Parliament: Re-Election of Ninjabob1797 as Speaker
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Parliament: Re-Election of Ninjabob1797 as Speaker

December 13, 2019

CLERK: Order. Honorable members, the house will
now proceed to elect a speaker. Are there any nominations? PRIME MINISTER: I would like to nominate Ninjabob1797 for the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives
for this term. I believe that he is the most prominent choice for this position
because of his previous outstanding work as Speaker of the House. He has worked
through very stressful and strenuous conditions in previous sessions of
Parliament such as lack of staff and disputes within the chamber. Despite
these obstacles, he has succeeded in fully conducting all of the Parliament
sessions he’s been chairing. Without him, the operation of Parliament would be
hampered extensively. His knowledge of the general procedure of Parliament is
unrivaled by other possible speakers and his civility when conducting Parliament
sessions is outstanding and distinguished among all parliamentarians
therefore, I with confidence and certainty shall nominate Ninjabob1797 to be
acting Speaker of the House of Representatives for the 8th Parliament
of WolvHaven. Thank you. CLERK: Is the nomination seconded? ROM5419: What he said is pretty much on the point. Also, previously you might want to consider that Although Ninjabob1797 is in Australia timezone which (makes parliament) really late for him,
He is still able to commit his time and stay awake until 3 a.m. just for the
dedication for Parliament so it shows that is really competent and I second that. However, on the condition that he
supports eating in Parliament chamber. Thank you. CLERK: Does Ninjabob1797 accept the nomination? NINJABOB1797: I Ninjabob1797 accept the nomination. CLERK: Are there any further nominations? AUTOBUS22 (transcribed by ROM5419): I nominate Endermat I feel like the track record of ninjabob based on the incidents that happened, has wishes left,- I rather want to see Endermat96, who is arguably better at keeping his cool and handling stress, to take on the job. CLERK: Is the nomination seconded? The nomination is not seconded. Are there
any further nominations? CLERK: With the time for nominations having
expired, I hereby declare Ninjabob1797 dully elected as speaker of
the eighth Parliament of WolvHaven [MPs dragging speaker-elect to chair] SPEAKER: I would like to call the Prime Minister
to present PRIME MINISTER: I would like to congratulate Ninjabob1797 on his
accession in becoming the new speaker of this Parliament house. I
believe that he will serve WolvHaven well and diligently through the next six
months and I hope that he will help and foster WolvHaven to come and bring it
into the future. Thank you. SPEAKER: the leader of the opposition
has the call LEADER OF OPPOSITION: I would like to congratulate our fellow opposition
member ninjabob for succession of the speaker position in the parliament. He
has truly served our last term very well and I’m sure he would be more successful
in this coming term. Thank you. SPEAKER: Kevin has the call ANGELKEVIN: I like to congratulate Ninjabob for being
the Speaker of the Parliament and I’m sure he’ll serve the parliament well in the future. From
past experiences he has done a good job for being the speaker. Thank you. SPEAKER: Autobus22 has the call AUTOBUS22: I still have my concerns with the
current Speaker but I congratulate you on becoming the speaker a second term as
been chosen by the other members of parliament. Congratulations. SPEAKER: I would like to thank my honorable members for electing me back into this role I am
fully capable and I have been nominated to this role originally by president
himself. Therefore, I believe I’m fully capable of this role and I thank the
house for reelecting me into this position to serve the house well and to ensure that
everyone has an equal say in Parliament and to make Parliament as smooth as
possible thank you once again fellow members and I would and I look forward
to serving you.

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