Pallet Wood Power Carved Picture Frame
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Pallet Wood Power Carved Picture Frame

October 12, 2019

Pallet Wood hey thanks for checking out this build it’s
one of the most complicated picture frames ever the pallet wood power carved
picture frame and following the lamination this was carved to shape entirely using
Arbortech’s lineup of power carving tools my favorite the TURBO Plane was used for
most of the shaping of the ribbon shape the corners were dished out with the
Ball Gouge the Mini Grinder was used for detailing and some rough sanding and
then the Contour Sander was used for the finish sanding of the entire frame so
check out the links down below I’m gonna link all of these tools on Arbortech’s
website you’re definitely gonna want to go check those out and get your hands on some of
them the reason that I love power carving so much is just because of how
approachable it is and you really saw that in this project
once I glued off the frame to its rough shape all that I needed was Arbortech’s
power carving tools along with my angle grinder and my workbench and I shaped
the rest of it just with that and because of that you really don’t even need
a dedicated shop space to do power carving and you can see that first hand
in this video where the beginning of the power carving process wasn’t even done
in my shop but it was done at the Baltimore woodworking show and speaking
of the Woodworking Shows this frame is gonna be traveling around to the rest of
the shows this season and if you get a chance to check out the link below to
see if there’s one near you and swing by stop by the Arbortech booth and take a
photo of yourself with the frame and post #arborframe and you’ll get
a chance to win one of our Arbortech’s tools that isn’t even on the market yet
and lastly hopefully is project got you excited about power carving and if it
did go check out power carving madness on Instagram I’ll link that down below
as well Arbortech Carolina Shoe and myself have
teamed up to put on this amazing competition that you’re definitely going
to want to participate it’s open to anybody any type of power carving tools as long as
you’re power carving you can enter the competition and the grand prize is gonna
be pretty special and if you think about the title you can probably see where
this is going so go check that out subscribe comment let me know what kind
of pallet wood power carving project you want to see next and I will see you
next time

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  1. Want an entertaining way to watch a Jackman works video?!?! Watch it with your 3 year old. The commentary is golden!!!!!
    “Daddy what’s he doing with his face is he farting?”

  2. You are so right about powercarving! It is one of the most satisfying things to do with wood. You are the reason I ended up buying an angel grinder and my turbo plane!

  3. You sir are a glutton for punishment ! 😁 All that seemingly tedious work you do is crazy…but also awesome ! 🙂

  4. Aw man. There was one right around the corner from me… A couple of weeks ago. Guess I'll never get to see it in person.

  5. Pretty cool project. Those Arbortech tools can really chew through wood. It looks like that lady (at 2:58) grabbed a piece of hard candy from her purse and popped it in her mouth, then realized it had a 10-year-old dust bunny stuck to it. 🍬🤢

  6. Hey man, I would love if you did some bigger projects, maybe a series of some kind. Love your work man, keep it up! And LGRW!

  7. Вещь бесполезная , ресурс потрачен в пустую , так еще и клоуна дешевого из себя корчит .

  8. Absolutely beautiful frame! With the photo and its effect, the whole project is unbeatable. When you first started, I was afraid that the carving was going to be a CNC job. I'm glad it wasn't. I'm subscribed now.

  9. Your lady there was obviously from the Baltimore Pallet Preservation League. And btw, ripping an arm off a little robot, just to draw a curve on the corners…? Well worth it! INCREDIBLE results!

  10. I often forget what you're making because the video editing is so impressive. I have to move the mouse to get the title back up! Oh yeah – a picture frame!

  11. Hello, exciting to see this video, and beautiful your wood work model, thanks ! You ask to propose a carved woodwork, please I have 1 idea to propose, if okey for you: Please, One big (or giant) wood-cup (for to drink) with fantasy carved leg, with some awesome carved design to the cup surface,( in antic, or baroque and modern mix style).
    Pallets, or Cedar wood, with stone gems added. with lace (Lace: "encaje" en espanol, "dentelle" en frances) and ribbed, ( in the base). And metal with symbol for decoration on the center of the cup. The colour is at your choise please. (I thought about including arms but it would be another style, like a trophee). I m sure this is easy to do for you. Ideal for decoration , or to drink, or to put fruits, flowers, etc in it. Thank you.

  12. The final project is BADASS! And i know I say it every time but damn Paul your editing is CRAZY.

    Love the blowing of the glueup. Love the grumpy unimpressed old lady. Love the spitting segment.

    A true enjoyable video as is the norm for your context. Thanks for that!


  13. I don't think I'd really be interested in power carving… I'm into CNC work. However, I commend you on your skills… Beautiful!!! I loved your video, both skills and editing. I subscribed and will be watching your other work. Thanks.

  14. 1:46 I kind of have clamp envy right now

    Beautiful artwork! I do believe if “Mrs. Not Impressed” were to see the finished product, should would instantly become “Mrs. Very Impressed”. Most people don’t see the beauty in a piece of “junk wood, fit only for the burn pile” until a true craftsman has worked his or her magic into said junk 😊

  15. nice job on the picture frame man…. I would like to see a old boat made from pallet wood, into a shelf of sorts…. your choice… sail, paddle, motor ect….. thanks Rev. Paul M Vining Sr

  16. Looking for inspiration for my first pallet wood video…so, I'll do something like this! Would love to…watch this space.

  17. you're interesting edits brought me here from Reddit where you posted your gifts. You are a genius with how you've marketed this channel.

  18. I saw a video on Facebook where you made coasters! I am loving the editing and thoroughly impressed with your wood working skills!!

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