Pam Bondi says Senate will see through House’s ‘insufficient’ impeachment
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Pam Bondi says Senate will see through House’s ‘insufficient’ impeachment

January 19, 2020

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  1. they are just intentionally wasting time..taking your eyes off the real crimes. do not discount the Soros voting machines!!

  2. I've delicately and subversively tried to talk to as many people as I can about Trump here in Liberal Minnesota trying to get a feel. And what I'm finding is honestly about (in My estimate) 3 in 5 people turn out to be Trump supporters. And if not "Trump supporters" are at least tired of Democrats. What so few know is Trump won Minnesota but "Al Franken" gave our electoral vote to Hillary and stated publicly He did so because He knew what was better for us !

  3. I know someone close to this and the president wanted his witnesses democrats refused
    The president said I want it on television for everyone to see
    Democrats said no
    But this dog and pony show will stop after this is over either democrats can get it together or be forcefully removed from office by the people

  4. Pam Bondi is nothing but a trump boot licker.,when other states were filing lawsuits against trump university she refused. After she refused. Trump gave her 10 thousand dollars for her reelection. She chose trump over the people of the state of Florida.

  5. I love how news has turned into people stroking themselves and bias confirming. Instead of debating or asking questions its just turned into attacking dems as people. Instead of presenting facts and letting people think for themselves.

    Fox "news" proves again that money and air time can buy peoples opinion. God help you if you ever think outside of what the republican tells you to think.

  6. Schiff doesn't want to be a witness because he would have to testify under oath. He cannot tell the truth, therefore, he would be indited. That I would like to see how many lies he would have to tell to try and get out of his predicament.

  7. yes the transcript does speak for itself…it screams actually that donald trump violated the constitution by requesting foreign help in his reelection effort

  8. This is the most disgusting piece of 'journalism" I have ever seen. Too bad we can't charge them as conspirators for bald faced lying to the public.

  9. How are the Dems going to feel when they're indicted for abuse of the Justice System, fraud and abuse of the tax payers money, perjury and fraud to falsify evidence and court documents and extortion and treason.

  10. 5 min and 32 seconds wasted on Non sense, non factual, non reasoning and zero logic about the facts … Quid pro quo!!! … where did you go!!

  11. Tweedle dumb and tweedle dummer went into a bar to talk some trash about how to best use denial to support their case. I wasn’t persuaded.

  12. I don't care if Trump is removed from office, but if he is, this will set a president for every other President in the future. They can be removed for any thin reason imaginable. The only reason Clinton got impeached by the Republicans is payback for what the Democrats did to Nixon. So, around it goes…

  13. Hey, remember when Pam Bondi dropped an investigation into the fraudulent activity of Trump University after getting a $25000 donation from Trump? I remember.

  14. The Quid pro quo (Something for something of value) for Trump's meeting & Pence's visit and the $300+million in aid IS literally the crime of BRIBERY, not solely a crime "like" bribery. The Dems need to make this simple point clear and repeat it as nauseam: Trump is guilty of the impeachable offence of Bribery!

  15. Yeah yeah, blah blah. F-ing Boring. The United States government is a joke. Worst and most corrupt in modern day history. Pathetic!!

  16. Wouldn't you know it..a picture of Pam Bondi posing with Lev Parnas has surfaced. Now we know why she is so concerned. Time to start sending people to prison.

  17. If you steal candy bar, and you get caught and no punishment happens you will steal another candy bar. Thats why you arrest Shiff and charge him. Is this simple enough for you Americans to figure out?

  18. They should take the wind out of the Republican sails and allow Biden (s) to testify. Bidens have no merit on the articles of impeachment. If Bidens were corrupt for whatever reason, America has the right to "not" vote for him. Trumps crime, as a sitting president was the fact that he BRIBED a Ukrainian government into launching the investigation by freeing up funds that were illegally held by Trump only if Ukraine announced the investigation. why is this even important? Trump wanted to be able to discredit Biden on the campaign trail by using the investigation launched. So what! Trump and his family is the most corrupt family to ever be in the white house., they capitalize on the U.S presidency often. Did Trump commit impeachable offences? Yes! He did not allow administration officials to testify, he did not allow documents to be submitted. This is even more evident when you see what is now starting to surface with Lev Parnas. Corrupt, illegal,and whats worse is the cover up of Trump and all of his cronies.. He would've been better off to admit an error in judgement and let sleeping dogs lie. This has been far worse for him and exposes him as a liar who will stop at nothing. That is a deep mental disorder that any rational person should question when supporting him for the position of POTUS. Wake up!

  19. Nothing on any of these verbal exchanges will change how I am going to vote. No way. This country has been through this farce far too long. You can't elect a president oh, and the very same day start talking about impeachment impeachment impeachment and that's exactly what happened. So much money has been wasted by the Democratic Party that could have went to meaningful endeavors. What a wasteful loudmouth bunch of idiots

  20. Trump is going down, impeached forever……. Lies, lies, lies, is all he's good at [con-artist]…. He violated his Oath of Office, He acted out Office, breach of the rules, codes, and conduct of the Office!

  21. We could only hope? Since the right we have no back bone. No matter what the left does the right seems to act like French people during world war one and 2! We just need to crush them already for being radical communists.

  22. If trump isn’t guilty let the evidence out. He’s been proven to not tell the truth so we can’t just take his word for it.

  23. You know I think these Democrates are trying to hide something? And I believe it has something to do with Ukraine. During the Obama administration we sent billions of dollars to help bolster Ukraine to help their economy and military aid to help them against Russia and quite frankly alot of that money went missing? Mr Biden was in charge of Ukraine according to what Obama said I wonder if the Bidens, Kerrys, Pelosi and maybe others might have been in on this heist laundering of our taxpayers money in Ukraine? Because they really came down hard on Trump when he started to investigate the Ukraine matter..

  24. Uh, didn't she take a campaign contribution from Trump to not prosecute Trump University and he used money illegally from his charity organization Trump Foundation which was shut down because of it?! Jesus, he's stocking his defense with a who's who of corrupt and criminal (Dershawitz, a Jeffrey Epstein customer) hacks. Speaking of hacks, Pirro is the loudest mouthed, lying one on tv. Everything these two spouted on this propaganda "interview" were straight up checkable lies. It's like they're from under a rock or another planet where gullible, stupid people just believe their spew. Unbelievable.

  25. Who can believe these people! They say wait for the election but that's why we are having this conversation he was trying to cheat in the elections.

  26. OMG I hope Bondi doesn't talk much at the trial her voice is irritating thank goodness pirro wasn't ask What a headache 😠

  27. "They" are trying to turn Trump into a martyr, and completely disregarding the other five charges they could have sent through with the two that already made it through to the Senate. It's ridiculous to think that Fox, who has stated that they are an ENTERTAINMENT show, could possibly think that anything they say should receive any credibility. FOX, you're not the president's personal ego booster, you're meant to entertain us, not shovel this one sided garbage down our throats. Take five minutes and talk about something good, new, or even just have a moderate opinion for once and see what's really happening. Thank you.

  28. What they do not want to look at, or talk about, by with holding military aid, potus aided an enemy of America and weakened an ally. Isn't this bordering on treason?

  29. Pam Bondi. Former Florida prosecutor who declined to prosecute the Trump University case while at the same time was receiving Trump donations for her re-election. What a bunch of corrupt people.

  30. The country was divided before trump. But if u ask me I rather be on the trump train. A president with vision and a dream and gets the job done regardless of party. Let's hope this does not turn into a Shakespearean drama betrayal and tragedy. Trump is an independent person not carreer politician. He was elected for that fact. This whitch hunt is purely against the person trump from vf the beginning.

  31. Freaking Fox News is so clouded with bs its amazing how the facts are overlooked and how they make their own narrative based on smear tactics. Theres a difference between trying to make people believe your point with shiat talking and reporting on the FACTS.

  32. Democrats are using the strategy of 'if you tell a lie often and with conviction, it becomes truth in the minds of the majority'..

  33. Real rich of you to call others trying to protect the constitution and the integrity of the office of the president while your fake president trump continues to obstruct , lie, cheat and extort a foreign leader for personal gain.
    There can be no defense for the indefensible actions of this president.
    Trump and his cohorts must be removed from office now!

  34. yes, we want schiff to be questioned. We know he will perjure himself. Impeachment with non-impeachable grounds. But, now that they have. Let’s get th testimony of the long time criminals. We are waiting on the Durham report.

  35. The attack on America's right to choose a president actually started in 2016 when the Electoral College threw America's votes in the trash and put this idiot in the White Houes. It always irritates me when I see or hear about how America voted Trump as president, because we did not, Trump actually lost the actual election by almost 3 million votes. did not choose this president, it was given to him.

  36. Pam is the perfect person for the job. Get em Pam. Great prosecutor and friend. Solid lady . Great to see her helping The President. ❤️👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸

  37. Two nasty lying delusional escapee Jeanine , pam from the lowest level of the criminal insane of the trump toxic swamp supporters . Trump is impeached period , nothing can change that .

  38. Schiff lies every time he opens his mouth?🤔🤔 I thought that was Trump? Drain the swamp? Trump and all of his cronies are SWAMP THINGS!

  39. Lying , haha how dare you, your president has told more lies than any other president. And it not fake news, the news is coming out of his own mouth. How support a man who views our military as pawns to sell services to other country, U give us money we will give you troops and equipment , wow how fn low. Trump is the worst, and what has he done exactly. Nothing His knowledge is that of a 4th grader

  40. Insufficient, but Trump & McConnell won’t let any witnesses in?

    Seems like their defense is insufficient and they are trying their best to cover up their lies and crimes.

    If you’re innocent, what are you so afraid of?

  41. DEMONRATS continue to show their contempt for the American voters and the Constitution. They want to take away our voice by rendering the electoral college null and void.

  42. More propaganda. I love watching the GOP carry water for the last guy they wanted for President. Now they know why. Their legacy is now tied to Trump’s impeachment. LMFAO

  43. Sorry but neither Jeanine Pirro or Pam Bondi has any credibility in my eyes.

    Pirro had the nerve to say Schiff lies every time he opens his mouth yet ignores Trump's multiple lies daily. 🤦‍♀️

    Pam Bondi is corrupt like Trump……look up about the Trump University case.

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