Peikko’s Frame Solution – Prefabricated Fire Resistant Structure built in North America
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Peikko’s Frame Solution – Prefabricated Fire Resistant Structure built in North America

September 29, 2019

My name is Dominic Lemieux I’m Vice
President for Peikko North America Today we’re going to see how we can
erect a Peikko Frame A Peikko Frame consists of composite columns and composite beams what this means is basically the Composite Column is a hollow section a hollow steel section with reinforcement inside the column that is later filled with concrete Same for the DELTABEAM
DELTABEAM is also composite beam so it’s a trapezoidal steel profile with
reinforcement inside its later on filled with concrete and those two
components support a long span decking system such as hollow-core slab that we
have here on this job site or it could also be a long span steel profile
We also have precast stair shafts in this case so obviously we have a structure that
goes up really fast the columns and beams grow up really fast
the hollow-cores as well but the stair shaft could be a problem so in this case what we’re using is a
precast stair shaft that basically is a big one level module that is simply stacked
one over another so where we had a bottleneck previously
on other construction site in this case we can erect those two 80,000 pounds
stair shafts in half an hour so it’s it’s very fast. This building is 12,000
square feet per floor and it takes about 3-4 days to erect each floor the first step is actually they install the
columns, the composite columns second step to erect the beams and after
the shoring posts are installed we come with the hollow-core, this is what we’re
seeing in the back So we see hollow-core slabs being installed on the beams and later on we will come and grout those hollow-core slabs, grout the DELTABEAM and grout the composite columns on the same day

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