Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a Basic, Frame Animation
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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a Basic, Frame Animation

October 11, 2019

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.
I’m going to show you how to create a simple, frame animation in Photoshop. You can add as much or as
little graphics in your animation as you like. Keep in mind, the animation feature isn’t available in earlier versions.
Make a new document by pressing Ctrl + N on Windows or Cmd + N on a Mac.
I’ll make the size of this document 1280 by 720 pixels with a resolution of 150 pixels per inch. You can make yours any size you like.
To fit the document on your screen, press Ctrl or Cmd + 0. Open your Horizontal Type Tool and choose a font. I’m choosing a font called “False 3D”. If you’d like to use it, I provided its link which is located in
the video description or project files. I’ll make the size: 116 points, Sharp, Center alignment and black for the color. Type out your text. To increase or decrease the space
between lines, go to Window and Character. The Character panel will open.
Highlight the bottom line and slide the “Baseline Shift” icon to the left or right. To center your text, click on the Move Tool and move it.
You can close the Character panel now. We’re ready to add color to the text, but first, we need to rasterize it. Go to Layer, Rasterize and Type.
Click on the foreground color, pick a color, then click OK. Open your Paint Bucket Tool and click inside your characters.
If you accidentally click on another part, press “z” to undo it. Repeat the process to
add color for each character. Next, we’ll cut and copy each character to
its own layer. To do this, open your Lasso Tool and carefully draw around the first character. Press Ctrl + J on Windows or Cmd + J on a Mac to cut
and copy the first character to its own layer. Make your original text layer active. Draw around the second character
and cut and copy it to its own layer.
Repeat this with every character. Hide the original layer and make a
composite snapshot of your image by making your top layer active and
pressing Ctrl + Shift Alt + E on Windows or Cmd + Shift Opt + E on a Mac. Name it, “1”. This will be the first frame of your animation.
Hide the layer and open your Move Tool. Make sure “Auto-Select” is checked. This allows us to move individual characters simply by clicking on them. Go to “View” and make sure “Snap”
is not checked. If it is, simply click on it. Click on each character and move it slightly. Make a composite snapshot of your image
by scrolling to the top of your Layers panel and making the top character layer active.
Use the same keystrokes as you did earlier to make the composite
snapshot and name it, “2”.
This will be your second frame of animation. Hide the layer
and slightly move each character again. Make the top character layer active, make a composite snapshot
and name it, “3”.
This will be your third frame of animation. Continue to make as many frames as you
like. For this example, I’ll make 5 frames. Make all the frame layers visible. Go to “File” and “Save As”. Save it to your Desktop and click on “New folder”. Name it “Animation” Click on the Animation folder
and name the file, “1” as a JPEG. Then, click “Save”.
When you see this window, make sure the Quality is “Maximum”
and the slider is all the way to the right. Then, click OK. Hide Layer “1” and go back to “File” and “Save As”. Click “Desktop” and the Animation folder. Name it, “2”. as a JPEG. Click “Save” and “OK”.
Repeat these steps for all of your frame layers. Go to “File”, “Scripts” and “Load Files into Stack”. Click on this arrow and choose, “Folder”. Click “Browse” and the Animation folder. Then, click OK on both windows. Photoshop automatically is loading all
the layers into a stack. The next step differs
depending on what version of Photoshop you have. For Photoshop CS5, go to “Window” and “Animation”. For CS6 and Creative Cloud, go to “Window” and “Timeline”. At the bottom, in the middle of the panel, you’ll see a
button with the drop-down allowing you to choose either “Create
Video Timeline” or “Create Frame Animation”. Choose “Create Frame Animation”.
In the animation timeline panel menu, click “Make Frames from Layers”. Now, we’ll change the direction each frame. Click “Select All Frames”. Notice all the frames are now highlighted.
Click the down arrow just underneath one of the frame images.
You can set a time duration for your frames. Since all frames are selected, all frames
will be set to the same time. Each frame can be changed individually
if you want For this example, I’ll choose “0.1” seconds. Notice all the frames
have durations of “0.1” seconds. Presently, the animation is set to play once, so I’ll click on the arrow next to it and choose “Forever”. To play the animation, press the “Play” button. To save it, click “File” and “Save for Web”. Make sure the file format is set to “GIF”. Then, click “Save”.
Choose a location to save it to. I’ll save mine to my desktop.
I’ll name it, “Animation clip”. Then, click “Save”. To open the file, just click on it.
This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. Thanks for watching! part

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  1. I got to the "create frame animation" part, but when I click the animation timeline panel menu, there is no "make frames from layers" option. Help, please!

  2. Thank you. This works very well. The only thing that I missed here is that you have to actually click on the "create frame animation" button after you select it from the drop down. Otherwise, the "make frames from layers" option does not show up in the animation timeline panel menu.

  3. omfg! long process :'(
    i thought it was like flash.
    draw an image on one frame click on the next frame, draw another image.. uuuuggggh!!!!!

  4. what is the best electronic to use for an animation?? i have a samsung tablet 10.1 2014 for digital drawings, used it for animation once but decided to purchase a wacom instead. it turned out omay but would want it more accurate. So i also want to start using Photoshop so anyone have suggestions?

  5. thank you for these tips, I'm a beginner and you said thing in a way I could understand, this will surely help a lot

  6. This is FAB! I was doing a flickering hologram, which didn't quite work out, but I get the concept and I know a few tweeks will get it right. Love it, Marty! Another fantastic tutorial.

  7. i knew how to use the frame animation..but can i add sound/audio to it without converting it to timeline animation?i really need your help…

  8. Fantastic video. Thank you. I came here after watching someone else's "tutorial" which consisted mostly of his babbling on and on and not really knowing what he was doing. Thank you for making such a clear and straightforward explanation.

  9. HELP ME!! In 3:23 he says press ctrl+shift+alt+E but it is just doing something else! I can't make the snapshot! Plz help and respond!

  10. How come when I do the save to web and then bring it back up it is not animated… it shows all the different frames as thumbnails and its not moving. I follow the instructions exactly….

  11. your link for the font does not work in CS6, it downloads the False Font Regular, not what you use. When I try and maximise the size it just becomes a blob, impossible to use. Can you help?

  12. How do i test if my animation fits my audio? I want to make an animation with sound, i already have my audio and music

  13. To Save for Web in Photoshop CC 2015 , Go to File > Export > Save For Web (Legacy)… OR Press Alt + Shift + Ctrl + S.

  14. HI i have a problem ,,, after i choose animation in timeline ,,, panel menu doesnt give me the MAKE FRAME FROM LAYERS ,,, mine is totally different, what should i do

  15. Awesome video…THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing. Everything worked fine for my little animation until I tried to open the gif file. (I did save for web etc) Basically it opens in Preview and won't play, although it does show the stacked images. What am I doing wrong? What app should it be opening in? Sorry to hassle you, and thanks again. 🙂

  16. Thank you so much. There is so much information in here. You saved me a ton of time!!! excellent video.Please next time make your type smaller because I am missing some information because it gets in the way. TY!

  17. thank you very much sir for your videos, your explanations are very clear but the link for the text font is not FALSE 3D
    When I clicked on the link to download, I found another font instead with the name of DRAFTMAN font.
    would you please but again the link for the font. Thanks

  18. Love this tutorial. You really explain it well and also not too fast for first-time users. Keep them coming.

  19. When you cut your copy your first letter then its done easaly but when you do this to the another letter it shows it is selected for the other layer

  20. When I click load file into stack then a error box appears and says "Windows do not have a conductor line 388" WHAT DO I DO

  21. nice one.your method of explanation is excellent.please keep it up.good source of gaining knowledge.we will keep supporting you.please keep on posting such vidios. really helpful for us.

  22. Amk….bende kendimi bir bok zannediyordum. Ulan bu fotoşop ile neler yapılırmış neler….. Hey boy, tank yuo amk. Its realli Good.

  23. This was amazing thank you. It is so helpful to zooming in the options you use so it’s clear what you are doing.
    But how can You remove the background so that there is only text and have it on customized background?

    I just saw one of your videos and looking forward to see more of your photoshop videos 🌻🌱

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