Parliament Deathmatch
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Parliament Deathmatch

January 28, 2020

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  1. Please never stop making animations of Australian politicians/parliament. I, as a fellow Australian, can't stop laughing. These are so good!

  2. writing before the 2016 us election… can we get in on that snake overlord? Our current cannidates are not working out, and no way in hell we are voting 3rd party. So I am hoping a new, refreshing tyrant takes over.

  3. According to my calculations, about 4% of all Sexual Lobster videos end in a snake themed entety taking over the world.

  4. Has anyone turned on auto-translate for the subtitles? It thinks he's saying some crazy shit in Russian..
    I swear by the gods at the
    guests will
    but he believed in God in
    any reason, it is completely the economy and
    and his upcoming action began today
    give place
    with a peak at this time whether
    leave the government sent
    his word recession
    in the center
    she is

  5. If I had a nickel for every Sexualobster video that ended in a new snake overlord… I'd have like 2 nickels I guess

  6. Too bad Steve Irwin isn't around anymore to wrestle these snakes! Dr. Brady Barr and Dr. Adam Briton aren't strong enough to handle them!

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