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Photography Composition finding the picture

October 11, 2019

yeah sometimes you’re driving along in the car and you see something out the window I think
that like an amazing picture and you find a car park your rush around you come back with your camera you take a few pictures and they’re not quite what you expected having a brilliant subject to photograph isn’t all it takes you also have to
think about how you’re going to photograph it as well as lighting and things like that
theses sculptures are brilliant aren’t they I love the curviness of them, I like the whole everything about them I think they’re absolutely bloody brilliant. Sorry shouldn’t swear. But what a messy place this is, we’ve got traffic lights and cars, we’ve got building sites but I particularly love this office building over here and the blue sky above it you cant see the blue sky because Jayne has had to expose for me because i’m in shade. Trust me there is a blue sky if she exposed for the sky you wouldn’t be able to see me, i’d be a silhouette. 3 years ago I came down here and I photographed these sculptures for our beginners downloadable course digital photography exposed, because I really wanted to sort of show people how to separate the weat from the chaff. how to find the image in a cluttered
environment so let’s just go through that let’s just go through what I did
back then now the first thing you’re gonna need to do is walk about come on let’s go have a wander about and look at things just look at them think about them for a
minute think differently just kind of take a moment, don’t just go mad with the camera don’t be afraid to sort of bend your legs and start looking at things from weird angles I know people might turn round and stare at you but so what you know it’s like have they taken a picture or have you? another that will take is to get your
I’m close to something and just kinda look at it from a totally
different ok you can I’ve accidentally the Camry but different point of view I actually
car like this just for getting my wide lens in really close to that i are
actually you know it’s a bit cluttered you know
what kinda like it from but that’s not what I meant stay
sorry I got sidetracked also you need to hire lenses were can
check out the lenses films because different lenses per tray things
differently I know the I made about 12 to forty millimeter lens to get the shot
that i won nice the curving it for the sculpture over the QB NIS the office block now then point bending my legs a bit checking the composition I don’t want
that lamp posts picking up in the show either by bending my legs checking the
composition just the minute out a little melatonin is even now sorry move in and
out a little until a there it is there I got the
building i dont got the sculpture but because its three years later I’ve got something
else trees they were about five feet shorter the
last %uh like a bit is still a nice image that if you do revisit a location
you been to before but things have changed like the trees are grown up with
is another building don’t give up just keep walking around
just for me walking around the back there I realize what a great shot Jane had at
the opening of the film it’s so simple just to take this curvy
shape I’m put it smack No our games no the blue sky now that’s part of it me something I
also want to show you and I as the thought process behind the picture so I’m just gonna show you how I thought
out one of my favorite images couple years ago I came down here one
cold frosty morning to one of my favorite places ever this one to the bike sitting quietly on
the water with their reflections now the reason we come back here is
because I want to take you through the thought process that went behind taking
that picture both people quite surprised when they
when I to lean on the professional I don’t just walk around a guy click
award-winning picture click award-winning picked up I have actually
have would be to work into it myself now it’s different for everybody but
only coming down here in two ways to do but I took bigshot a wide angle shot now you
can just say kinda then they are sitting in the middle is this a little exterior it and there’s always the
potential that now the lights completely different
without here early in the morning one very obvious other differences that
there wasn’t a lot white by there if you really picky there
too great but was actually my shot there that rate and a great but please don’t get
picky about those details what I want to do is take you through the process so I’ve got a wide angle shot with my
two little by sitting in the middle yes it’s kinda pleasant but it’s a
little bit dollars in it so the known for putting on to a third
by using the rule of thirds regain its still not that exciting going close another shot it’s still
really not doing it so my next thought was 101 what they
look like from the other side over there as you can see is a walk toward you the Suns now
behind me even though it’s gone in compared to me right there when I was down here that first time the
Sun was over there to just come over the horizon dorm and these little boat were being
let from over there now and you can undertake the shot again but
as you can see from the original picture is really rather dollars in it because they lost in the background is
the red line against the Red Bank and it’s all a bit who are dear that really
doesn’t work on better off on the other side so that
leaves the final option for going up here on the bridge so this is gonna give me a completely
different perspective a different view son looking down at the bags back home
never be afraid to spend time walking round your shot and thinking about it
considering it I know if you go for a walk with your family or your husband or
your wife or a friend you gonna driving completely around the bend this is one most professional
photographers especially landscape photographers tend to be solitary soul to people who
enjoy their own company rather a lot to fight me I’m try looking down here
the bugs I then was thinking now that looks so
much nicer because we’ve got the light coming from the
horizon off to the right and it’s kinda washing
this warm red eagle owl across the bow the boats so I hope lining up the shot here other types employed again actually the boat to the box now the Prime the soundcard we’ve got a nice reflection
and we got the light coming in from the side but this still for me there was something missing and I
honestly kid you not I must have stayed here for on a good 10 minutes or so before it
dawned on me that something as ridiculously simple as
tilting my camera down a bit from top position which has the boat to
the bottom so that position which puts them at the top that’s all it
is a movement from there to their and suddenly you got this really quiet
peaceful picture too little bites with their reflections on a lovely lovely sunny early morning
few people have seen the shop have said to me but do you think it
looks a bit spooky cuz the sky is at the bottom and the bugs are the top well
actually I kinda like it that way but it does kinda work if left up the
other way so you’ve got the reflection about as
the top about and the reasonable you dan here’s a
really wanted you to get the hang of this whole Fort process is moving around and
looking at different things and trying different angles I’m not back experience with landscape
love shooting landscapes and have done it for a long time but it’s not my
specialist failed documentary life people on the run yet then I can
probably just see something here something know what day it all comes with experience and
practices really important you do get an experience in practice I was and I keep banging on about not
being lazy and I’m sorry for him to be rude but so
many people just stand there go click and then a disappointed you need to move
around get on the move try things out to not
only is it good for something decorative to put on your wall it’s good for your
figure 2 but while I’m I L

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  1. You're so GREAT Mike! Enthusiast and Fun. I've been watching all your videos. It's giving me lot of energy. Keep smiling and teaching like you do.

  2. I once took pics of mushrooms, lying on the pedestrian walk and somebody stopped and asked me if I had fallen of my bike. 🙂

  3. Thank you for an excellent tutorial, love your passion & enthusiasm which makes your videos a watching pleasure.

  4. Hi Mike, what I extracted from this tutorial is not to be trigger happy. Having purchased my first 50mm 1.8d for my nikon, I learned to move my feet and take my time before capturing a shot. I evaluate, "Is this shot good enough", before clicking the shutter. 🙂 Thanks for all of the help! More power!!

  5. Awesome astroboy0969. And thanks. Your comment is reflects why I love teaching you guys and girls. I love it when someone get's that 'Oh I get it now' moment. It's down to you too for taking the advice on board and not just clicking away like mad. Delighted to have helped.

  6. It's true! I hope for the best for you, and with great wishes, prayers, vibes, and energy in your direction, I, too, for being such a great teach. You continuously inspire me to be a resource to the youth in my community for photo and video work.

  7. You are a trip Mike! you have helped so many of us. Thanks for all your hard work and the laughs. you crack me up.

  8. You are so right truder55, that is exactly what is missing from others, He's enthusiasm is so catchy, you just want to grab your camara and go shooting and his sense of humor is so great.

  9. Thank you for this another great video. I am struggling with composition. Sometimes I thought that my pictures are quiet good but when I ask other people about what they think, some say it's okay some said it looks fine which makes me disappointed. Thanks again.

  10. Don't be disappointed marlon mullon – we all have to practice and start somewhere and as you do you're compositions will improve. And don't forget just because one person doesn't like a picture it doesn't mean it's bad. It just means they don't like it. It's you that counts. I once took photos for an Airport and one image won a national award for commercial photography from Fuji. But the client didn't use it and chose one I didn't like. They weren't wrong, they just liked different a one to me.

  11. Love all your videos and just love how you make it look all so simple:). Thank you for such simple to understand tutorials. Would have loved to be part of your Zurich 2013 workshop, but looks like will have to wait for the next one (if ever there'd be a next one).

  12. Thank you swapna das – there's another Zurich workshop on the 1st and 2nd October now because so many people asked for another. Would love to see you there…

  13. Wow! Dude, thanks for this vid man! Im a noob photographer and now I know what's missing. Thanks, keep posting vids like this dude

  14. Thank you. Please help us spread the word and grow the community by 'liking' 'G+ing', sharing our videos and linking to us on photo forums, Facebook etc

  15. Mike, this video is perfection! (and so are your other videos as well!!) It pairs very well with the one of understanding light.
    Also, it's incredible how tilting the camera a few degrees can change the composition dramatically.
    Nowhere else do I get loads of useful information and inspiration.
    Thank you 🙂

  16. Amazing Video , learnt a lot.

    Can we have a video on Symmetric and Asymmetric Composition. I guess this would be a good addition to our learning curve from master like you.!!

  17. Hi Mike,
    Your videos make for very easy learning.
    I noticed the first part of the video was shot in Southampton. Do you live there?

  18. Hey Mike.. Your passion for the subject is so evident and it's very infectious.. I have learnt so much through your videos.. Thank you very much..God bless

  19. Dear Mike I applied your teachings during my recent vacation and got amazing results. However I find that my compositions have become limited as I tried to place a family member in all the shots. .e.g I placed a person using the rule of 3rd with a scenic background. Now the composition does work but all my pics appear similar. My problem is I'm trying to capture the background scenery with a family person in all my shots thus limiting my options. Can you do a film on family vacation so we can benefit from some expert innovative ideas.

  20. I love you man, I've learnt so much these past couple of weeks, you're a brilliant teacher, you give me a real meaning to word teacher, honestly 🙂 and sometimes the thought that go through my head while taking pictures, you say it loud in your videos, it's amazing haha thank you man, you're awesome 

  21. That is my problem… to find the picture. I often say "I should have been there, that is a much better place" But when I am there, the same problem comes up.

  22. Your videos are great Mike. I am a novice photographer and you have helped me think about things that I never would gave considered in photography. I appreciate all the information you provide

  23. Thank you again and again. You have made me, in my opinion of course, a much better photographer. Also I know how to frame my videos like a PRO because of what I have learned from watching your videos. Thanks again and again. 

  24. Just found your channel and I can't stop watching! Both entertaining and very useful videos. Thank you, sir!

  25. You say in the video "i took this shot … and it wasn't doing it….", how are you reviewing the images on site? Normally it's only when I get home and bring them up on the laptop I can see what worked, or more often, didn't. I find the small LCD on the rear of the camera too small to get much of an idea of the final result.

  26. I really like that shot, I hope that's one of the award winning ones 🙂 Very good video (as always), it shows really well how important it is to think and experiment. You always give me a lot of food for thought! Thanks 🙂

  27. How dare you speak of my beloved home town that way! Southampton isn't that messy. (ok, maybe it is)

    I drive pass this every day and have never really seen it. Will have to park up and take a walk for a change, with my camera of course.

    Thanks for the videos, really very inspirational and easy to understand.

  28. Thank you so much. I have been using your great information and skills to help me complete my college work. I really do owe you my grades!

  29. Great videos!! You are absolutely right! I am beginner and have experienced what you are talking about. A few of my better pictures I got after going back to the same place and trying out all possible angles.

  30. Great final shot. That is exactly the type of shot I look to achieve. Your insight on how you finally got to that shot was inspiring and sort of gives me permission, in a way, to do what I need to do in order to get what I want. The shift from having the boats at the bottom to moving the camera to position the boats at the top was genius. This shows me to move me, move the camera, change perspective and try things. In other words, work the scene for all possibilities. Thanks, Mike. You have another fan from across the pond.

  31. You’re like the Bob Ross of photography, (it’s a good thing). Thank you for these videos! In one evening I’ve learned more than I have just “tinkering“ for the past 3 months.

  32. Love watching your videos. The advice in them does not age. Doing the beginners course right now to brush up my hobby and am getting better results already and have a much better understanding of how things are relating to eachother and thought processes required.

    Thank you.

  33. I'm so glad I've come across your channel! Everyone's speaking about tech and 5, 7 whatever easy tips, but the thought process and the kind of advice you give is what I really needed. Thank you so much!

  34. Love your videos as someone who is starting out learning about photography (as a hobby) i quite like the fact that you break it down in a way i can understand it and your tips are VERY helpful ! keep up the awesome work ! oh yes and one more thing … THANK YOU for doing most of your tutorials in areas that are normally around you … yes its easy to take a photo of an interesting place say the pyramids, or Stonehenge or some other globally recognizable place where as i think a lot of amateurs like me get turned off by the fact that they cant travel and forget there is a lot of beauty in their own backyards ! thank you for reminding us of that !

  35. I hate people that build them things and never wash them ha ha your first image was seamly when the put them up there as they looked new now there all green with algae.
    In really bright conditions i tend to use a polarizing filter it does inrich color.
    Your lucky there was a bridge ,

  36. I haven't seen you since you did that travel one. Thought maybe you retired with an old Kodak Brownie. lol Glad your around

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