Painting Color Temperatures : Color Temperature in Painting Composition
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Painting Color Temperatures : Color Temperature in Painting Composition

October 12, 2019

I’m going to show you some examples of famous
artists, some of my favorite artists, of their work and how they’ve chosen to use warm and
cool colors in the compositions in their, the pallet that they were using to put emphasis
in different things and add different feelings. First of all, we have El Greco. And it’s pretty
clear what he is trying to do in this painting. In the background, you see all of this kind
of faded in and jumbled together here. We have a lot of green and blue, all these people.
They’re not the important thing in the painting. What jumps out at you, if you were looking
it at from a distance and as you come up closer, you can see the first thing that you see,
that your eye goes to is this red here that’s Christ. So he’s trying to get you to be thinking
of and focusing on Christ. That’s why he’s chosen to use the red here. And also the other
thing that jumps out from the background is this figure here with the red hat. See, you
can see that this red really draws the person in. He’s decided what he wanted to do and
he’s achieving it. It’s a very successful piece for the warm, cool idea of how to use
color. This is probably Judas Iscariot, although I’m not sure. And then another example would
be George Nuz here. And this is just a really nice piece the composition, how he’s using
the warm and cool colors. It’s just an example of not having, like having specific emphasis,
but using both of the colors to their best advantage. The red and the blue, the green
and the yellow. This is just a good composition for the warm and cool colors.

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