Photo Assignment #10 :: Positive and Negative Space in Photography Composition
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Photo Assignment #10 :: Positive and Negative Space in Photography Composition

October 23, 2019

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  1. This is gonna be the first time I take part in a photo assignment! Looking forward to trying this time 🙂 Thanks for encouraging us to go out and take photos Ted!

  2. You can see all Photo Assignments here ->

  3. Cant wait to try this out, first time participating and I absolutely LOVE the theme and the images you showed! (the wife and daughter portrait with the architecture was a stand out for me!)

  4. 50th like. 10th comment. 380th view.
    Great start to this assignment! I should be submitting again this week as well Ted. 🙂

  5. Great assignment!!! What is interesting to me is that I can also look into my older pics and let me check out, where I can see a composition with pos/neg space I made by accident 😀 (sorry for the bad english^^)

  6. Perhaps the more challenging photo assignment so far … I have to think about this for a couple days … Also preparing for the August 21 solar eclipse – I will have 49 seconds of totality at my house on the Oregon coast. Been practicing with an ND 100000 filter.

  7. Most interesting video highlighting the importance of composition.
    Our Art teacher in the 5th Form used to say, "Dark against light, light against dark, sometimes fading away", a concept worth considering in photography too I would suggest.

  8. I was at the Irving Penn show at the Met on its closing day. I saw a bunch of the photos you featured in person, and a few which he printed multiple times in different ways over the decades.

    It was really dynamic, striking stuff up close.

    That weathered looking backdrop he frequently used was also on display. It was kind of spooky to think of all the people who had graced that backdrop.

    Looking forward to making an image for this assignment!

  9. Great assignment. This should be challenging in a good way. I look forward to all contributions. Good luck folks!

  10. Thank you for another great challenge Ted! I'm really looking forward to shooting for this one and seeing the images!

  11. It's kinda funny this is the current assignment. I shot a roll of ilford XP2 last week. Because it was black and white I was trying to think a little more in terms of negative space as I was shooting.

  12. @Ted. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and educating us. I don't have any social media other the YouTube. I have been following all the assignments and I'm up to date.
    As long as there are passionate people like you PHOTOGRAPHY will stay alive!

  13. positive and negative space is one of my favorite things to play with in photography I love this assignment already!

  14. I've been watching your videos for a year now and I had no idea your studio was literally down the street from me. I live on Granbury road by the train tracks.

  15. Great assignment. It's an opportunity for me to look into this practice. I was always critical of my own uses of it because it feels like CHEATING to me!? Somehow I'm suspicious because it makes composition so much easier, simpler. It feels like a shortcut.

  16. Hey, Ted, you may want to throw in a due date in the description. You said two weeks, does that make it exactly two weeks from the date posted? (August 9th?) Or by the Monday of that week? Does putting them up a few days earlier mean you're more likely to be able to use them?

    Also, has the AoP Flickr group been sidelined? I know it wasn't mentioned in the how to participate video, but I see people regularly submitting to it anyway. (at least some of which are definitely going with the assignment's theme!)

    One last question: should I directly post the shots to Twitter, or link to them on another site? (I'm guessing direct is probably easiest for you)

  17. Hi,
    I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to improve event photography or if there's any famous artists

  18. love those Assignments Ted, particulary the way you explain the theme with the great work of some great artists.

    I need your help. I am in a contest at Wistia to win a really nice camera and I need you to share this with the entire world including the # above. I have until August 9 to get as many shares as I can….with your help. Thanks. B.

  20. I am looking forward to this. Our Camera Club challenge this month is B&W. Thanks for all of this. Brian

  21. I think I subconsciously already explore this style without really having a label for it. The challenge I guess is defining the guidelines for what you may be looking for for this particular assignment. Like are we looking to minimize the subject(s) in the frame, are we to only capture bare and desolate spaces etc.

  22. Hi Ted, this is Sergio. I’m really fascinating from your video and specially for what you teaching me and many photographer you are discussing about, any way, watching your video I have always a question in mind which I would like to make to you: is there some famous photographer who you don’t like and, of course, why? Always appreciate for your video and your answer.

  23. Hi Ted, I love the show, have you ever done a video on making a zine, i have become very interested in making one for myself.

  24. Hi Ted, this is the first assignment I've entered and I've discovered something that might be worth mentioning in future.

    I put the hashtag on a photo I'd posted to IG a few months ago and it didn't show up in the hashtag search feed – even after an hour or more. It turns out that IG lists the entries according to the date the photo was first posted, not when the hashtag was added. This means that you would not have found my entry.
    So I reposted the pic with a different title, added the hashtag and it showed up immediately.

    I'm guessing that I'm not the only person who didn't know of this quirk of IG, and might be why some people wonder if their pic ever gets to you.

  25. Again, great video Ted . Offcourse I love your use of the Penn images as a reference. I think Penn was one of the best photographers using Positive and negative space in his compositions. Great inspiration!

  26. just uploaded my images for this assignment. let me know if you find it on facebook, otherwise, the hi-res images are here:

  27. Thank you so much for posting such great, informative videos. I enjoy and learn something new with each video. I feel your show is the photo show on YouTube hands down. Please keep them coming. Thank you, Gary

  28. Love the subject and the examples, but shouldn't you have done positive and negative space with your very busy background? Examples, door, format meta, light, shelves with lights. They were more attracting my eyes.

  29. This is a great video on the concept of negetive + positive spacing in photos. I was looking for some reference for a class I am taking and wanted to thank you for your videos. I am now interested in participating in your assignments. Thanks again Ted.

  30. Great, informative video …… but, I find it so irritating that the text has random capital letters at the beginning of some words in the sentences!!! Like, why?

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