Parliament Returns: Power & Politics special coverage
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Parliament Returns: Power & Politics special coverage

November 25, 2019

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  1. I would genuinely vote for Scheer if he wasn’t such a damn Puppet. He’s so scripted, he’s using the same platform as Harper did in 2015 and he has no Climate Plan. Frankly Bernier should be the only right wing Candidate taken seriously. Besides his extreme (for Canadian standards) stance on immigration and his Anti-UN sentiment. I believe that he actually cares about us, not just rich people and will help us make money. Anyone who is conservative should jump ship into an actual and safe lifeboat which is Maxine Bernier and the PPC. You can hate Trudeau all you want but don’t take Scheer as the alternative.

  2. Canada Child Benefit is the NEW WELFARE SUNSHINE LIST THERE SOY BOY. They have NO need to go work pulling in over 100K a year plus welfare, plus top HST/OTB, and paid medical/dental. Most of these people are well educated and make a small bit more by sitting at home, kicking hubby out and WILL NEVER GO BACK TO WORK

  3. Stop playing politics when we have Canadians with a Capital detained in China and start making wiser decisions to get them home very soon!!!!!!

  4. WE don't negotiate with TERRORISTS or communists. And those who enable the enemies of Canada are by rights #TRAITORS <— not traders. Note the distinction and stop being illiterate babblers.


  6. The liberal party along with 99% of Canadian media have become an international disgrace and they still DO NOT GET IT..They truly believe ,that we canadians believe anything they say….NOT!!!!!!

  7. = too much biases its becoming ridiculous & actually worse than ridiculous } dangerous censoring of what is disliked from many ego's ~

  8. The true history of Canada will soon be revealed. Save your vote, it will be needed where it matters the most. The grandest of illusions is coming to an end.

  9. Canada don't use Huawei equipment 5g network, waiting for 🇰🇷 LG 6g network 😹
    雖然5G流動通訊技術仍未全面普及 (美國全面封殺盟友),但不少國家和企業都已經開始研發更新一代的6G技術,最新加入戰場的是韓國LG電子。LG電子昨日宣佈啟動6G研發計劃,並將於韓國科學技術院(KAIST)合作成立6G研究中心。

    LG電子首席技術官朴一平(譯音)表示,6G研究中心能加快次世代流動通訊技術的研發,以便引領6G網絡全球標準化進程。目前業界對於6G實際技術規格仍未有定論,但芬蘭奧盧大學曾經估計,6G的數據傳輸速度可達每秒1TB。( 3~4 years 7G or 8G 數據傳輸速度很驚人😂)

  10. The charges levelled at Ms. Meng far outweigh those levelled at the two detained Canadians. When the extradition takes place and Meng’s issues are revealed in the American courts, pressure will be rightly place back on the Chinese to release the Canadians. Yes the two will have to stay in custody for a while, but morally there is no equivalence between the two detainment issues.

  11. Affordable housing? You meant getto housing. That where welfares recipients lives . Then they runs drug trafficking and gang business as secondary incomes. All at the taxpayers expense.
    Be careful of what you wish for folks.

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