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October 12, 2019

Iola youtube my name is Ricardo Lino
and I’m a wheel addict today we’re gonna make a review about the wish frames
since when I first heard about this frame I was super curious to try it and
about like three four months ago I wanted to make one of those skate talks
podcast whatever you want to call it weed Cletus which is the owner of the
brand wish and back then I ordered a set of these
frames but because I live in South Africa and the mail service is not the
best it took almost three months basically I only got this frame in 2018
and I order it like early November 2017 that doesn’t really matter the frame
ended up showing up and I did put it on my skates and I’m gonna tell you what I
think about it so so I ended up ordering two frames not for two I ended up
ordering two frames I’m really bad at opening boxes so when I first tried to
open the box and ripping it but this is well I’m so bad that I didn’t even open
it the right way anyway so this is one of them it comes in black it comes with
all these screws and all these things I’ll show you in a second and here we
have wait it’s not here it’s not here because it’s here here we have the white
version of it which I’m using on my USD sevens I’m using them with 60 millimeter
wheels in the middle and 72s Indian but let’s take the other one
again something that you should know about this frame is that this is a
high-low frame what does that mean well I low means that the axles in the
middle are not centered with the ones in the edges basically these two axles here
the middle wheels are actually lower than the ones in the
yes what’s the advantage on this well when you have a low frame you can put
smaller wheels in the middle and bigger wheels in the edges after trying it I
can tell you that it felt like I was going flat 72s and I was trying it with
72s like I said and sixties in the middle which means I didn’t feel like
the middle wheels were stopping me as much as I first thought they would they
were actually riding really really fast I’m using all undercover this is the
Roman a bratty this is the dusting we’re a Baskerville something which was really
cool then is like you have smaller wheels so instead of having a 472 which
you ever reduced space you still have a lot of space basically I would say the
best comparison that I can say is they roll as fast as something like this
which is a am 72 but at the same time feel like they grind as good as this
which is a m60 the biggest difference that you’ll air between an alien and a
wish it’s the length of the frame so if you look at them the frames are actually
a lot longer but because you are able to rocket the frames you’ll be able to turn
quite easy what are the recurring options something that was really smart
from the wish guys lettuce was check is the frame comes with all these bolts
that you’ll need comes with with a sticker with a wish sticker and here in
the back they say all the different options of rocketing that you can do
these are the biggest wheels that you can put on these frames which is a 72
millimeters according to what they say here in the fact also they say that you
go down like if you wanna skate flat if you use 66 millimeters in the edges you
can use 53 in the center and that will make your own flat if I use a 72 for me
to ride flat completely flat I would need to use 59 millimeters so I would
need to use something like these in the edges in the edges here but then I would
need to use something like this which is nothing
which is a 59 if oh if I would use something like this according to what it
says here in the back of the box I would be riding flat but I wanted to have a
little bit of Rocking even if it’s just a millimeter so I used the 60 millimeter
Romina brought two wheels in the center and I loved it I didn’t really felt like
that the rock ring was like a lot I didn’t
felt escaped nervous at all and then I really think like even with the one
millimeter recording option the middle the middle wheels even get a little bit
more pressure so I think I think even and all the wheels touching around if
that makes sense probably when I just put the frame like this it wouldn’t but
with the pressure because I’m happy I think all the wheels are touching the
ground so but at the same time it was easy to turn because when I wouldn’t
apply that much pressure when there was that much force being made in the middle
wheels they would turn so I don’t know I really enjoyed scaling them like that
something that I was concerned at first was yes I’m gonna use 60 millimeters or
a fifty nine millimeter ear but then isn’t the frame going to be a lot taller
is it the frame going to be a lot higher here check this out USD seven with the
wish frames if you use the slimline frame that I made a test about a month
ago if you use a slimline frame check the groove it’s not that much lower it
is like I would say maybe like a few millimeters like a really tiny few
millimeters not that much this is the wish this is the slimline if you are
used to a fluid frame something like these fluids for frame the fluid frame
is actually a little bit lower I would say maybe something like five
millimeters something like that on the fluid frame you won’t be able to write
flat for anti rocker amazing if you’re an anti rocker fan I don’t think you
would drive anti rocker on these even if you can but I don’t think would be the
best option basically this is a frame for a flat set of lovers or for someone
want to rocker a little bit of frames anything like the middle wheels touching
the ground and the ones in the edge is not touching
that much now something that for some people might not be the best which for
me wasn’t really a problem is when you use these wish frames if you want to use
wheels like 72s you’re gonna need to dig a little bit
into so basically I had to use a dremel one of these things I have to use one of
these things and I grinded a little bit of the soleplate here in the back here
in the front so that the wheels would fit without touching the soleplate it’s
kind of weird that you buy something and out-of-the-box you still need to dig
into the into the soleplate but at the same time I totally get it it’s like the
sole plates on the market at this moment at least most of them I don’t even know
if there’s any which is ready for this type of thing probably in the future
there will be changes made on the soleplate and they will be ready to get
frames like these out of the box I don’t really see it as a problem and it’s
something really easy to sort and let me just show you a few clips of me skating
with them and that’s it something that I like about these frames
is it’s actually really easy to do topside tricks they slide really fast on
so tricks because there’s these only these lower piece is touching when you
do soles it’s a little bit sticking out so all this lower part is actually
inside the frame it feels super strong again it’s not too hard to do
Royale tricks I haven’t really done that many torque tricks which is usually how
I check the frame but my knee is not really perfect so but I’ve seen a lot of
people doing tort tricks it is so I don’t see it as a problem I would say go
for it if you’re looking for a flat or a rocker in setup option this might be a
really good option for you I love skating them with this boot I also try
it with the US this way I guess that’s like I’ve been skating art boots the
most I could try them also with the with the carbons I have a set of carbons but
I’ve been a lot more into these and into the sways and I try them in both I tried
it also in this waist and let me show you the soleplate check these were just
ways that that’s what I had to do to the sways on the soleplate I don’t know if
you can see it here but I had to dig a little bit here I also had to dig a
little bit here so that the frames would fit and they actually felt really really
good in fact I really think this boot is supportive enough to use big wheels like
that I wouldn’t really say that it’s big wheels that’s 72 especially because they
dig into the frame but it’s felt good with this it feels better with the
service just my opinion but I guess that’s it for today that’s what I want
to show you I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video do not
forget to subscribe to the channel if you really like it give me some thumbs
up if you didn’t like it yeah just maybe give me thumbs on let me know what you
didn’t like about this video other than that I keep saying the same just don’t
forget why we all started skating because it’s fun cheers guys see you

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  1. Been thinking about getting these frames for awhile, nice and long for my big feet. Loved the little edit, the heel/top taps coming out of the bowl were awesome. Good to see you skating again!!

  2. I am using kaisen freestyle frames, but since my knees dislocate easy i cant hold my legs together with royals, so as a result my legs slide into a full split :P, i think i need anti-rocker frames, but then i am scared that my legs get locked in and my knee cap pops out because my lower leg is into another position……

    i am debating if this frame would help as it is half freestyle, and half anti-rocker? at the moment i also doing transitions over low quarters back to back devided by a double coping and each time i completely slide/grind untentially because i cant lock into anything with those kaizen frames, so i feel being on ice when going over copings 😛

  3. black sweater on black background…🤔 can we avoid that in the future? i like the white on black, it makes you pop out nicely 💪🏻😅

  4. I just like the look of aggressive skates. But I don't think It's going to be my thing to skate them ever :D. I left a question on your patreon Lino, if you have time could you take a look at it please. Cheers.

  5. I do think the newest line of razors skates do not require any cutting. I have the ground control big frames and both the cults and the shifts did not require dremel for 72mm wheels. Though I did read up that you would ave to dremel on older skates without the newest souls. I really like the bigger wheel innovations within the industry. I think its solving a problem we did not know we had which would be speed and grind. Its quite amazing the difference between 60mm and 72mm wheels.

  6. Love these frames. They just do everything. The later throne models already have the soul groove to fit these. Shame they discontinued them!

  7. How many times does a person have to say thanks for your time. Never enough, so thanks again.
    Great visual contrast for your presentation.

  8. Looks like really nice frames, but my grinding have started to suck big time, so I'll probably better stick to anti-rocker and get inspired by other people skating Oysi frames, and please wear a helmet on your precious head!! 😉

  9. You can use ride 72mm using Symetric Souls without having to dremel the Souls out. That's how I'm riding the Oysi on my Carbons via 72/60mm.

  10. I was waiting to hear from you about these. The guys from west coast (my west coast) at Mushroom Blading gave me their 2 centavos on them so I wanted to hear yours. As far as I hear, if you don’t mind s little bit longer of a frame, they are almost magic. I’m not sure where I stand on the whole long or short frame yet but I do love my Kaltik. Take care of your health with a helmet, or brain bucket as I like to call them, Lino. And I really appreciate the little clips of falling, just to show us all that we all fall, it’s getting back up and trying again that matters.

  11. Olá Ricardo Lino , conheci seu canal a pouco tempo mas já me tornei um fã seu.
    E vendo seus Vídeos me empolga cada vez mais patinar, gostaria de umas dicas
    sobre quais os melhores patins para agressive/street, eu pratico urban aqui no Brasil
    E gostaria de tentar algo com mais desafio e adrenalina, qualquer dica é bem vinda
    Abraçoes e continue assim com seu canal.

  12. Hey Man, want to fix your knee problems? Stop…I mean stop all grains. I don't care how much you love them. All your joint pain will go away when you stop inflammation causing grains. I'm 60 this year and in great shape and I attribute that all to cutting out grains.

  13. Hi Ricardo, after riding and posting vids on both the kizer slimline and osyi frames, and being a year since you posted about these two frames and have had plenty of time on them now, i have a few questions.
    Ive ridden the kizer slimlines on 56mm wheels flat and love them. I just got some new boots and my friend has the osyi frames and rates them highly and is encouraging me to get them. My questions are:
    Have you found much difference/difficulty with doing royales/backslides on osyi compared to slimlines? as the groove doesnt not look so deep/imbedded as the slimline frame is.
    Have you found running osyi flat with different size wheels feel any different to running flat with same size wheels on the slimlines?
    And which size wheel combo did you find the most ideal in the osyi frames?
    And after riding them now, which frame do you prefer riding the osyi or the kizer slimlines?

    Thanks mate keep up with the great vids!

  14. I have the black ones with 72mm and they don't fit in to my skates, the wheels hit the plates!
    This is a ripoff

  15. @All, @Ricardo Lino
    Which inline skates do you recommend for Oysi frames (72/59/59/72)? Souldplate and grove must be wide..

  16. Really great job on this review. Lots of info, but to the point along with some good test footage. I'm considering getting the white oysi frames on my blue M12 Atkinsons. I wonder if I'd need to dremel the soul plate. I can't find any M12/oysi combo reviews

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