Photo Composition Introduction – Part 1
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Photo Composition Introduction – Part 1

October 19, 2019

when we look at a scene with our eyes,
in reality the subject is always smack in the
middle of our field of view it’s just how our eyes work we see
things in the middle despite the fact I’m looking at you
right now through the lens of jaynes camera I can still see stuff going on all
around me I can see guys over there my fingertips the sky and the bench down
in front to me but putting the subject smack in the
middle of a photograph very very rarely works as a composition you’ll usually end up with something pretty
dull and not very interesting. the other thing we forget to do as human
beings when taking a picture is to come out of the subject and look all around the viewfinder at the image, tripods are great for this because you can lock of your composition and then look all around to see what’s going on without losing the composition that
you’ve set. Now while you’re looking at me, did you notice that I’ve got a thing growing out the side of my head here, it’s not very pleasing is it, and it’s a classic error you’ll make whilst taking shots. Now we can’t move the thing, but we can move the camera, and by changing the angle the cameras at the thing that’s growing out the side of my head will disappear. Now just before we do that, i’m gonna ask my lovely young assistant here if he’d mind taking a shot over my shoulder to show
where the camera is in relation to me, thanks Tom now then, as we move the camera off to the side. wobbly wobbly wobbly wobbly. the background is changing, a house has appeared behind me, now obviously a house hasn’t really appeared behind me it’s because
the angle has changed now it’s a different shot, but again it’s kinda busy, it’s kinda not brilliant if you want a shot of me you need to lose the house. How’d you do that? Move the camera again, so if we lower the camera down all the while you need to be looking
around that viewfinder making little adjustments and movements and as you fiddle around and move stuff
about you’ll find a place where we can lose the house and just get
the components that you want to make an interesting composition so
now you’ve got quite a dramatic sort of an image, with me against the sky. This isn’t a menu setting, this is all outside of the camera, this is all about you not being lazy and moving yourself around and try stuff out to find the composition that works for you

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  1. Well "thank you" i mean that simple but makes sense and ive watched them all thank you again , do some more

  2. Very short but very useful. Can you wish better combination ?
    I know all of I saw, but sometimes I forget about it or I was lazy.
    Thank you for remind me ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Dear Mike, i always have problem in finding a right composition for vertical shoot. Could you kindly make a tutorial video on this, pls? Thanks Mike ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thumbs up Mike! I love all your videos. They are so easy to understand, and I learned a lot. Please keep them coming. Thank you so much!

  5. Thank you 3ch0y. Please help us spread the word and grow the community by 'liking' 'G+ing', sharing our videos and linking to us on photo forums, Facebook etc

  6. One of the best tutorials in youtube aboutย Photo Composition. I cannot thank you enough @Mike Browneย ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Each time I saw your videos I learn more and more about composition and lot of subjects, in an easy way
    Happy new Year with more tutorials coming!!

    So much knowledge! I've watched lots of your videos and bought your DVD! So many good tips and advices. Thanks a lot!

  9. I've been looking for videos on YouTube that feature composition.
    This video by Mike Browne is the best one. It is elementary and basic.ย 
    It might just be the most important video you will remember as you start your photographic journey in picture taking.

  10. I absolutely love your work and enjoy your videos immensely. You are such a credit to the photography world. I encourage you to keep up the good work because thousands of us really enjoy and benefit from your work and experience. You sure are inspiring. Thank you David from Buffalo New York. PS love the accent.

  11. Great job Mike!
    After I have gone through almost all of your videos, I see that the composition is most important thing in good/interesting/artistic picture. I am still fairly new to photography, and I could be mistaken to what I am going to say: Looks to me that some people, even without knowing/hearing of the rules of composition are making just great and interesting photos, and that make me thing that this is something that they are born with, which I and many others could probably never have. I need your opinion on this please.ย 
    I would much appreciate if you find some time and have a look at some of my recently added photos in flickrย (delete please if it's violates any of the rules), and please let me know if I am on the right path…some of the pictures are taken with mobile phone, but I am interested mostly on composition.

    Again, thanks a lot for being such a great mentor to all of the people who wants to give some quality to their photos.

  12. Fantastic video about a very tricky subject. Mike always explains things so well which is why I love these videos so much.

  13. Good morning Mike. Thanks to your helpful tutorials and advice ย i am really starting to think about my pictures.ย Last week I went to my local canal around 8.30 in the morning. It was below freezing, very grey with bad light. No one was around and the only signs of life was the smoke coming from the canal boats and the power station in the near distance. I actually found myself crawling over a disused pipe bridge over the frozen canal (I was safe!) to get my picture. I used the canal as my leading line which took me to the smoking power station, with smoking canal boats along the bankside. Got home and with just a tiny bit of adjustment with software, my most bestest picture ever. Dark, moody, but interesting.ย Trying to save the money to get it enlarged and printed for my wall. All down to your advice. Thanks again Mike.

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