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Parliamentary Minute – Quorum.wmv

December 3, 2019

Hi this is Little Ben and welcome to the Parliamentary Minute
the Parliamentary Minute is brought to you by
Robert McConnell Productions today’s topic is Quorum what is a Quorum? a Quorum is latin which means “of them” in other words a Quorum is the number of members
needed to have a meeting or the number “of them” this number should be stated in your bylaws if no Quorum number is stated in the bylaws then Robert’s
Rules says a quorum is a majority of the members the president should know that a Quorum is present before he calls the meeting to order if you don’t have a Quorum and you can’t have
a meeting can business be conducted without a Quorum? no, but three motions can be made motions that can be made without a Quorum
are a motion to set the time for another meeting a motion to recess so members can call others
to come to the meeting the motion to adjourn Little Ben says “Any other business conducted is null and void.” so be sure you have a Quorum to learn more about Quorum by our book “Robert’s Rules of Order: Simplified
and Applied” and our dvd “How to Conduct a Meeting” you can order these by calling one eight hundred five three two
for zero one seven or write us an email info at or go to our website

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