Panasonic LUMIX S1 and S1R Full Frame Cameras Explained – Video Interview
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Panasonic LUMIX S1 and S1R Full Frame Cameras Explained – Video Interview

August 27, 2019

cinema5D at Photokina 2018
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photo and more. -Hi, this is Nino from cinema5D, we’re
here at Photokina 2018 on day zero. The day before the show actually starts. And panasonic just announced
the Lumix S series. This is Mike Owen, thanks for having us. Can you tell us everything about it? This is exciting. -I can’t tell you everything about it,
but I can tell you some bits about it. So, we’re really pleased to launch
the S1 and S1 R today. Both bodies will be identical. The main difference between
the two of them is the fact the S1 will have
a 24 MP full-frame sensor and the S1 R will have a 47MP
full-frame sensor. And the idea behind that is try and
provide tools that photographers can use in a wide variety of situations. And ultimately, the big aim is to try
and get them to match their creativity. So, if they have a particular requirement,
a particular usage need, then we have a tool that’s right for them. -So, it took Panasonic a while to get
into the full-frame game and a lot of people have been hoping for it
and finally it’s been announced. We are a site focusing on filmmaking, so, we want to make the small
cameras work for cinematographers, that very often are used
to bigger cameras. Is it early enough to say
which camera is better for video? The S1 R is very much focused
at the stills photographer. The S1 is sort of more the hybrid model. Both will have great video functionality, but obviously, with a higher resolution
comes slight limitations, as to what can actually be achieved
from the video form. So, we’re really excited about it, but we think that really the S1 will be more
suited to the videographer than the S1 R. -I guess you knew that this question
would be coming, but… …with the GH5, of course is the first small
camera that has 10 bit internal recording, which was a revolution for us,
because that’s something filmmakers have been asking
for a very long time. So, of course the obvious question: Will the Lumix S-series have 10-bit
recording internal, as well? -That’s not confirmed, we can’t
share that information. What we are pleased to say is, obviously
we have a 4k recording function and we hope that when this
does hit the market, it will have the best possible codecs
and recording capabilities. -We already know from the GH5
announcement two years ago, I think it was staged in a similar fashion. It was a preview event here, but it was very
nice that some key specs were shared, and over time, more was shared. When do you think we will
know more about these cameras? -We’re very much focused on early 2019. -In terms of release? -In terms of the next round
of information, obviously. The key thing for today is very much about
the development and informing people that we’re moving forward in this way. That we’re thinking the way photographers
want us to think. And that really is very important for us. -The main concern by a lot of customers
and a lot of media, like us, was in the beginning Panasonic
was used to be very much focused on the Micro 4/3 and has
a lot of lenses in this field. Now it’s full-frame, that means you need
new lenses, you need a new mount. What can you tell us about this? -Well, obviously as you would have seen
from the announcement earlier, we’re part of the L-Mount Alliance
with Leica and Sigma. Obviously, Leica have already a range of lenses
that are compatible with the lens mount. We’ve committed to three lenses already. With the 50mm Prime, the 24-70
and the 70 to 200. But the key part for this is obviously
we have Sigma as part of the Alliance. And their lens technology is fantastic. So, we’re really excited to see what
they bring for the L-Mount, as well. -It has a very, very short flange distance. That theoretically means that it will be possible
to have adaptors for existing lenses… …to use, like other full-frame compatible
lenses from other manufacturers, that can be used on this body. Are there any plans
or announcements yet? -Nothing that we can talk about, but obviously it’s a consideration that we
have to think about how our users will operate. So we have to be very aware
of what they want, how they work. And we’re considering everything at the moment,
but things like that we can’t talk about today. -Autofocus was a big point
in the presentation as well. So, you’re boasting that the autofocus
will be very, very good. Any word as to how good
it will be in video? -No, it’s still too early to say. The key thing for us is making
sure -as I said earlier- that we are leading the way
in our technology. That’s our key criteria. We’re a technology brand,
we always have been. We’ve been very innovative
across everything we’ve done. And we’ve made huge strides forward
with the GH5, the G9 technology. And we’re always learning
and we’re always listening. And for us, feedback is a massively
important part of what we do. Our ambassadors are hugely important, as you heard on the stage today
during the press conference. And we’re really keen to make sure
that that feedback reaches the engineers, who can take our products
to the next level. And autofocus is one of those
key areas that photographers and videographers are
absolutely critical on. So, we have to listen to them and
match their levels of expectations. -So if I understand you correctly, the camera
is not feature complete yet, right? It’s a pre announcement? -It’s a technology announcement today. There’ll be future announcements where we
will be able to disclose the full specifications. and give you more information about the real
details in the new show of the product. -Any of the photos we’ve seen from your
ambassadors at the press event today were taking on other models? Nothing was made on the Lumix S series.
-No, not this time. -Anything else you can share in terms
of video of this camera yet? -The video functions are hugely important, which is why having Dual I.S. is massively
important for the videographer, having the right set of codecs
is really important. And we’re constantly listening. This is something that we want
to stress more than anything else. Is the feedback input from photographers,
videographers around the world. It’s hugely important to us. But our core focus with these products and
moving forward is around the professional. and how we can support them,
not only with their equipment, but also with the support network that
is very important for them as well. -You mentioned dual ISO, is this confirmed? -No, Dual I.S., sorry. Sorry if I misspoke on that one,
it’s Dual I.S., not dual ISO. -Okay. So, when do you think the cameras
will be available? And is there any hint at pricing yet? -No, there’s no information on pricing, but we will make further announcements
in early 2019. -Okay, thank you Mike
-Thanks Nino. And thanks everybody for watching and stay tuned to cinema5D for more
news from Photokina 2018.

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  1. 3 Axis LCD? Who told them to change the flip screen? Listen-up Lumix: "Stay with the Flip screen, switch to Phase Detect AF and add DCI 4k 24fps @ 12Bit 422 (+12Bit RAW out) or 10Bit 444!!!???!!! We are counting on you!

  2. I am so happy with my 2 GH5 cameras and I think I stick to that brand. If just Panasonic Germany would be more active 😉

  3. Sorry about the washed-out look of the video – our main camera died on us during shooting b-roll, so we went to b-cam and the grade isn't great because we wanted to get this video out as quickly as possible!

    Upcoming videos from Photokina are going to look much better 🙂

  4. Why are Nikon, Canon and now Panasonic releasing each two Cameras: Full Frame, Video Model around 24Mpx, Photo model around 45mpx, all shoulder display? That's really strange to me. Do they all have the same Sensors?

  5. The difference between Panasonic and Canon etc. is that Panasonic actually listens to and cares about us and our feedback. Thank you.

  6. There are a lot of similarities on the build as the SL, the battery release is identical and the whole thing feels ( looks ) SL like, Love the L mount and use the SL daily for work, both stills and video

  7. Will be fine if Panasonic realize PAUSE option during recording. Same like smartphone Samsung and others are doing. It is very helpful when you need record and use without editing. When using Pause we can change Zoom and camera position and it will be just nice. How is possible give this request to Panasonic engineers?

  8. So after blaming and bashing Sony, for years… now they just did a same :))))
    Even on the R name! “R” means Riding Sony’s horse 🙂
    But I have a bad news…it’s too late! Sony A7SIII is on the way, 3 new GM and G lens is under test, 2 new Zeiss lens is under development, and a new IV family is already under development!

  9. To make serious waves they needed to have it available for purchase just before the Nikon and Canon full frame mirrorless models. This could be an impressive system, but I fear it may come to market too late.

  10. Totally understand why the Panasonic spokesman was so reserved. Why spill all the beans to rival companies until it is about ready to hit the market? We have simply been given a few tantalizing tidbits to get us salivating and saving our money.

  11. People in the comments don't seem to get that no company who announces the development of a camera, is going to answer any questions about it beyond what they already said in the announcement.. the announcement is just to let people know it is coming, and tell you just enough to get you excited. and you won't hear anything else about this camera until next year.

  12. Sorry, Too Late to the Game, Panny… and Not available anytime soon.
    Is it me or was the Panny Rep was kind of put-offish, even a little arrogant?

  13. If they care about AF, then stop trying to improve your contrast AF – contrast AF will always be sh*t. PDAF is the answer.

  14. Любят они рассказы рассказывать, а самое главное без теста видео возможностей в процессе общения. То ли спецом, дабы не испортить презентацию, то ли такие хреновые журналисты.

  15. 2019 release? So basically its an announcement of a camera that's still in development. What's to stop any other camera from bringing out a non-working prototype with outlandish specs?

  16. As videographer, im here still waiting for 4k, 60p, IBIS, FF (or at least APS-C), 12-24 MP (for good low-light), built-in ND filter, good AF. If all those features are in I wouldn't care where they place the buttons.

  17. Here we have a petition to get a fully articulating screen for the Panasonic S1. Please sign it to get it changed.

  18. Only motive behind this "technology announcement" now and the upcoming "feature announcement" in early 2019 is to check enthusiast community from moving towards more sensible BM4k

  19. Panasonic is testing sony,They want to know the parameters of A7S3, they are not sure if they can beat sony,In my opinion, A7S3 will be the mini version of FS7.

  20. You should have asked him if they think of killing m43 line but both of you would have gotten fired but at least we'd knew the official answer from Panasonic.

  21. prices are going to be the s1r is gonna cost 3,000 and the s1 2,000…..only the body if im right hit me a like from 2019

  22. false hope on Sigma, I switch to Sony but I till now still haven't buy any Sigma lens due to its huge size, which is not really design for mirrorless camera.  So both of P&L have bet on wrong partner.

  23. Looks promising. Mirrorless is no longer all about 'small and light'. I always wanted a D850/5D sized camera with all the technology of mirrorless.

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