Photography Tips: Composition Scene in a Scene

September 14, 2019

Tom we’ve got an amazing vesture here, but it just strikes me that there’s
there’s a lot going on I wouldn’t know how to sort it out. How to approach it? Okay what a lot of people tend to do is want to include too much in the landscape with a wide angle
lens on and they get a nice wide angle shot but
it’s a lot of nothing you know? your eye doesn’t have any where to rest on. so what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna do two shots in this scene, okay first I’m gonna do Actually I’m set on a fifty length focal length, okay. So I’m gonna frame this up. You see the gate over here, I’m gonna put that down on the rule of thirds, we’re looking down the valley got some great stormy clouds going oh
yes it’s moody, I like it’s mysterious I’m gonna bring that down a little bit more. okay okay so first let’s put our filter adapter on, and I wanna put a couple of MD grad. okay we’ve got a three-stop hard grad. I’m really gonna make this dramatic so that will really darken down the sky, that’ll bring the sky down and bring those clouds make them look more stormy, and here’s a two stop on there as well okay, let’s put that on there as well. And so by using the lee holder you can just kinda stack them up, adjust the setting just exactly where you want them okay let’s
just see how that works out, let’s just bring that up there. Oh that’s great, okay. Now have a look at that idea, now that is really stormy and okay. Now we’re gonna do a completely different swamp here. Let’s take this off and change lenses, you want the long one? Gimme the telephoto but we’re gonna go even more on this. I’ve got a one point four converter telecom.okay that’s gonna extend the focal length So let’s, so you’ve got a two fifty millimetre lens A two hundred with a 1.4 tele convertor from the D450 to? this is a half frame sensor so it’s gonna roughly give me about a 500-mile lens
okay so now what I’m gonna do you see those cottages there? let’s start with the one on the left. The one in the trees, yes the one in the trees. That’s it, okay let’s frame that up nicely so we’ve got it up in the upper left, okay, take that away. there have a look at that now we’ve got
another picture out of the same scene, yeah, and we’ve got all those great little fields and paddocks going on down in the right and we’ve got the little cottage up on the left so we’re working with composition. It’s nice that we’re using a white cottage to really stand out in the landscape, yeah they do. If you had say, this slate stone cottage over here it’s not gonna look the same, it’s not gonna really pop out, I didn’t even see the slate stone cottage until you said it, it’s tucked over there, yeah. okay let’s do this other one over here, now this is nice because we’ve got a nice mix of trees and stone walls that are breaking up the lines of the composition okay. Let’s, there you go, you see what I mean? Yeah, and you put it on self timer to avoid camera shake? I put a two second self timer on this just so I can take my hands away from it without pressing the shutter and jolting the camera to avoid shake, especially with a telephoto with that sort of focal length you’re gonna need to do that. So that’s really useful, so that’s three shots in one. It’s in one position. okay subscribe to our YouTube channel to
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