Pelosi says U.S. in ‘constitutional crisis’
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Pelosi says U.S. in ‘constitutional crisis’

October 8, 2019

-Can you update us on
when you will schedule the contempt vote on AG Barr? And, also, do you agree
with Chairman Nadler that the country is currently
in a constitutional crisis? -Yes, I do agree
with Chairman Nadler, because the Administration
has decided that they are not going
to honor their oath of office. Now he’s staked out —
because he has seen so much in the committee,
the committee work. I’m very proud of
the Judiciary Committee and the work
that they have done. In terms of timing, when we’re
ready, we’ll come to the floor. And we’ll just see,
because there might be some other
contempt-of-Congress issues that we might want to deal with
at the same time. And he wants to do it as soon
as possible, and so do we. -But you do agree
that the country is in constitutional crisis. Doesn’t that devalue
the argument of also showing restraint? Doesn’t that take away from
the emergency element of it? -No, I don’t think so. I think that what we want to do
is get the facts. We want to do it in the way
that is the least divisive to our country
and the most productive. We are asking,
in the constitutional way, for the Administration
to comply. We still have
more opportunities. We’ll see if Mueller
will testify. And that will make
a big difference in terms of
where we go from here. -Madam Speaker —
-But, Madam Speaker, if this truly is
a constitutional crisis, how can that not change
your thinking or the calculus
regarding impeachment? -Well, we have investigations
that will give us the facts and the truth. This is not about Congress
or any committee of Congress. This is about the American
people and their right to know, and their election
that is at stake, and that a foreign government
intervened in our election, and the President thinks
it is a laughing matter. It’s appalling that this
Administration would not even pretend to want
to protect our elections, and in fact be an obstacle to our finding out more about
how it happened so we can prevent it
from happening again. And so, again,
once you look to history, the Nixon experience of non–
whatever you want to call that was months of hearings
and investigation before they got to a place
where they had enough — they had a compelling argument that even the Republicans
had to go to the President and say, “It’s over.” But you have to have —
as I say, we follow the facts.

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  1. So, we're in a Constitutional crisis with this criminal in the White House – but, we're still not impeaching Trump?

    Whether the Senate would vote to convict, or not, I think the House needs to impeach Donald Trump! You see, we need ALL of our elected leaders ON THE RECORD as either being for or against impeaching Donald Trump – so that those who would vote "no" can wear their shame around their necks, like an albatross, for the rest of their miserable lives! We need to be able to ask GOP candidates WHY they made the conscious choice to NOT impeach Donald Trump! But, we cannot get that, if the Democrats refuse to impeach! Besides, if we assume they would not vote to convict in the Senate and therefore not move forward with impeachment, we deny the opportunity for any of the GOP to vote WITH the Democrats to remove Trump from office! The GOP CANNOT turn on Trump with an impeachment vote, if there is no impeachment vote, right? Finally, if Donald Trump is not impeached, we the people forever LOSE the ability to impeach ANY President! Why? Because, the bar will have been set too high! After all, if Donald Trump is not worthy of impeachment, then who would be? Under what circumstances would we EVER even discuss impeaching a President, again, if we refuse to do so this time?

  2. It's very simple: It's a constitutional crisis because Mitch the turtle, Barr, and other Republicans criminals don't want to play by the book itself, just because they are not in the mood; these are the first steps to reach the truth and then impeachment in a correct, civilized and legal way, so what's next?

    I suppose the entire nation go to bed, and next day pretend this never happened, just because they say :

    "Case closed…(and fu&#@ you all)"

    Mitch the turtle book 🐢 AUTOCRACY 101

  3. Donald Trump is actively assaulting our Constitution that he swore to uphold and defend every single day – and, Nancy Pelosi continues to ignore her own oath to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic! And, the facts we have KNOWN about Donald Trump for more than two years, now, are ample evidence to support impeachment! It's outrageous that the Democrats have put all their eggs in one basket with the Mueller report – that we're not allowed to see the whole thing! We should be four months into the impeachment process, rather than still pretending that impeachment is merely on the table!

  4. This orange dirtbag doesn’t even pay taxes; yet, he’s changed our tax code where we are paying more! We have a conman running the country! Thanks to greedy GOP and their blind sheep that goes against their own best interests in the name of hatred. Damn all of them! They created this horror show! Traitors!

  5. Start Impeachment hearings. Jail whoever obstructs until they cooperate.

    No more games, Nancy. Make the Cons vote and have to deal with the repercussions of that vote.

    Let's see who REALLY supports this abomination.

  6. so full of it.. Obama violated the constitution constantly and she happily took it on the chin…

  7. Madam Speaker keeps dragging her feet…perhaps she should choose her outfit for trump's coronation.

  8. This is sad . The democrats are clearly dirty politicians . If you can't see that , you're probably never going to change . You've been brainwashed by the constant lying and the fake news media . A mind is a terrible thing to waste . The media should be held responsible .

  9. Go F yourself Democrats. You've tried to destroy the county since Andrew Jackson drove the Indians off their land in defiance of Supreme court justice John Jays ruling. So go F yourselves you commie bastards.


  11. Madam Senile can't beat Trump in 2020 the man is way to popular, & the economy
    is firing on all cylinders, worse yet, to impeach him requires 2/3 majority in Congress,
    oh my, what to do, well, when Obama's A G got held in contempt, he refused to give
    Congress information regarding the failed "Fast & Furious" operation that got border
    agent Brian Terry murdered be cartel members. Congress litigated it, & by he time it
    worked its way thru the courts, they had run out the clock. Obama's A G Eric Holder
    was held in contempt, just like A G Barr, but Nadler, Schumer & the Drunk, sang a
    different tune then, I guess it depends on who's "Ox is being gored".

  12. Look at all the pro Trump posts here, notice none of them are correctly written? So are they all Russian trolls or just poorly educated inbred dumbfucks that don't even know their own language?

  13. Many countries try to influence elections. Israel has influenced our elections much more than Russia

  14. This old sea hag belongs in a nursing home the demo rats are God haters and America killers baby killers gun grabbers illegal lovin high taxin assholes

  15. constitutional crisis, hold on, Didnt a Dem say about abolishing the constitution? and arent the 1 st and 2nd constantly assaulted? hmmm

  16. I don't think he's the most moral person but she sounds like she's fishing to get him out of office.

  17. The Democrats' definition of "Constitutional Crisis: Any period of time during which they are not getting what they want. If Barr's choice is to either break Ferderal law by releasing the Mueller Report in its entire, unredacted form – thereby possibly threatening national security – or being in "contemp of Congress" for NOT breaking the law, then his choice is really a "no – brainer". Good to see that Pelosi and the rest have finally crossed paths with a man who can't be bullied into abandoning his convictions with threats of "jail time" – threats that, in his case, cannot be carried out, and they know it. You cannot jail a man for REFUSING to break the law, even if you're Nany "I think I'm God" Pelosi.

  18. Today Trump laughed when a member of his MAGGOT rally yelled "Shoot them!"{ immigrants). inexcusable nobody laughs at this. If you do you may want to check your pulse for a heart beat.

  19. This is an inept Congress!  Dismiss with utter disdain & dispense with vitriolic outrage!  A completely pathetic & undignified Assembly!

  20. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the Constitutional crisis we have. She could care less about America! We know everything Miss speaker you are a liar!

  21. Constitutional Crisis? You bet we are – Congress just passed a resolution to hold the AG in Contempt because the AG is obeying the law.

  22. There is no constitutional crisis. There is the do-nothing congress harassing Trump. There is the do-nothing congress not securing our border. There is the do-nothing congress doing NOTHING. What is wrong with them?

  23. Pelosi is in a constitutional crisis. When the rule of law is water down year after year, regardless of which party is in power; what you think is going to happen? Nobody is afraid of Congress anymore because they are all liars and thieves, bought by special interests. True or not, that's the perception. When you violate international laws, others will do the same. Where is the United States leaders with backbones? Where is the moral courage? The bombs and guns are not moral courage or authority. Don't be so selfish and destroy this good country.

  24. # 1 Swamp monster, drain the swamp. She cares nothing about American people. Really tired of this bad movie.

  25. Pelosi is the constitutional crisis. This woman is out of control and a liar. Everyone knows it, just a matter if you care anymore.

  26. I keep hoping to see a video of a tornado and house landing on Pelosi, with only her shoes sticking out.

  27. The only crisis is the democrat quest for power and their willingness to destroy everything to get it.

  28. the constitutional crisis is pelosi and gang called democrats… they keep saying for the american people and they do nothing for us…. hey Pelosi the crisis is at our southern border…. do your job sleazebag

  29. Nancy pelosi and her minions need to get out of office! They have no business being in office period.

  30. She is the reason the reason we are in this crisis. Down with the deep state amd this lieing drunk nasty nacy that is also obstruction justice. I am calling Citizens arrest of Nancy Pelosi, i need a officer to cuff her and read her the rights she is tring to destroy. And lock her in a cage

  31. You need a constitution to have a constitutional crisis. There is no constitution, anymore. There's just trump and his cronies.

  32. The only cabinet Pelosi knows anything about is her liquor cabinet! Her platform is based on two things, dementia and alcoholism!

  33. Trump did nothing and this is a Constitutional crisis. Oturd sat on his hands for 13 hours and intentionally murdered four Americans in Benghazi for his own personal gains and nothing is done! WTF?!!!!

  34. All of a sudden, socialists who hate America and rag on the constitution care about a constitutional crisis?

  35. Her fighting for the American people is showing stress on her don't you think. Bet she needs pills to sleep and wake keeping up with lies of her party.

  36. That is cute, but I have a policy of not taking serious advice from the mentally impaired politicians. I mean, she is so stupid she is talking about the Muller report being proof against Trump and she hasn't even read it yet.

  37. I'm amazed to say I have to agree but the TRUE crisis is being caused by DEMOCRATS. They started the bogus investigation based on a fake dossier paid for by DEMOCRATS. Democrats (Obama and his staff) knew and ALLOWED Russians to interfere. It was investigated by left leaning lawyers (Mueller) who decided NOT TO INDITE on either collusion or obstruction. Finally since DEMOCRATS hate Trump and can NOT believe that Mueller a Top notch lawyer who leans left could not prove crimes they decide to push for more investigations. Democrats are making a mockery of the election process, rule of law, and theme Constitution. Democrats just held Barr in contempt because Barr followed the RULE OF LAW. If Demcrats really do not like the laws maybe change them rather then try to force an AG to BREAK them.
    Democrats are putting this country in true Jeopardy.

  38. Contempt of congress? I'm guilty. If you are to hit that thumbs down button. This woman is such a liar and trying to misdirect us from the truth. Yes, there was foreign intervention, on the Dem side. Trump is no angel, but he's a much better choice than the socialist/dems are.

  39. Constitutional Crisis?? The only crisis we have is hateful leftist Democrats who can't get over the last election and people like Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House!

  40. Nancy, what is wrong with your makeup? Nancy, if there is a constitutional crisis, American citizens need only to look at the Democrats. You, and your minions, are not interested in making America great or better. Nancy, there is a crisis at the Southern border and you say there is no crisis. Nancy, is there a constitutional crisis, or are you, and your minions, making a up a crisis that doesn't exist? Do you understand the word crisis? Is there an entry in the new Democratic dictionary that truly defines the word crisis?

  41. Nancy pelosi you are the constitutional crisis you and your Democratic pimps, you will see in 2020

  42. It is a tricky political call. So on that aspect I don't envy her…..except she's paid a kings ransom to deal with it, so no excuses.
    But, she and the DCCC are astoundingly stupid, demonstrable failures (2016 and prior decades of losses across representative government), and utterly addled by corruption to big money donors. Yet were supposed to rely on them to stop dithering and actually take the action the constitution is practically kicking them in the teeth to do?
    Gawd they're pathetic.

  43. The collusion narrative was a hoax. If he didn’t do anything illegal then there was nothing to obstruct. How long do democrats plan to do nothing else but beat a dead horse?

  44. Pelosie your TOAST!!!!!you and your congress are done!!! You'll never beat PRESIDENT TRUMP !!!! You know why? GODS on his side!!!! Your all going down especially you pelosie!!!!! You need a lot of prayers!!!! Repent!!!!!!

  45. hmmm, constitutional crisis huh, what section and article ? show me, an american citizen your evidence

  46. This is not a constitutional crisis. IT IS A CONSTIPATION CRISIS.  Pelosi and Nadler are constipated.  They need to take a huge slug of Metamucil and go to bed, and go number 2 in the morning to get the human waste out of their heads.  Then they will remember that they are "legislators" and begin working on legislation for the country.

  47. Yes Nancy, I agree we do have a "constitutional crisis" when the branch of the Government you lead (Congress) is not performing their duty.  The time and money spent on partisan politics instead of doing your job is a disgrace for us all.  Every time one of you (Congress) opens your mouth about Muller/Barr/Russia/Spying/Subpoenas etc. (from either), it equals to you wasting the time taxpayers pay you for, and are not doing your real job.  Vote on term limits! Many of you have been there so long, all you are all focused on is supporting your party, not doing the job you were elected to do. Next congressional election, for any of you what will be your accomplishments? Just imagine what could be accomplished if you all forgot the party politics, worked together, and did what you are paid for!

  48. U. S. says Politicians in Constitutional crisis! Just an observation made by reading the comments. Makes one wonder what all (both sides) these politicians are constantly trying to keep covered up with this weekly crisis program they have going.

  49. Thank you, Nancy, for explaining "constitutional crisis" so the non-lawyers, non-politicians get it. I got put through the CIA meat grinder as a terrorist because people in important and sensitive positions refused to honor their oath of office, or their oath to be allowed to wield power. This happened in San Francisco in the transformation community and I hear I get to finally come back for justice. I am glad you are there.

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