USA ended the Constitution in 1871 when it incorporated DC.
    AND, just as in an Oligarchy, we are the capital investment through our birth certificates.

  28. Regarding anarchy, the claim "without law there can be no freedom" assumes anarchy has no rules, which is false.
    It claims that without government people would all have to have guns and protect their lives and property, and that government let's them be freer because they can "hire" law enforcement. They can do the same by actually hiring private security, including owning insurance that protects them and their property and has a duty and incentive to protect them. Police have no such duty or incentive.
    It then gives an example of anarchists creating chaos and revolution, and then being the ones asked to restore order, which results in oligarchies, but the problem is that those revolutionaries were never anarchists to begin with. They were communist authoritarians, fighting a revolution not to destroy government, but to replace it with their own form of government. Comparing Hitler, who used the Democratic system with subversion, to an anarchist is just laughable.

  29. This video is where discussions could start and we need those discussions here in the so called land of Liberty & the Free. Things are not so black and white as portrayed here and Marx was misrepresented in several ways as was socialism. We have not touched on employee ownership of the means of production (COOPs). A mix of a Free Enterprise base & COOPs, guaranteed living wage and Small government with no standing military, but a armed citizen population would be getting closer (shades of gray; not black & white). Free Enterprise is my favorite and is the answer until a large scale is reached with Monopoly; which then strangles free enterprise (Wall Mart). We are now not a Free Enterprise System; since the little Mom and Pop businesses are bought up with capital to become part of huge globalist run enterprises without borders. The United States government is amoral & if you speak in religious terms; evil (war, secrecy & corruption). Now add in the Fiat money printing and the fact that predatory capitalism has clear winners and that they are firmly in control of our media and the western worlds media. Meanwhile atomic weapons have never ran off the assembly lines faster in New Mexico. Ban all nuclear weapons worldwide NOW! Nuclear Weapons are PURE EVIL and anti LIFE.

  30. Banned College Lecture America False Education Exposed 2019 , Watch Before It Is Banned Again


  31. It's true that the Government has lost it's mind and a lot of people are crazy as Hell. That always happens when people drift from God and doing what's right. God has a way of giving people exactly what they deserve. If you first don't know God's 10 Commandments and then learn all of the Old Testament then you will be Deceived by all the New Testament LIES. The Jewish people had God's 10 Commandments and broke all of them and made Their own UnGodly Laws, Pagan Idols, Customs, Traditions and Nasty Blood Sacrifices and made their Bible. They also started The Messiah / Savior / Christ LIES and the Roman Empire / Vatican Perfected them and made their Bible and Created the False God Jesus the Christ and has Deceived the world with their Lies.,,,, Fact: The King James Bible is just a Satanic Roman Catholic Bible that's written in English. It has Many truths in it and many Lies. If you want to escape God's wrath, Then You better repent and do what's right. God is a God of the here and Now and gives to all what's right. All the Man God stories are Lies and so are all of the Son of God Stories. Jesus never said he was the Christ or the Son of God. But, Because of what he done, God changed the world. The Fact of the matter is, God is a God of the Here and Now and Gives to all what's right.
    Show less

  32. With taxes on property there is no true ownership just leasing of that property. Example – don't pay your property taxes on your house for a year and you will find out WHO really owns your house. The same applies with cars and basically anything else. You will be fined, jailed or your property taken. We have basically lost our freedom and we will have to fight to get it back. We are ruled by an oligarchy and we will end up with a one world government which will be communistic.

  33. U2 will be happy for me. I Finally Found What I'm Looking For! JBS is a group of like-minded Patriots. People that pledge allegiance to the flag and the ideas for which she stands. People that revere morality because they understand how important it is for maintaining a just society. Proud to be a member.

  34. Joined JBS today….spreading the word…it's up to us as Americans NOW to make change. Or at a minimum be ready for the change to come…

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