Photo of student tearing up Constitution is fake
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Photo of student tearing up Constitution is fake

October 12, 2019

Amid the international fervor that was the
March for Our Lives event, this image spread on social media. It purports to show student activist Emma
Gonzalez, who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, tearing up the
Constitution. And it’s fake. The real image is this one, showing Gonzalez
tearing up a shooting-target poster. It was created for a Teen Vogue cover. But a lot of people used the fake one to attack
Gonzalez, some of them using Twitter accounts that were later suspended.

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  1. I dunno… Pic is in sync with the actions. 2nd Amendment is so that the people can form a militia using their already owned firearms… That means weapons equivalent to a soldier. They are trying to destroy that. … In light of the facts, the jury rules that the defendant is guilty of attacking the Constitution. Her and that skinny punk boy that looks like E.T.
    See US vs Miller and DC vs Heller.
    Supreme Court vs. dumbass kids and a media conglomerate that is ALWAYS on the unconstitutional side of this issue. Guilty.

  2. Like any high profile organization it’s been infiltrated by nefarious characters and their insidious designs

  3. The fact that this had to be said at all is just sad. That video was a shoddy job of video editing. Looks like it was made back in the 90's

  4. Leave it up to the right wing to make a fake video. It's like they have no argument so they had to rely on fake videos. Lmfao

  5. Leftists everyone who posted that meme knew it was fake. It's political satire. If you don't understand that then you are a fucking moron.


     The meme is making the point that anti-gun people are FIGURATIVELY tearing up the constitution, which is a legitimate point.

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