People on the Street: What Power Does the President Have?
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People on the Street: What Power Does the President Have?

October 17, 2019

What power does the president have? He has the power to declare war, to propose bills, and he has power to veto legislation coming out of Congress. {Music} He has a lot of power. He’s the president of our country, so he can either make us or break us. I guess it’s less power within just him, more in the people that he elects for his cabinet, and his senators, and all that good stuff. Basically the checks and balances make him not the head power. Pretty much all the power because when you look at it at the end of the day, whether you’re the president of Queens or the president of the United States, you have the right to check powers and say, “hey this isn’t working, so let’s do something else.” They pretty much are the strongest governing body no matter where you are, whether it be the student government or the president, they’re the ones who have the real decisions to make. They can tell people to do something, or not to do something. I guess he doesn’t really have that much power. Because he has to get a lot of things passed through Congress and it takes a lot of effort to get things passed. Especially because Congress is mostly one-sided, against the president. As in the president is Democratic and the Congress is Republican. Well, I mean, he’s commander in chief, and he has the power to veto laws he doesn’t like. He appoints the Supreme Court justices, he can veto legislation passed by Congress, he can really push for a lot of legislation as well. He controls the military, commander in chief, things of that nature. Well, the obvious powers are not enforcing laws, but signing off on laws, vetoing laws that he doesn’t think are good. And then… he has power over the military, right? The president has the power to make appointments to the cabinet, the power to send the troops into action, and hopefully influence the congress although that’s relatively limited. Hopefully through the cabinet he can do that and working with the other folks.

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  1. It's a amazing what people say, then you read what powers is granted by the constitution and you say to your self ' wait, that's not right'. Especially with comments that claim the president has most of the power. It's a president, not a monarch or despot.It's like democracy's greatest weapon against constitutional republicanism is a sludge hammer of ignorance.

  2. The President has these powers, these are just few.

    -Commander In Chief(EXTREMELY Limited Military Power)
    -Appoint Cabinet(Must Be Approved By The Congress)
    -Veto Bills

    Here Are Powers That The President That DOESN'T Have

    -Cannot Propose Bills
    -Cannot Influence BIlls(Meaning Changing Them)
    -Cannot Fire Cabinet(Without Congress Approval)
    -Cannot Deploy Troops Into Foreign Areas(Must Be Congress Approved)
    -Cannot Suspend Or Fire Congress Members

  3. kill the whole world and bomb,we could go in heaven and hell quickly.hell's better than world.

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