Pete Buttigieg – How Much Does White Male Privilege Decide Which Candidates Matter? | The Daily Show
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Pete Buttigieg – How Much Does White Male Privilege Decide Which Candidates Matter? | The Daily Show

August 24, 2019

My guest tonight is the mayor
of South Bend, Indiana, and the youngest candidate
running for president in 2020. His memoir is called Shortest Way Home:
One Mayor’s Challenge and a Model
for America’s Future. Please welcome
Mayor Pete Buttigieg. (applause and cheering) (applause and cheering swell) Well… Welcome to The Daily Show,
Mayor Pete. Thank you.
Thanks for having me here. So good to have you here. Um, it has been quite a ride
for you, man. -It’s been a whirlwind.
-Mm. Three months ago, most of the people in the
country did not know your name, and now, as it stands, you are sitting at number three
in the polling. (applause and cheering) Why do you think your candidacy
is catching on like wildfire? I think it’s actually
all the same reasons that made my candidacy
kind of unlikely. The fact that I’m a mayor
at a time when people are frustrated
with Washington -and looking for different
sources of leadership. -Right. Uh, the fact that I’m from
the industrial Midwest, which is place
that Democrats have sometimes -struggled to connect with.
-Mm-hmm. Uh, and the fact
that I’m from a new generation, which I think
raised some eyebrows early on, but I think
it’s one of the reasons why it makes sense to do this. And I think all of those things that we thought might be
constraints when we got into it have actually, uh,
helped demonstrate that I’m-I’m not
like the others, and I represent
something different. I-I think you are not like
anybody, to be honest. No. Because
when-when you look at, like, your résumé and your story,
it genuinely seems like you were created in a lab,
specifically to run. -(laughter)
-No. I mean, listen to this. This is… this is…
this is who Mayor Pete is, just a little bit.
I mean, listen to this. You have someone
who is a Rhodes Scholar, a war veteran,
gay and religious, speaks multiple languages,
and you’re from the heartland. Uh, you also have
executive experience. Like, what’s-what’s
the major scandal? You should just tell us now.
There’s gonna be… -(laughter)
-Like, where are the bodies? Are they in the basement?
Are they…? -No bodies.
-No bodies. Like, is-is that just you? Is that
how you’ve lived your life, and then, that happened to co…
you know, to coincide with the presidential campaign,
or-or is this -what you’ve cultivated
in your life? -No. I mean… No. I mean, most of the turns
in my life came as something of a surprise.
I mean, when… Even when I was interested
in politics as a student, I never would have guessed that
local government would have been -where I found a lot of meaning.
-Right. Uh, I’m not sure
I would have guessed that moving home
to South Bend, Indiana would have been how I would, uh,
really find purpose and kind of make my…
my fortunes. Not a financial fortune,
but, you know, that-that my kind of, uh,
professional life -would-would be so fulfilling.
-Right. I think, you know, so much of
this is the element of surprise. I mean, five or ten years ago,
you would not have said, “You know,
if we’re gonna cook up “the ideal
presidential candidate, let’s have a 30-something gay
mayor from the Midwest.” Right? -Um… but…
-It’s almost like you-you-you’ve come about at a time
when society is at a place… Yeah. Yeah, in no other time
in the last 200 years, right, would somebody like me have fit,
uh, a presidential campaign. But we’re living in this moment,
maybe the only moment, uh, for the last 200
or the next 200 years. But I think when you’re deciding
whether to run for any office… -Mm-hmm. -what you got to do is,
you look at the moment, you look at the, uh,
the constituency, the-the district or the city
or the country -or whatever office
you’re running for… -Uh-huh. say “What does it call for
in this moment?” And to my surprise, too,
at first, I-I realized
that this is a moment that just might call
for somebody like me. Let me ask you this. When Bernie was sitting
in that chair… (applause and cheering) When Bernie Sanders was sitting
in that chair, I asked him if he thought
he was maybe too old to run for president. I will ask you
the inverse of that question. Do you think that you are
too young to be president? I don’t think so. I mean, uh, the age
to run for president was settled by the Founders. It’s 35.
It’s in the Constitution. But also, around the world,
you see a lot of leaders who are roughly my age, some of them performing
magnificently. Look at the prime minister
of New Zealand, who, her leadership was amazing after
the Christchurch shootings. Uh, actually younger than
I would be when I take office. Oh, I like that:
“when I take office.” -Yeah. Sure.
-Not “if,” “when.” -I like that.
-(cheering, applause) So… I think it’s a moment that’s calling
for a new generation. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t
mean to say that anybody can or-or, you know,
shouldn’t or should run because of how old they are.
But, you know, one thing– we don’t think of it this way,
’cause they entered our consciousness
at different ages– but actually, Bill Clinton,
George W. Bush and Donald Trump are all exactly the same age. They were all born
in the same summer of 1946. So three out of
our last four presidents -Wow. -come from
the exact same generation. Which kind of makes sense,
because at the time it was the largest voting bloc
in America. Now millennials are becoming…
uh, it’s millennials and boomers represent the two
largest generations. And it feels like
one of those moments. And what’s really been exciting
as I, uh, address crowds from Iowa to South Carolina, is that a lot of voters
my parents’ age, who are even more excited
about generational change than a lot of the voters
who are my age or younger. You have been part
of a conversation that has really spread
like wildfire in the country, and it’s spread like wildfire,
uh, on-on TV as well. In the media,
people speak about “Mayor Pete.” Um, some people have said,
you know, um, the reason you get
so much media coverage is not unlike Joe Biden
or Bernie Sanders. You know, some people say
you’re benefitting from white male privilege, where
the media wants to cover you. And candidates who maybe would
be of different skin colors wouldn’t get the same level
of coverage. Do you think
you’re benefitting from that, or do you think
there’s something else that gets the people going
that puts you in the spotlight? Well, I’d like to believe it’s
my qualities and my message. But I’ve been reflecting
on this, because one of the… one of the things
about privilege, especially things like white
privilege or male privilege, is that you don’t think
about it very much. Uh, you know,
it’s being in an out group, where you are
constantly reminded of it. It’s not when you’re in a
majority or a privileged group. And so I try to check myself and
make sure I-I try to understand the… the factors
that help explain why things are going well. Then again,
there’s a lot of ups and downs. We’re having a very good moment, we’ve been having
a good few weeks, but I’m under no illusion that it’s just gonna stay
like this indefinitely. We’re gonna have
a lot of challenges as we get from here into the
actual voting early next year, and hopefully on to
the nomination and the election. Uh, but I do think that,
you know, there’s a media environment
that-that kind of pushes people into lanes, whether they
comfortably fit there or not, and I do think
it’s simply harder for candidates of color,
uh, or for female candidates, and I’m…
I’m very mindful of that. The only thing
I know how to do about that from where I’m sitting
is to try to be true to a message and a vision
that’s meaningful and to be as respectful
as I can of the others. I don’t view myself as having
opponents, but competitors. And I think each of us
needs to compete based on what we have to offer.

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  1. white privilege of course get over yourself there are far more other race privilege these days it's just pathetic how long you will hold on to these ideas Trevor look at your privilege

  2. I’m an Andrew Yang fan but if his online momentum doesn’t come to fruition in the coming months and translate to a better percentage im gonna be hopping onto the mayor Pete express!! I thought that he was by far the most genuinely articulate and composed candidate last night who actually got to speak more than 3 or 4 minutes. He did something that i don’t think any dem candidate has done for a while (at least not in this current season) in calling out the hypocrisy of the religious right last night, and specifically Trumpers, and I thought it was incredibly affecting and profound! Way to go Pete!!!!

  3. what a tool….talks about checking his privilege and how minorities running have a harder time…it would be a great benefit for him and any of the others on stage to find some minority blood in their DNA and everyone knows it. Warren lied and said she had some, booker has a dash of black as his credential, and Deblasio advertises his black son to anyone who will hear him out. Identity politics is evil.

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  6. He has a respectful, gentle, non boastful demeanor that is very endearing. He reminds me a bit of the gentle Mr. Fred Rogers. It will be interesting to see how he fares.

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    Coherent, intelligent well rounded.

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    [Edit]: Just heard the last part of white and male privilege. One of the BEST answer I have ever heard in a presidential election in many many many years!!

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  11. I didn't know that Presidents Bush Jr., Clinton, and Trump were all born in 1946, that's quite remarkable lol they were all conceived by the, "coming home from WWII," generation. Which actually explains quite a bit about why we seem to be stuck in a three steps forward, four steps back Government context.

    We definitely need to break some cycles, before continuing to advance towards a more perfect society, like we would have if Mitch McConnell's Republicans weren't blocking President Obama at every turn for eight years. And, that's just not going to happen with Biden or Trump winning in 2020.

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  16. He’s so cautious and intelligent with his answers it’s kinda like he’s trying NOT to completely destroy our country.

  17. > How Much Does White Male Privilege Decide Which Candidates Matter?

    To the extent that billionaires are disproportionately white men. Your average blue collar white guy? Very little.

    And I Can't really agree that women and people of color aren't getting the same amount of exposure when I've heard 10x more about Kamala Harris than Pete. It's not male privilege that dictates who gets the most media exposure, it's how palatable the message is to the billionaire class. Why do you think Bernie Sanders was pushed to the fringes in the last election despite his primary competitor being a woman? Hillary had the better message for billionaires.

  18. What should his term as mayor tell us about his leadership… when confronted with systemic racism hide the truth, punish the police that tries to root out the racists, and hire/ promote known racists instead of fire them.
    The "he's so eloquent" tripe in the face of the issues I addressed and that have been reported disgusts me and shows just how little whites, even ones pretending to be progressive, care about system racism. They can accept the injustice of dead black people if you sound good and know how to form complete sentences.

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