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  1. Thanks for the video! Note: you won't need to buy the Luxe model if you plan on using a built-in RGB controller in a Phanteks case (ex: Enthoo EVOLV TG).

  2. you had so many fans. i waz hoping you would show it working on different colored fanblades and how they would look. like what does it look like on a gray fan or transparent fan etc.

  3. Update: YouTube made things right and did a review prior to 1k views! The decision to demonetize the video was reversed.

    So interestingly enough YouTube has marked this video as inappropriate and will not review for content unless it has 1k views in 7 days LOL!

  4. Oh thank you SO much for this video. Great stuff! Haven't purchased these yet, was very confused with how to hook up multiple halos

  5. Could this be used with the rgb header on a 1080ti strix? I've got the p400s tg case but would like to try and use the Asus software.

  6. I have a motherboard msi z97 gaming 5 it is possible to plugged in my motherboard and how I will change the colors if you can leave the software name

  7. I'm not entirely sure but would these work with the gamemax rgb controller? It would probably lose some of the functions as it wouldn't be able to be used on the software but would it still work on just the rgb controller?

  8. Finally someone with a good review and how to connect multiple ones. Is this also compatible with the corsair lighting hub ?

  9. You can buy just the adapter on amazon for $4.99 and not require the $20 kit.

  10. May I ask If it is ok to buy the cheaper version (without adapter to mother board) and the Phanteks RGB Strip combo (bundled with the adapter to mother board) ? Then I do not need to buy the Lux model and I still can chain all the RGR strips with the Halos and finally connect the daily chain to the mother board correct? Another scenario is that. What if I have an Asus graphic card with RGB and MSI mother board? Is there a way to link the Asus graphic card with the daisy chain of Halos and RGB strips? Sorry if it is confusing 😛

  11. What about the connectors our motherboard came with? I know it came with rgb connectors but i didnt pay attention to them. They look the same.
    The motherboard is a asus h270i mini itx.

  12. Good video blood only thing I suggest is they actually sell that cable your suggesting you need by itself for 4.99 and you can buy the fans separate so for beginning you only need 15.00 l$ if you buy the cable separate

  13. Thank-you for the video. I couldn't figure out how to make use of this, I had no idea I had to purchase the RGB connector.

  14. Thanks for reviewing this product. Great video and very informative. I am just wondering if this would work on my build. I am using an MSI Z270 M7 with a 3amp rgb header on an InWin 303c both with Mystic Light enabled. I also have a 1080ti strix rgb Asus Aura enabled. My question are:1. I am connecting my case rgb io panel on my board rgb header and I have extra 4pin connector where the rgb io panel is connected. Will this work if daisy chain it with the on the rgb io panel?
    2. What is the amp rating of this product?
    3. Is there any limit when daisy chaining this device? For 3amp rating rgb header how many can you install? Im planning to install 4 or 7 of these.4. How many can you daisy chain on the Asus 1080ti rgb header?Please correct me if I am doing wrong. I’m just worried frying my board on the first bootup. Thanks a lot!

  15. Hey, I'm completely new to rgb lighting, so I would appreciate some help. I have the phanteks rgb strip combo (i.e two strips) hooked up to the single rgb header on my b350m mortar arctic mobo. On the end of it hangs a female 4-pin (like the one you showed @4:30). Will I be able to chain two Halos rings of the end of that strip? And I will still be able to control them all with Mystic Light right?

  16. I'm using an Asus z170-deluxe motherboard and asus strix 1070. What I can find my motherboard does not have an rgb connector on it so can't I use this or do I have to buy something for it to work? Appreciate the help! 🙂
    Edit: I also have the Be Quiet dark base pro 900 if it's for any help.

  17. Can I use a RGB 1-4 splitter and use 2 140 & 2 120 frames? Asking this because my board only has a single RGB header. Would it be safe?

  18. So I assume if you had a case such as the Phantek 400S and hook up one end of the daisy chain to the RBG header on the motherboard, can you continue to hook up the other end to the existing stock connector that is controlled by the front I/O Panel? Essentially you could control the halos with software and the button on the front of the computer if you can do this.

  19. So I want to add 3 of those Led case fans things so I’m gonna need one of the more expensive kits and 2 of the cheaper ones

  20. Heads up, you can avoid getting the $20 product if you just get a phanteks rgb adapter. They go for about $3 on newegg.

  21. awesome video man. i found this after searching for these items. helped me decide. thank you.

    LOL "shut up and take my money award" classic

  22. Sooooo… Buy three of these things for around 40+ and have extra bulk in you case that adds nothing but light OR spend 30 (29.99USD) and get three extra fans that are RGB… but the RGB fans actually add benefits to my PC??? Why were these created or rather why are they priced so high? Do they add anything that a RGB fan doesn't? We already know that they obviously can't provide cooling like RGB fans can, so what is it? cut that price in half… then you have a good product. Am I missing something? I can literally get 3 RGB fans for $10 less right now on Newegg and I would be getting FANS and RGB, this is just RGB… If all I had was $30 I could only get 2 of these things because I "have to" spend an extra 10 on a tiny ass cable that does nothing but do what any cable should do… WTF???

  23. The motherboard connector is available on its own. The initial investment piece of the video is mislead. You do not need to buy the aluminum 'lux' version first, buying plastic afterwards

  24. Question
    My system have 10 fan, 6 EK Vardar fan for 2 rads, and 4 EK Vadar fan for the can i use these fame for all of them?! My mobo is MSI Z370 Gaming Pro AC.

  25. 4:59
    Is this cable the adaptercable you were talking about? ⬇️

  26. I'm confused… why do I need to buy the Lux version when I can buy the RGB adapter cable separately for LESS than the extra cost of the Lux over the standard version?? What am I missing?

  27. Thank you for this video! I am a bit confused with connecting the rbg stips and halos to the motherboard. Combined with your video and some discussion in the comments, it really helped me.

  28. Hello. I am sorry but Could you tell me the part that I have to buy for 1*120mm and 4*140mm + 2*LED strips things that I have to buy are, 1.  1*120mm frame and 4*140mm frames2. 1*Digital RGB hub + 2*LED strip set 3*Digital Y splitter, What do I have to buy if I want to install more than 6 fans?Thank you

  29. can you give me a good suggestion for an rgb controller which is sata powered that is cheap and will work for these phanteks halos 4 pin version?. i have bought this by accident and found out that these are not the dgital ones… its past the return period.. and i need to use this at least.. thanks

  30. What exactly do you mean, won't stay on the board, it will pop off? That creates a picture in my mind of the plug flying off of the motherboard, when power is applied.

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