Pentagon Moving Military Funds To Build Trump’s Wall ‘Ineffective’ And ‘Stupid’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC
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Pentagon Moving Military Funds To Build Trump’s Wall ‘Ineffective’ And ‘Stupid’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

September 13, 2019

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  2. He has the RIGHT to defend the US using military funds. To build Aircraft carriers or Walls.
    FYI MSNBC is spreading fake news for political gain.

  3. I would like to know what happen to these other monies Trump received for the wall. I mean considering no work has begun, what's the hold up to start the work?

  4. I am a former Marine who served this country in the time of war faithfully. I will do it all over again without reservation. But if you are a Republican who supports money being stolen from the military and used for The #TrumpWall, do me a favor please, stop thanking me for my service or saying you support the troops. Because you are full of DODO.

    You should be calling President Boonspurs out as a liar as this POS said Mexico was going to pay for it. By the way, isn't it a shame that most of the country wonder if this clown was a Russian agent? No one has never questioned my patriotism. Semper Fidelis!

  5. The complete list of projects that are being delayed is below:

    Weapon Maintenance Shop at Anniston Army Depot (Alabama) – $5.2 million

    Repair Central Heat/Power Plant Boiler PH 4 at Eielson AFB (Alaska) – $41 million

    Repair Central Heat & Power Plant Boiler Ph3 at Eielson AFB (Alaska) – $34.4 million

    Eielson AFB Improved CATM Range at Eielson AFB (Alaska) – $19 million

    Missile Field #1 Expansion at Fort Greely (Alaska) – $8 million

    Ground Transport Equipment Building at Fort Huachuca (Arizona) – $30 million

    Construct C-130J Flight Simulator Facility at Channel Islands ANGS (California) – $8 million

    Fire/Crash Rescue Station at Tyndall AFB (Florida) – $17 million

    Consolidated Training Facility at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (Hawaii) – $5.5 million

    Security Improvements Mokapu Gate at Kaneohe Bay (Hawaii) – $26.4 million

    Railcar Holding Area at Crane Army Ammunition Plant (Indiana) – $16 million

    Construct Small Arms Range at Hulman Regional Airport (Indiana) – $8 million

    Ft Campbell Middle School at Fort Campbell, Kentucky – $62.6 million

    NORTHCOM – Construct Alert Apron at Joint Reserve Base New Orleans (Louisiana) – $15 million

    NORTHCOM – Construct Alert Facilities at Joint Reserve Base New Orleans (Louisiana) – $24 million

    Cantonment Area Roads at Fort Meade (Maryland)- $16.5 million

    PAR Relocate Haz Cargo Pad and EOD Range at Joint Base Andrews (Maryland) – $37 million

    Child Development Center at Joint Base Andrews (Maryland)- $13 million

    Construct Small Arms Range at Jackson IAP (Mississippi) – $8 million

    MQ-9 FTU Ops Facility at Holloman AFB (New Mexico) – $85 million

    Information Systems Facility at White Sands (New Mexico) – $40 million

    Engineering Center at U.S. Military Academy (New York) – $95 million

    Parking Structure at U.S. Military Academy (New York) – $65 million

    2nd Radio BN Complex, Phase 2 at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina – $25.6 million

    Ambulatory Care Center Addition/Alteration at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina – $15.3 million

    Butner Elementary School Replacement at Fort Bragg (North Carolina) – $32.9 million

    KC-46A ADAL for Alt Mission Storage at Seymour Johnson AFB (North Carolina) – $6.4 million

    Construct Small Arms Range at Tulsa Iap (Oklahoma) – $8 million

    Construct Indoor Range at Klamath Falls IAP (Oregon) – $8 million

    Replace Fuel Facilities at Klamath Falls IAP (Oregon) – $2.5 million

    Laurel Bay Fire Station Replacement at Beaufort (South Carolina) – $10.7 million

    Defense Access Roads at Fort Bliss (Texas) – $20 million

    Camp Bullis Dining Facility at Joint Base San Antonio (Texas) – $18.5 million

    Composite Aircraft Antenna Calibration Fac at Hill AFB (Utah) – $26 million

    UTTR Consolidated Mission Control Center at Hill AFB (Utah) – $28 million

    Construct Cyber Ops Facility Joint Base Langley-Eustis (Virginia) – $10 million

    Replace Hazardous Materials Warehouse at Norfolk (Virginia) – $18.5 million

    Pentagon Metro Entrance Facility at the Pentagon (Virginia) – $12. 1 million

    Replace Hazardous Materials Warehouse at Portsmouth (Virginia) – $22.5 million

    Ships Maintenance Facility at Portsmouth (Virginia) – $26.1 million

    Pier and Maintenance Facility at Bangor (Washington) – $88.9 million

    Construct Small Arms Range at Truax Field (Wisconsin) – $8 million

    Earth Covered Magazines at Joint Region Marianas (Guam) – $52.2 million

    PRTC Roads at Joint Region Marianas (Guam) – $2.5 million

    Water Well Field at Joint Region Marianas (Guam) – $56 million

    Navy-Commercial Tie-In Hardening at Joint Region Marianas (Guam) – $37.1 million

    Machine Gun Range at Joint Region Marianas (Guam) – $50 million

    APR – Munitions Storage Igloos, Ph 2 at Joint Region Marianas (Guam) – $35.3 million

    Hayman Munitions Storage Igloos MSA 2 at Joint Region Marianas (Guam) – $9.8 million

    APR – SATCOM C4I Facility at Joint Region Marianas (Guam) – $14.2 million

    Readiness Center at Arroyo (Puerto Rico) – $30 million

    Company Headquarters Bldg -Transient Training at Camp Santiago (Puerto Rico) – $47 million

    Dining Facility, Transient Training at Camp Santiago (Puerto Rico) – $13 million

    Engineering/Housing Maintenance Shops (DPW) at Camp Santiago (Puerto Rico)- $11 million

    Maneuver Area Training Equipment Site at Camp Santiago (Puerto Rico) – $80 million

    National Guard Readiness Center at Camp Santiago (Puerto Rico) – $50 million

    Power Substation/Switching Station Building at Camp Santiago (Puerto Rico) – $18.5 million

    Vehicle Maintenance Shop at Gurabo (Puerto Rico) – $28 million

    Ramey Unit School Replacement at Punta Borinquen (Puerto Rico) – $61 million

    Aircraft Maintenance Hangar (AASF) at San Juan (Puerto Rico) – $64 million

    Vehicle Maintenance Shop at St. Croix (Virgin Islands) – $20 million

    Power Substation/Switching Station Building at St. Croix (Virgin Islands) – $3.5 million

    National Guard Vehicle Maintenance Shop Add/A at St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) – $3.8 million

    Fleet Maintenance Facility & TOC at SW Asia (Bahrain Island) – $26.3 million

    Europe West District Superintendent’s Office at Chievres AB (Belgium) – $14.3 million

    EDI: Ammunition Holding Area at Nevo Selo Fos (Bulgaria) – $5.2 million

    Working Dog Treatment Facility Replacement at Guantanamo Bay (Cuba) – $9 million

    EDI: SOF Operations Facility at Unspecified Estonia – $6.1 million

    EDI: SOF Training Facility at Unspecified Estonia – $9.6 million

    SOF Joint Parachute Rigging Facility at Baumholder (Germany) – $11. 5 million

    Mission Training Complex at East Camp Grafenwoehr (Germany) – $31 million

    MARFOREUR HQ Modernization and Expansion at Panzer Kaserne (Germany) – $43.9 million

    37 AS Squadron Operations/AMU at Ramstein AB (Germany) – $13.4 million

    EDI – KMC DABS-FEV/RH Storage Warehouses at Ramstein AB (Germany) – $119 million

    F/A-22 Low Observable/Composite Repair Fac at Spangdahlem AB (Germany) – $18 million

    EIC – Site Development and Infrastructure at Spangdahlem AB (Germany) – $43.4 million

    Spangdahlem Elementary School Replacement at Spangdahlem AB (Germany) – $79.1 million

    Upgrade Hardened Aircraft Shelters for F/A-22 at Spangdahlem AB (Germany) – $2.7 million

    Robinson Barracks Elem. School Replacement at Stuttgart (Germany) – $46.6 million

    Clay Kaserne Elementary School at Weisbaden (Germany) – $56 million

    Hazardous Material Storage Building at Wiesbaden Army Airfield (Germany) – $2.7 million

    EDI: Marathi Logistics Support Center at Souda Bay (Greece) – $6.2 million

    EDI: Joint Mobility Processing Center at Souda Bay (Greece) – $41.6 million

    ERI: Airfield Upgrades at Kecskemet AB (Hungary) – $12.9 million

    ERI: Construct Parallel Taxiway at Kecskemet AB (Hungary) – $30 million

    ERI: Increase POL Storage Capacity at Kecskemet AB (Hungary) – $12.5 million

    EDI: P-8A Taxiway and Apron Upgrades at Sigonella (Italy) – $66 million

    Bechtel Elementary School at Camp Mctureous (Japan) – $94 million

    Fuel Pier at Iwakuni (Japan) – $33.2 million

    Construct Bulk Storage Tanks PH 1 at Iwakuni (Japan) – $30 million

    Truck Unload Facilities at Kadena AB (Japan) – $21.4 million

    SOF Maintenance Hangar at Kadena AB (Japan) – $3.9 million

    SOF Maintenance Hangar at Kadena AB (Japan) – $42.8 million

    APR – Replace Munitions Structures at Kadena AB (Japan) – $19.8 million

    C-130J Corrosion Control Hangar at Yokota AB (Japan) – $23.7 million

    Construct CATM Facility at Yokota AB (Japan) – $8.2 million

    Hangar/Aircraft Maintenance Unit at Yokota AB (Japan) – $12 million

    Hangar/AMU at Yokota AB (Japan) – $39.4 million

    Operations and Warehouse Facilities at Yokota AB (Japan) – $8.5 million

    Operations and Warehouse Facilities at Yokota AB (Japan) – $26.7 million

    Kinnick High School Inc 1 at Yokosuka (Japan) – $40 million

    Command and Control Facility at Camp Tango (South Korea) – $17.5 million

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hangar at Kunsan AB (South Korea) – $53 million

    ERI: ECAOS Deployable Airbase System Storage at Sanem (Luxembourg) – $67.4 million

    ERI: Replace/Expand Quick Reaction Alert Pad at Rygge (Norway) – $10.3 million

    EDI: Staging Areas at Poland – $34 million

    EDI: Staging Areas at Poland – $17 million

    EDI: Ammunition Storage Facility at Poland – $52 million

    EDI: Rail Extension and Railhead at Poland – $6.4 million

    EDI: Bulk Fuel Storage at Powidz Air Base (Poland) – $21 million

    EDI: Explosives & Ammo Load/Unload Apron at Mihail Kogalniceanu (Romania) – $21.6 million

    EDI – Regional Munitions Storage Area at Malacky (Slovakia) – $59 million

    ERI: Increase POL Storage Capacity at Malacky (Slovakia) – $20 million

    ERI: Airfield Upgrades at Malacky (Slovakia) – $4 million

    ERI: Airfield Upgrades at Sliac Airport (Slovakia) – $22 million

    EDI: Port Operations Facilities at Rota (Spain) – $21.5 million

    OCO: Relocate Base Main Access Control Point at Incirlik AB (Turkey) – $14.6 million

    Croughton Elem/Middle/High School Replacement at Croughton RAF (UK) – $71.4 million

    Main Gate Complex at Croughton RAF (UK) – $16.5 million

    RAFMH Main Gate Rehabilitation at Menwith Hill Station (UK) – $11 million

    EIC RC-135 Infrastructure at Royal Air Force Fairford (UK) – $2.1 million

    EIC RC-135 Intel and Squad Ops Facility at Royal Air Force Fairford (UK) – $38 million

    EIC RC-135 Runway Overrun Reconfiguration at Royal Air Force Fairford (UK) – $5.5 million

    EDI – Munitions Holding Area at Raf Fairford (UK) – $19 million

    EDI – Construct DABS-FEV Storage at Raf Fairford (UK) – $87 million

    TACMOR – Utilities and Infrastructure Support (Classified location) – $18 million

    Planning and Design (Worldwide unspecified) – $13.5 million

  6. Oh Heck. Just raid Social Security to pay for it. DC politicians have been raiding Social Security for years to pay for pet projects.

  7. Any borderwall that may be build by Trump abuse of power and not approved by congress will be destroyed/removed again and recycled to rebuild infrastructure !

  8. If the Pentagon wants to behave this way it is only going to make Congress tighten the purse strings in future and Lawmakers make stricter laws which cut out a president's options on everything. Abusing power will have consequences.This is a big ramp up for his political base (dummies), will be appealed and not go through after all. Our military projects can not be put on hold as that weakens our might as the strongest nation.




    tRump has lied for so long he feels if he continues to do it all will believe him as he believes himself. Delusionist and Thief. D.D.T., Demagogue DEATH tRump, DOES NOT DEAL or THINK…he just has Diarrhea of the Mouth and Constipation of the Brain.
    …and this is just the realistic side of tRump…
    A breakdown in the understanding of reality can produce the following effects:
    Paranoia: a constant unfounded sense of anxiety and fear often to the point of delusion and irrationality.
    Schizophrenia: chronic & severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality.
    Hallucinations: seeing or otherwise experiencing non-existent things, or
    Delusions: usually involve mistaken perceptions or experiences that could happen in real life, like being followed, deceived, conspired against, or loved from a distance.

    T urmoil
    R ising
    U nder
    M egalomaniac
    P resident

  11. what more investigation is needed? Democrats are being so weak here! impeach racist #derangeddonald, and bock #moscowmitch.

  12. What happened to Mexico PAYING for the WALL? So now he robbed the honest tax payer ,again?
    DON the Biggest Con of the Century

  13. So were these simply pork Pentagon projects designed to win votes in key states?  Does this mean we can  cut these Pentagon projects out altogether? Apparently they're not that critical to our National Security…

  14. The wall works and that is why you hate it. It will efficiently reduce illegal immigration and drug smuggling. Be honest about what you really want and why you don't support it.

  15. People should not be fooled by Trump's false and empty words about the national security. The wall money is not to be used for the security but it is for Trump's ego. Walls are not about to protect the security. Security is already collapsed by Trump's own conducts of being friendly with Puttin and North Korea and Saudi. Trump is using the government to do what benefits himself and his family, nothing for the people. He abuses the government money to enjoy his golf and the government power to use the staff to profit from their corrupt money circulating.

  16. Somehow, someway, trump the thief is making money off of this wall! Remember, he used to be a builder – he has connections. I, as an American taxpayer, want an accounting of every freaking dime that is paid out, including the names of the companies so I can look and see who the shareholders are!!!!!!!!! trump is a slippery, slimey creature and so is Kushner. He also has Attention Deficit Disorder. Nothing has held his attention like this wall.

  17. Little children and babies put in zoo-like cages, that have been forcibly pulled from their mothers or caregivers. This is child abuse on steroids.

  18. This was a powerful segment. Of particular note to me was the fact that if the impeachment proceedings become a formal thing, they gain the powers of a grand jury. I suppose I could have figured that out for myself, but it had an impact hearing the words spoken.

    As a sidenote, I'm loving the new shorter hair and the beard. Talk about impact– you suddenly gained a ton of credibility for some reason. Things shouldn't be that way, of course, but there you go. )

  19. The military has ABSOLUTE authority to refuse orders … the question is does it have the guts to do what is morally right?Will Dictator Trump prevail over AMERICAN military?

  20. My heart aches as those innocent children heartbreak. The most high God's judgment is going to be upon any wicked Nation that harms his innocence. Mark my work.

  21. The Congress has clear control by the Constitution over the power of the purse in all cases. Approval for spending must arise from the people, and when approved by the people, the congresses passes legislation to enable the Executive Branch to follow the desires, wishes and decisions of the CITIZENS of the country as expressed to the Congress of the USA. "Money grabs" for political purposes is the most dangerous attack on the Constitution, turning future Presidents into exactly what the Founders were determined to prevent: a President who sets himself up as a Dictator and a destroyer of both the Republic and Democracy of these United States of America.

  22. Who's keeping a legal eye on this money and what companies being paid for no work on the wall, with the military building it, running wire

  23. More fake news. Congress approved a lot of pork barrel spending for things the military did not need. They have done so for decades, and Trump is only moving some of that pork barrel money to what actually help the country.

  24. Donald Trump is just a terraible person he hates kids he is so mean to children he catches those kids on the boarder and he tell those border guards to seperate those kids and make them drink water from tolets he just mean om purpose ..because he a terriable person

  25. 5 Years in Prison For Anybody Who Climbs Over It.

    10 Years in Prison For Anybody Who Digs Under It.

    2 Years in Prison For Visa Overstays.

    Mandatory E-Verify.

    End Birthright Citizenship.

  26. Just imagine Donuld Trump on Maury Show

    Maury ; You asked did you said

    "Mexico will pay for the wall!"

    you said NO.
    And lie detector said that was a lie.

     Maury : you were asked did sleep with Stormy Daniels?

    you SAID NO.
    And lie detector said that was a lie.

    Maury : you asked did you paid hush money to prevent Stormy Daniels from disclosing embarrassing or discreditable information?
    You Said NO.
    And lie detector said that was a lie.

    Maury ; you asked did you use a Sharpie-Marked Map to Show Alabama in Dorian Path ?

    You Said No.
    And lie detector said that was a lie.

  27. Just imagine Donuld Trump on Maury Show

    Maury ; You asked did you said

    "Mexico will pay for the wall!"

    you said NO.
    And lie detector said that was a lie.

     Maury : you were asked did sleep with Stormy Daniels?

    you SAID NO.
    And lie detector said that was a lie.

    Maury : you asked did you paid hush money to prevent Stormy Daniels from disclosing embarrassing or discreditable information?
    You Said NO.
    And lie detector said that was a lie.

    Maury ; you asked did you use a Sharpie-Marked Map to Show Alabama in Dorian Path ?

    You Said No.
    And lie detector said that was a lie.

  28. It becomes increasingly apparent that the grab of military funds as (ostensively) 'funding for the wall' is more likely to be an excuse to gut critical funds for military projects that are needed to secure our European allies against Russian "adventuring" in the region. So much of what trump does is a game of smoke and mirrors, but this is extremely dangerous.

  29. 3.6 billion for his ridiculous wall oh well somehow "defence department" will have to struggle by with the 689 billion that will be left for them to spend.

  30. I'm pretty sure Congress should be able to stop it. They make the appropriations for funds , and to divert them, is illegal without the consent of the House without their OK.

  31. Ok. We knew, know and will know. What are corporate democrats doing about it? Nothing!!!!!! Impeach him, drag him out of the WH nomatter how… he's mental unstable, dangerous and the democrats keep talking about it without action. THIS MADNESS MUST START. 'Murica is running out of time
    BERNIE /WARREN 2020 WARREN/BERNIE 2020 VOTE VOTE VOTE… we are running out of time PROGRESSIVES ALL THE WAY to get out of the mess the usa has become since decades. STOP IT NOW

  32. He continues to lie about the rationale. The drugs come in by air for the most part or in trucks going through the standard screening. No one is 'rushing the border"

  33. Why are the pundits criticizing the Dems for not moving to impeachment immediately without taking a position by themselves As far as the authority the judicial system recognized Nadler's language in the document as the same a formalized process. More importantly remember "self impeachment". – that's what happening. It's not about politics it's about making the GOP vote to remove. There is another downside to the more formal processes – Barr steps in as Trump's lawyer and delays even more. He will argue that they hae to wait for Trump to get an impeachment lawyer and prep, that Trump should be given standing in court cases. If you go back to Nixon there were lengthy delays.

  34. A notable and overlooked initiative which the Pentagon has mothballed is tbe construction of a cyber security centre in Virginia.
    The funds previously ear marked for this facility will now be used to build Trumps ineffective wall.
    In light of past and ongoing foreign interference in our election process is this trade off not an outrage?
    It can almost be said to representan open invitation to Russia to continue its cyber activities unimpeded.

  35. Step 1: take the kid from the parent, causing anguish and psychological damage. Step 2: Wait for behavioral issue to manifest from the damage caused. Step3: claim your actions were justified because they are "violent" or "mal-adjusted" or "bad hombres"

  36. This is what I want to know: precisely what have Trump voters done or said that makes Rep. Dean think any of the things she listed matter?

    Why are people still making these types of appeals? Those people don't care about deficits, if Trump breaks the law, the environment or children being kept in cages…they don't care about none of it

  37. 1900 children separated from parents at the border under Trump and the media is in a frenzy! 89,000 children separated from parents under obama and the media was silent. What say all of you?? This is a double standard and pure media bias

  38. The only security trump cares about is his own. Trump is evil. If he was chosen as he said, it was by the greatest evil in the universe.

  39. Which part of he's trying to sell the US at a bargain price, do you NOT get. He is NOT a democratically elected president, he cheated his way into office and he is determined to keep breaking all laws and norms while he's there. Bc otherwise he will go to jail!
    Go back to court and keep going back to court. He just wants to help P expand, and start more wars. He is violating the constitution, and has made the US weaker than its ever been. Draft faster.
    He could have just fixed up the fencing and added more guards, it would have been done by now! And it would have added jobs and increased security. He could have added more positions to process asylum claims faster and just decrease processing times….but he didn't bc he's a destructive person and only feels good when he is causing suffering. He will continue hurting Americans and new immigrants as long as he is in there.
    I do not believe this will be for a lifetime, I believe they will heal, but this situation needs to be resolved asap.
    He is breaking the law. It is NOT illegal to seek asylum and the penalties for not doing so in the right manner can be revised, but all of this is something a president who is actually interested in governing would do and that is not this one. All he is interested in is finding an excuse to inflict maximum suffering on other ppl.

  40. Well Trumps puppet above the Law..his have powder…no one can stop the Monster parasite Evils Demons Satan's himself Anti Christ Kushner the Mark of the beasts… Hitler's Dictator all over again

  41. Americas infrastructure falters while military gets a new middle school?
    That's an outrage in and of itself?
    You need to check your narrative newsboy!

  42. NO, trump isn't a goddamned dictator! declaring a national emergence doesn't make him dictator either. he has NO singular authority to redirect funds from their legal, intended purpose at any time for any reason. its called misappropriation of funds and its A CRIME! and Rep. Madeleine Dean makes an excellent point – doing so for personal reasons, to fulfill some campaign promise or for advantage in his "re-election" just makes a DOUBLE crime! trump has committed NUMEROUS crimes before and during his campaign and since illegally occupying the Whitehouse. yet NO ONE has ever stopped him and he's NEVER spent one second behind bars. but crimes being committed here EXTEND FAR BEYOND trump. they now encompass the GOP leadership and trump's dept heads. just because trump orders his staff, the atty general or the sec of defense to do something doesn't mean THEY have the authority to do it either. Matt Esper, the Secretary of Defense, has no more authority to misappropriate military funds than trump has. they're ALL abusing their access to their respective govt agencies. we now have a ROGUE govt being controlled by ROGUE conspirators who are committing crimes at will. doing as they please and its damned time WE THE PEOPLE stood up and put an end to this hostile take over of out country!

  43. To embarrass this moron in the Oval Office we should plant a big ol’ flag of Mexico hand drawn with a sharpie on the Pentagon’s front lawn. Since he is incapable of admitting he lied.

  44. The judiciary who allowed him to continue with a "National Emergency" that he publically said he didn't have to do that but he wanted to do the wall Quicker needs to consider that statement again.

  45. Dean is another feckless Dem she will not get my vote, she dodges the question of impeachment like a 2nd grader caught stealing candy & lying about it. Why don't you find yourself a proper day job? Leave the running of the country to more competent folks. You are an embarrassment.

  46. Start an impeachment inquiry, or shut up about how bad things are, because it is the weak democratic house standing by to watch tRump do all these things you're complaining about.

  47. MTP? Mind The President? 😉
    My mother just came back from the "Visa pour l'image" international exhibition of reporter photographs, well, exhibitions rather, since the whole city of Perpignan, France holds these exhibitions and lectures all over the iconic places of the city every year, and some were about the USA-Mexico border. I don't know if it was about this one specifically, but she told me she cried on the very first day. Just like she cried last year too. These pictures are tough to watch, be it about refugees, animals, or how we destroy the planet, ourselves and all life on Earth. It's hard to find positive things some days…

  48. 2016: Who's going to pay for the wall.. Mexico
    2017: Who's going to pay for the wall.. Mexico
    2018: Who's going to pay for the wall.. Mexico
    2019: Who's going to pay for the wall.. US Taxpayers.

  49. It’s ineffective?? It has already slowed down ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!! Wooo go MR.PRESIDENT … let me tell you guys something I kno someone On the other side of the border won’t tell you were but they told me for a $1000 dollars they were able to jump across the border taken by a cayote.. NOW THEY CANT !!! Very AFFECTIVE THANK YOU TRUMP!!! BUILD THAT WALL !!!!

  50. You won't impeach a president that's getting things done with only one "so called" failed election promise…that Mexico would pay for the wall, which as a business man myself, it doesn't mean he still has a plan to have that happen. He's just taking action where no one else is or has. The only thing the dems have gotten done is….well…uhmm…actually absolutely nothing! They want so badly to protect these children but what have they worked towards to accomplish anything on that? At least slowing the traffic will put less children in harms way. The dems against Ttump is just pure hate and ironically I didn't vote for Obama but I supported him most of the time because whats good for the country is good for all Americans democrat or republican.

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