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September 15, 2019

jonnie bakes bakery it’s the place on
Lanzarote to go and we come in here on the workshop to grab a bite to eat and I
just score myself a bit of a cross on now last week we came over here and as I
was walking across the car park was talkin to pat was on the workshop and I
don’t know why i cant tell me what this is about the corner of my eye somewhere
just went ding there’s a picture over there that happen why is it i can go ding there is a
picture over there when somebody else cant what causes that well its practices
doing stuff over and over again repeatedly it’s like driving
your car that many times you drive down the road on total autopilot you somewhere
else in a different country you’re thinking about something you’re not
thinking about driving but if a cyclist suddenly pops out front if you somehow
it all snakes back into place doesn’t it and you take the appropriate action now
I can only imagine it’s through doing something over and over again many many
times that you start to do this and so I want to show you what I’ve seen at the
corner of my eye and see if you can spot the picture and not going through how I
shot the picture but first of all im gonna eat my jonnie bakes croissant you come in lanzarote, you gotta go to what’s it call Eden? know that tell sorry I didn’t why mental
block to casey Cumz johnnie bakes the bakery to go to seriously right right
be with you in a minute picture on talking about is here is in
this shot you’re looking at right now there’s a couple of really cool pictures
you’re thinking well how can that possibly be really cool pictures somewhere like
that and more importantly how did you notice them I’ve got various ideas and
I’ll come to them at the end of the video but yes there are a couple of
really cool pictures here it’s about exploring and trying different things
now what you’re probably thinking is that road signs lights traffic all that
kind of stuff can you see no I’m not sure if I can see in the video where is
I think it’s about giving a look at the monitor is about there see those roves as
orange roves against the blue sky and then beyond obscured by an orange bus at
this moment there is the old stone work an old church is all kind of fit in
together now a little piece of the entire scene taken on its own really interesting beautiful little
picture particuarly it you know it’s mid day sun is high in the sky often
mornings and evenings are pretty good for that but it’s also times when above
light works well and the light from above working quite well at the moment is
putting little tiny shadows around the tiles the ridge tiles and that’s giving
them texture and shape ok so how do we execute this picture how do you tease
that out of this entire scene more importantly noticed it well will come
to that obviously we’re going to need a long lens our way we’re gonna need to
zoom that lens out a bit now where would we stand obviously not where I am right now
because you can probably see I think yes this whole now on the other side of the
street there’s a poll a lamppost and it’s kind of lining up but it is getting
in the way so let’s just have a look i’ll see if i can get a video in this one for you as you can see
that poll there is lining up with our church we’re already seeing just by zooming a
little tiny bit there how the picture has improved from what the video camera
the main video camera was seeing but we’ve still got nasty you know zebra
crossings thing going on the street light so it’s about moving it’s about
finding where you need to stand to make it work how about if we come up here and
get on the wall will it be better well stand out here have another look I
leaned against this post to keep me still in the winds that’s better already isn’t
much better but we still got that lamp post and I don’t really like it just a
bit annoying by panning to the right I can kind of crop it out it doesn’t look
very good as it’s almost too hard to the side and there’s too much going on on
the right of the picture so what do we do move yourself let’s just come this side and see if it’s looking better video
that movement so with this site here now as I get some post their it goes move to
the right along the wall and wobbling is employed in its without now look as I move say how black post is starting
to move with me is no longer an issue is it so we’ve got a bit of a shot going
on there and buy re composing how’s that if i zoom the the lens in a little bit
just start sneaking in that zoom I’m really got quite an awesome little picture going on like this
now if i go tighter still can I just capture the very top of it like that now i cant
live preferably without the post quite a nice little picture they’re just
against the Blue so looking through my splendid camera and just get a line
something up and I am gonna take the first one including the poll there we go so that was shot in
a 640 point for using 200 ISO and just under hundred-millimeter lens recompose to see if I can video my
recompose a bit so here we go that’s the shot I had so how about if we zoom in a little bit and
recompose the shot to something like that we’re just gonna keep a little bit
of the characters to the right we gotta do but I miss Steve ok now in the
background not bad right stop the video take the
picture we’re not focusing on focusing on the
tiled roof it’s a long way away beyond infinity point the lense ADAP to worry
too much about that you gotta check all around the viewfinder all the time I
prefer to get it right in the camera then try and crop afterwards because I
can’t be asked this be this far this is a bit which I really like shooting the
picture the other way up how could we do that in other ways in which we could do
that if I zoom out and make it smaller but I’m seeing is negative space if I
bring that back to their but now I’ve got some of that ghastly lamp post which
I don’t want but I think I can probably use this way a bit more snake past it or like that like that the
negative space going on right video and take the picture focus on there and line it up lots of
negative space against that beautiful blue tiny bitter row any street lamp make sure its level
because I don’t mess with it later I love that you can see there’s lots of
possibilities you could work with doing a shot like this I can play around in
this car home pages but going back to the key question how do I spotted in the
first place and more importantly how can you stop to support things like this in
the first place have a cup of coffee and a chat about it his faltering to say gracias kissing
guys who run it additional I thought you might be but
it’s very dangerous Canadian but you know North Americans Canadians and
Americans are very touch if you get that one wrong anyway and the picture show
more importantly how can you spot the picture of yourself truly is a question of practice you have
to practice these things over and over and over again now it’s easy to get
despondent with that but the thing is as you do unfamiliar things repeatedly your
brain is gonna form near apartheid is a proven think there is a science been
studied at both Harvard and Princeton at the moment is called positive psychology
it’s all about the way in which your brain create new pathways in new ways of
thinking about doing the same action repeatedly over and over again you will
find that things will start to become subconscious it’ll be like muscle memory
so myself and a lot of other photographers you been doing it for
years and years isn’t taking the camera out for an air for an hour or two of an
evening this is like you know forty fifty hours a week for years it starts
to become muscle memory and that’s how myself and many others trust me many
many others will walk out somewhere and it’s like a little alert goes BBB
picture picture picture even though we’re not looking for all looking at it
it’s like when you drive your car and child runs out you could be on total
autopilot the moment your brain sees that child it makes the connection and
you do something about it if it was the day after you take your driving test you
be driving down the road all nervous and staring everything just in case
something if that’s where you are at the moment
with photography just a case of practice and it’d be like
driving a car after time so don’t despair with this sort of thing just
keep doing it give yourself a little exercises like
looking at pictures really looking at pitches if you visit the location look
around the location think about the pyramids in Egypt and a classic shot at
the sinks in the pyramids going on you know if you turn around you got
McDonalds or something like that behind you it’s about another video isolating
yourself from the environment that’s the key is to keep looking don’t be
distracted don’t walk around looking iffy or thinking about something else walk around really looking teach
yourself how to look at the light look at what’s going on around you can
imagine frames around things you see something that interests you know you
feel like an idiot doing this in the street but you know the old saying used
to see with people doing this and gang not that i truly truly if you like that
and you close one eye it’s like looking through a long lens frame around
something like doing this at you right now if I move my hands that way I put
you to the left side of the image or to the right or to the bottom or the top
tiny movements a wide lens is the equivalent of doing this I’m now
bringing in two shots the corners of the cafe he might feel like a complete
dumpty doing that but it will help you to isolate think so maybe try in the
privacy of living room when no one’s watching you can laugh at you I got
people laughing at me on the other side of this cafe even come here come on come
here you were laughing I don’t know you might
know if you came on this paper you know this is Adan work world-renowned
champion surfer by ok he got old wrinkly reading the Lanzarote workshop will help
me set out if any of you guys that came last year all this year watching yeah
it’s cool anyway gotta practice do that and don’t be embarrassed subscribe to our YouTube channel to be
notified each time we upload one of our cool photography videos or for more
great photo tips workshops and training come and see us our website photography

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  1. Ok, I actually quite like this guy. But this particular video is pure comedy. "Can you spot the picture? How did I manage to spot it??" Yeah… it takes a master photographer to spot a graphic church stonework against clear blue skies in an idyllic location…

  2. Hey Mike, another super video, thank you. Just wondering, are you moving fully to Fuji or a case of horse for course? If so, why?

  3. Great video Mike. I watched this a few months ago and learnt lots. Having learnt lots I look at this video again a few months down the line and now question the white balance on your stills. The sky just looks weird compared to the professional quality of the video. Was this intentional?

  4. So refreshing to see so many videos on composition. On most channels it's really just an afterthought. TY!

  5. Greetings from Slovakia! I want to say thank you so much for all your amazing videos! I first started watching your tutorials/videos three years ago, back when I only had a little point and shoot. Now I have a DSLR and am considering photography as a profession – thanks to you!
    P.S. The first thing that I noticed, when you showed us the scene, was the very picture you took… 🙂

  6. I have stopped this video at 2:10 just to see if my thinking is like yours as for me i would take a shot skimming the top of the van taking in the red roofs and the mountains to the right.

  7. Hi Mike, have been watching your channel now for about a year and they are great and very informative. I happened to be in Lanzarotte at the weekend and flying back to Glasgow I was watching this clip when you called Edie, not sure if the spelling is right, on to camera and recognised her from the market stall we bought a few items from on Saturday.! Small world, she even asked about my lens I was using which was a Helios 44-2 55mm. I was taking a photo of a motorcycle made of wood on her stand. ..! Coincidence or what. .😊 Keep up the channel as I occasionally look at the old ones again to get more inspiration. .Colin

  8. Hi Mike. Go Easy on those croissants (I love them) you could put weight on you waist! jajaja! Good vid as always Cheers

  9. Unconsciously incompetent; consciously incompetent; consciously competent; unconsciously competent – the journey to becoming skilled at anything, and you have summed it up so well Mike. Like anything, theres a learning process to go through and there is not quick fix such as more expensive equipment when you are not yet competent. Cheers for this video Mike, its helped me refocus on my need to be patient and not be ebarassed to practice

  10. I have been to many doctors in my lifetime to try and fix my epilepsy. Since I was ten my parents did things as much as flying me to a different state to see a doctor who practiced in a certain fashion. Finally ended up with one in my home city that stuck. However, for 16 years I have been around all sorts of professionals, students, scientists etc. Had my head sliced open four times and still drive people nuts with my curiosity:)
    Through "my" experience, the students or researchers that stuck out in the crowd were the ones asking fascinatingly, simple questions to excel in their field; by asking these extremely simple questions, they obtained extremely detailed answers, from me or my family or a doctor. It was always awesome to watch and listen to these young people learning by doing…..the same thing each day. So I would listen to everything possible until I yelped for another needle in my arm to kill unbelievable pain:) Whenever I had to say goodbye and move on, I looked at them, and they were tired, but I could see that they did this sort of thing every waking hour of the day, and as they tried to simplify answers for me, it showed.
    So yeah, drive a car, pick ones' nose, moving an eyeball; the most simple things your body does, learning to walk. It all comes down to building habits and practice.
    You are correct Mike Browne. It is all up top. Hence the reason cameras do not take pictures. One cannot do anything without using their brain. I strive to use mine as efficiently as possible every day:)
    btw: Cameras don't got no brains!!!

  11. I have watched a bunch of your videos and basically your #1 tip for composition is always "move around" and I thank you for stressing that. I sometimes do get lazy and/or stubborn and stay in the spot trying to get a shot but no! I need to move around.

  12. Hi Mike, i dont know how old this vid is as im slowly working my way thro them all, one thing i must comment on tho, when you say you "see" a pic, i have been doing that for many years, even before i got into photography, many times i have found myself saying, look at that, i wish i had a camera, so its with that im thinking that maybe taking more photos i will hone that subliminal "skill" mind you, i dont think i have much of a skill but with your vids i feel confident enough to try, thanks again for explaining things at my level!
    Ps i like the lampost, they're better than uk ones 🙂

  13. I started with a film camera. I used to carry around a cut out piece of white card stock; it was trimmed to represent the frame 35mm film. I used that to help compose shots and train myself to look for things in the frame that shouldn't be there or ruin the composition.

  14. Love this video! Thank you! There's hope for me yet as I lug my camera out looking for those shots everywhere I can 😊

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