Pegasus CRM – I-Frame

October 2, 2019

PegasusCRM’s I-Frame tool allows you to access
external websites without leaving the interface. All you need to do is login to the desired
website and navigate as if you were accessing it on another tab or window of your browser.
You could easily log into your company website, giving you access to all the features right
here on PegasusCRM. To manage all I-Frame apps, go to the admin side and access the
“I-Frame Apps” page. From there you will be able to create, edit and delete I-Frame
apps. To create an app simply click the “Create” button in the top green menu bar. You should
now see a form that allows you to create an I-Frame app. Once there, complete the process.
The process is easy as PegasusCRM breaks down each step for you. All you need to do is fill
out the appropriate fields. You have the ability to choose the name of
the tab that you would like displayed, link to the website, link to the “Forgot Password”
webpage, link to the webpage that creates a new account to the site, decide which portals
to display the tab onto, give your credentials and chose if you would like to share the credentials
with your employees and sales users. Once everything is set up you can access the tab
from the main page at any time. Editing and deleting the I-Frame app is easy! Simply go
to the “I-Frame Apps” page and either select the pencil icon or the trash can icon
and then make any necessary changes. With PegasusCRM’s I-Frame tool, link to external
web applications and work on them at the same time without ever exiting PegasusCRM.
For further information you can reach us by phone at 1-855-332-1608 option 2. Additionally,
you can email us at [email protected] Hope to hear from you soon!

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