Photography Composition Like an Artist – Not a How To
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Photography Composition Like an Artist – Not a How To

November 6, 2019

many people have been asking me to talk
about composition however there are so many videos out there about composition
and I didn’t really want to do another listicle like everybody else so today
I’m going to be talking about how I compose my way basically and if you’re
an artist you’re probably going to be able to relate to this a lot because
back in the day I used to draw very much and one thing that me my friends would
often do is we would often look at reference photos especially for things
like the hands or like the shape body of people and when I started taking
pictures that habit carried on over to photography so basically what I like to
do is uh I like to use for example Pinterest I like to go to Pinterest I
like to search for things I like like rain anime or photography or if I see
any kind of picture that I like whether it be a concept or an idea I like to
save that to my reference folder you know so I have a collection of images
and then I just kind of study them look at them and think about breaking them
down how do they do it of course sometimes these are drawings
and not actual pictures but I just kind of think to myself how can I turn that
art or that picture into a photograph and it’s not just for pictures in
composition it’s also for the colors like I’d like to use the color palettes
anyways I know this is not a conventional photography composition
video like you’re probably used to all that stuff about rule of thirds or
leading lines or negative space blank space line you know you can learn all
that stuff in like five minutes you can just watch any YouTube channel
and they’re going to give you a list of things to do but I’m telling you the way
I do things is I like to look at arts I like to look at lots of art I like to go
to museums I like in magazines I like to check the walls
and coffee shops and sometimes I even take snaps with my phone so I can look
at them when I’m out shooting pictures so when I take a picture I try to give
it the same angles or the same kind of looks or times as the concept that I
save like I have here an example how many of you have ever watched the
original Exorcist now I always liked the cover art for the Exorcist and I’ve
always kept that look in mind whenever I go out take him for a picture you know
and then one day everything came together just the way I wanted it there
was a steam I think in The Exorcist it was like fog it was dark
there’s man and had walking it was rainy and I took a picture and it looked very
much similar to The Exorcist now it’s not the same thing but the idea is the
concept is there and basically that’s how I compose my pictures like I said
it’s not conventional way I’m not here to talk about geometry lean lines or and
all that stuff that everybody else talks about trying to tell you the way I do
things so I hope you found this useful give it a try if you don’t have
Pinterest account that doesn’t really matter you can just make a folder in
your computer label it references I have that too and yeah be sure to like and
share my video with people if you think they like photography
cool See you

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  1. ✅ Websites

  2. I do the same man, I have a lot of collections in Instagram, Artstation and on my computer, recently I found an old hard drive with the first folders of images back from when I started, brought back a lot of memories and helped me see the trajectory of the tings I like today.

  3. nice ! I do pretty much the same thing, well not really Im a very lazy perso so more than references i'll drown myself in photography until i'll be like "ok stop I want to go out and take pictures now !" I also have a little notebook where i'll try to draw (even shitty sketches) some of the pictures that inspire me the most and I'll just analyse em (sometimes I'll draw these pictures without looking at them just to see what unconsciously interested me) also² the magnum photgraphy website is probably my biggest source of inspiration/reference

    idk why my english just suck today sry :/

  4. Same for me. I like to look at other artist, being them phorographer or painter or graphic illustrators, and I try to find my own way to incorporate what I did like more from them all, without trying to replicate an image.

  5. I Think it was Sean Tucker who described how he studies certain movie directors trying to replicate a certain look and color in the image he takes. I never tried this but it could be an I te resting experiment as a sort of photo project.

  6. Inspiration for composition can come from everywhere. I never thought building an inspirational folder… good idea. I am more of an instinctive photographer, not really planning or thinking, just searching for the lights, lines and what catch my eye… 😅

  7. Some people may think, "Oh, I’m a photographer so I don't have to draw," but drawing is the best thing you can do to prepare your eye to actually see.

  8. Interesting point of view ! I'm into books & exhibits (there's one coming up at the Korean Cultural Center here in Brussels). Have a nice day Noe – Julie

  9. excellent Noe, you're explains your psychology of composition! I know all the "rules", to me it's more important to get the feeling through.

  10. Hah, I’m the opposite. I can see things, but I can’t draw at all. I am completely useless at it. As a result, I was drawn to photography because I can be creative with what I see. I agree with you that it’s always good to look at other art work for inspiration. Thanks for the video. Enjoyed it.

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