PFK04 Frame Joining Kit
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PFK04 Frame Joining Kit

October 13, 2019

Rinaldin introduces the PFK4 framing joining kit manufactured by
framers corner the video has been made by framers
corner let’s take a look at the PFK4 hand
operated frame making kit this is the most
advanced picture framing kit available and it
comes with the hardware you see capacity of the PFK4 it’s very large public company this is the
break clam the molding is position one short one long Glen in the clam then the quick
action screw suggested to make sure they’re held and there’s a good close joint line that
meet at the comp over world but imposition against the unique bent events is equipped with two
production stops backstop which we’re adjusting now and run stopper he’s looking at that
would deciding where he wants the wedge and then moving this stop locking it up there’s a lock in the middle the web
stacking a show that in a moment so now it moved to the back and the front position we
have a square driver on the PFK4 and this is the
first wage based on the magnetic drive just being
pushed in very easy no fuss but he had ripping second wedge on top of the
planet which this is unique because I how easy it is to do
I did outstripped to the joint watch it again that is the
first 1k noticed this great driver magnetic grows and his second
going in right on top of that particular and now look what you’ve done that you pick do in you that it’s Trent to
the joint now it may be to the front position doc it off because
we’re putting wanna dump the other which is called
stacking I just repeating the phrase using the production stops makes the production I’m a complete frame much
easier and quicker get precision positioning I’m the wedges here again is it to you front up the
wage being pushed into the wood that corners
finished and they have as you can see neat strong and very professional joint it is again taking it out on the frame and thank you know that so you can see
how it looks from the front is important corner being put together to finish up the frame and you got to make better and then you will
find that PFK4 framing joining kit in the catalog of Rinaldin and in
the website with the reference
code PFK4

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