Parliament of India Lok Sabha in hindi functions structure composition eligibility salary sab kuch
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Parliament of India Lok Sabha in hindi functions structure composition eligibility salary sab kuch

August 27, 2019

Hello Friends.. I am your friend Sanchit and I welcome you all to your favourite channel Sab Kuch. Friends in this video we will talk about the Parliament of India.. A lot of people have a lot of confusions about What is Lok Sabha? What is Rajya Sabha? How are their members elected? and What is the role of our President in Parliament? So in this video I will try to explain all this in simple words quickly.. Parliament of India comprises of three elements First House is Lok Sabha with which most of us are aware. whose members are directly elected by the people of India. Second House is Rajya Sabha.. Members of Rajya Sabha are not directly elected by the people of India. They are elected from the State Legislative Assemblies. Hence, Rajya Sabha is a representation of states. We will discuss in detail about both of them Above both the houses we have our President who is the Ceremonial head of our country and maintains co ordination between both the houses of Parliament Let us start with the Lok Sabha of India Lok Sabha is also called the Lower House or the House of People It is the most important pillar of the Parliament There can be maximum capacity of 552 members out of which 530 are nominated from States 20 from union territories and remaining 2 are from Anglo Indian community nominated by the President Anglo Indians are the group of people of mixed British and Indian parentage Anglo Indians are the group of people of mixed British and Indian parentage They are nominated to represent their interest So according to constitution 2 members are nominated from Anglo Indian community As we know every 5 years election for Lok Sabha is contested Many candidates try their luck People of India votes and decides their future Candidates who win are nominated to Lok Sabha Now party with the most number of votes or a coalition of parties are invited by the president to form the government and if they are able to prove majoriy in Lok Sabha Then, the President administers the oath of office to the memebers of Parliament including the Prime Minister and his Cabinet ministers If you feel like contesting elections to the Lok Sabha There are certain important parameters that one must abide 1. You should be a citizen of India 2. You must be 25 years old 3. You must not be bankrupt 4. You must be mentally sound 5. You must not hold any office of profit 6. You must not be convicted by any court An ongoing case can be there but not convicted If so, you cannot contest election As we have discussed there can be maximum 552 members out which 530 are from states but now the question is How are these 530 seats divided among states They are divided on the basis of population i.e. no. of seats are proportional to population in the state For Eg: Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India Hence, most no. of seats i.e. 80 seats are allocated to UP Let us know talk about some interesting facts Most Important salary No Politician will talk to you about this Each member fetches a salary of Rs 2 lakh/-per month Have your ever noticed the color of the carpet It is green in color and represents agriculture and greenery As we know India is an agriculture dependent country 70-75% population is still based on farming In general Lok Sabha is elected for 5 years But in case of Emergency it can be extented max to 6 years It once happened during 1975 to 1977 but after 6 years election will have to be contested

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  1. I'm very happy after watching ur video because ur making our new generation technically strong by providing technical video lectures as well as providing us enough knowledge so that we can represent our country and feel our responsibilities..!!! 🙂 👍🏻👍🏻😊

  2. Sir You are pro in explaining things. 🙂 It will be great if there is no or low background music in next video as I was unable to concentrate on your explanation due to that.
    Cordially waiting for your next video.

  3. Best Video….SO much information about the parliament and lok sabha in such a short video. Just apt. …Sir also, make video on how a bill is passed and law is made. Which all bodies have the power to make law.

  4. Hey Sanchit

    Great work with videos , keep up your good work as educator.
    There is one small correction , a convicted person can fight election.

    Right to fight in election is both constitutional and statutory right (RPA act 1951)
    So convicted person have right to fight election.
    Basically there are two barriers one is constitutional others are statutory.
    In simple terms if offence is not in certain category (religious riots , dowry, sati etc) and conviction is less than two years a person can fight election after his or her term.
    Other wise if term is more then 2 years he is debarred for 6 years after completing term. (Lalu yadav)

    Warm regards
    Rohit Mishra

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