Parliamentary Practice & Procedure: University of Witwatersrand CPA Programme | NZ Parliament

February 8, 2020

Hi everyone, my name is Maureen Pugh. I’m the National list MP based in West Coast-Tasman,
and I had the very fortunate experience to attend a CPA [Commonwealth Parliamentary Association] course in Johannesburg in South Africa. Now, that course was attended by 20 people
from around the Commonwealth, a wide range of people, a huge amount of ethnic backgrounds,
religious backgrounds, and we came together as CPA members. So the course was the Parliamentary Basics
and Fundamentals, and I’m very proud of the Certificate that I got from the Wits University. It was a very strict criteria that we had
to meet. We talked a lot about immigration, we talked
a lot about power but also how that impacts on our decisions around inviting people into
our countries, the challenges that we have across the world. Us being a small, isolated group of islands
at the bottom of the Pacific have quite different immigration challenges to, say, the continent
of Africa and the border crossings that happen there. So, different issues that we were able to
explore between ourselves. I’m grateful for the opportunity. As I say, when you get to my age you don’t
get many opportunities to do further study, so I’m extremely proud of my certificate. I’m very grateful for the opportunity of having
attended the Wits University in Johannesburg, and I recommend that if anyone else gets the
opportunity that they grab it.

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