Painting Concepts 604: Composition Balance
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Painting Concepts 604: Composition Balance

August 26, 2019

Let’s play ball! Basketball! I have a composition for you. I want to talk a little bit
about it, and then I’ll show you what
I think should be done to make it just
a little bit better. The scene is Miami, I believe. This was at a time when Mr. Wade
was the star of the show, and his opponent was
Shaquille O’Neal. Then later they were
on the same team. You have a lot of action,
a lot of loose brush strokes, but I want to point out one
thing that I find fault with. If I take and divide the canvas,
I’m saying that’s about half, you see all the action is
on the left side. Now in a composition, it was
Turner and Claude Lorrain that used to have
a big lyre shape. So they’d have the bulk
on one side, which we have, and then they’d have
a little distance, and what I propose to do is, make a little distance over
there with something happening. We could either do a cheerleader
or another ballplayer. Let’s make another ballplayer. The way I like to do this,
when I block these in is, you start out kind of
a neutral tone, and I have Blue and White
and Payne’s Gray, and then we’ll add lights to it. I’m looking at a player
over in here, and right now it doesn’t say
which team he’s on. All I know is, he’s saying “Give me the ball!
Give me the ball!” So I kind of block it in, and then I’ll start putting
character on it. Now it’s time to start putting
character on it! Burnt Umber. We’ll get a little bit
of a head over here. And what I want is something that’s very much
in the distance. So I’m softening that
a little bit. And then we’ll put an arm down. So I’m going right over
what the gray was. Reaching because this guy
dribbling, Wade, could easily flip it
behind his back. Some of the the basketball
players are so clever. And we’ll go to the side,
the other side, and his arm is hanging down,
like this. So I haven’t done
this one before. We’re just kind of enjoying the opportunity
to show you something. Okay, down for the legs. Your leg is coming
a little bit this way. Maybe I’m making
a cheerleader after all. And he’s been running
a little bit. Let’s have that hand come down
in there just slightly. Okay now, I’m going to
blend that a little bit before I put
any more light on it. But you get the point, you get what I’m striving for,
and that is to have a little more balance
in the composition. Bringing the arm up
a little bit more. You don’t do that. You’re hand is
going out that way. Okay, so let’s now add
some color to the uniform, because you’re on Wade’s team. Dwyane Wade–
what a super athlete. I have a little Alizarin Crimson
and the Blue and White. So there’s not going to be
any question on who’s team you’re on,
is there? And you see, by having put
the light on first that this makes it where we can blend into it,
and it won’t be quite as dark. And the shorts, now is there design on the shorts?
A little bit. We have a little light on. ♪ Do you know
the way to Paris? ♪ Okay, now we’ll just spark a
little lights on here and there. What color should we take? This is Raw Sienna
and a little Red, and you notice the way this is
done, it’s very brush-strokie. So I’ll just put on like that. It’s not real blending
taking place. What kind of shoes do you want? You better endorse
some good shoes. You’re Payne’s Gray. It looks like your teammate has some black ones. Oops, I can’t see yours, and he has a little sock
that comes up, like that. Okay, let’s put just a little
suggestion of a face on there, and I’m using the Red
and the Raw Sienna. Like that.
Boy you have a sizable hand! So I’m going to cut that down
a little bit. I’ll take a little bit of the
Purple, yeah, Purple and White, And we’ll just cut this in
slightly on both sides. Kind of a strong arm, which is
fine, but let’s put the shirt over it just
a little bit more, like that. A little dark that will be
between the arm and the shirt, and I can see you having
just a little blue in there. Okay now, let’s see
if there’s anything else that we should be considering. I think slightly blending.
We’ve blended this before… but my aim was what? To get just a little bit
of a balance, and you feel movement with him, so I think that has accomplished
what we should do there. I look at this and think well,
it would help a little bit if I– oops,
what are you doing? You still got
your dress suit on. Let’s take just a little bit
of Alizarin Crimson and White, and see, if I come there, it’ll just establish
that shoulder a little more. Boy, he has some big arms,
doesn’t he? And he does–
he’s a giant of a man! Great athlete
and super personable. Boy, he’s fun to listen to. I have a good light against
the front of Wade’s head, but if I go just a little
lighter there and blend it out so you’re not saying
it’s any particular thing. We can do the same thing, I’ll take some of that light,
come back over here, and go behind him just
a little bit, and in front. It just features him. But you can see
what I’ve done is that I’ve tried to balance
the composition. And you certainly, you can do
whatever you need to. If you need to soften a little
bit more, not quite so strong, but just a suggestion of,
then it works. So I hope that the ball bounces
right for you and your team wins! My team always wins! See you next time!
Bye-bye. (woman) Funded by the Minnesota
Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, with money from the vote
of the people of Minnesota on Nov. 4th, 2008; and by the members
of Prairie Public.

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  1. Oh my god!!! I love you so much Buck! Thank you for your enthusiasm, your humor , your happiness, your lessons! It's so communicative! It's a great pleasur to match your videos, thanks again!!!

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