OZtrail Dusk 450 Fast Frame Tent Tent – Setup Demo
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OZtrail Dusk 450 Fast Frame Tent Tent – Setup Demo

October 13, 2019

– You’ve got a couple straps here holding the tent together,
make sure you keep them safe. Now what is a good idea is if you paint the bottom back two feet, that way you’ll know which are the back ones. Just makes it a little bit easier when you are orientating your tent. Let the legs drop out. If you haven’t painted
the back like I suggested, now’s the time to see where the doors are. You don’t want to drag
your tent around too much. You don’t wanna tear your floor. At this point, just pull up on your legs. Now ’cause this tent is quite large, it is a little bit easier if
you do have a helper. At this point, just peg it out. You just wanna peg out the
four corners at this stage. Now we’ve actually got
the doors open here, but what is a really good
idea is if you make sure you do shut those prior
to setting up your tent. That way, it doesn’t stretch out too far and stretch out your doors. Just want to get the legs
into a standing position. Extend out your roof poles
until you hear it click. Now in this particular
tent, because it is so high, you don’t want to extend all the way up until you put a fly over it. Just extend the back, or you can pull it over before you even do that. Go ahead and get your fly out. The easiest thing to
do is if you just find the front awning, that’s a Velcro awning, it’s pretty easy to identify. Pull that over. 150 denier UVtex ripstop on the fly, and that’s got your twilight technology to make it nice and dark
in the tent for you. So you extend that out,
and what I do recommend is put a little line on
here after the first time you set up the tent with a nic-co makes it a little easier when you
set it up the next time. So there are two different size poles, the really long one is
the one for the middle. So just get that centre one in, pop a peg in it, that’ll hold it all up. (hammering) Poles are really easy,
just clip in like that. The ropes. They just go on like that. It’s nice and firm. Now it is really important
to guy rope out your tent all the way around, particularly
if it’s a solid pole tent, you need to make sure
that it’s guy roped out. You don’t want your tent
getting caught up in a storm and bending and breaking poles. It does come with a heavy duty
150 denier PVC coated floor. So nice and strong there to
prevent holes in your floor.

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  1. I love TentWorld, so I am not being a troll. I do suggest re doing your videos in settings, which appeal to 'camping', (surrounds and serenity of). A busy road made me stop watching in under a minute.

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