Phyllis Schlafly: Latinos ‘Don’t Understand’ Bill of Rights
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Phyllis Schlafly: Latinos ‘Don’t Understand’ Bill of Rights

October 12, 2019

phyllis schlafly a well known conservative who has said any number of outrageous
things over the last many many years the name that makes many
people vomit in their own mel’s a little bit uh… spontaneously right well she
decided to make a analysis to do an analysis of why is it that hispanics or is she describes them
latinos conservatives this was on uh… she was on the clay and marty show let’s listen to what she had to say i’m
sure the brilliant analysis of why aren’t latino voters republicans thank
the republican party this is a as subject that we talk about here quite a
bit the minority community you wouldn’t
there’s a lot of uh… hispanics here in kern county in in in california you know socially they should be
republican because they have the same falconry value attic we do they feel the
same way about the abortion issue yet the minority communities is democrat
have we dropped the ball as republicans with the minority community margaret
character apollo temperature above all uh… i don’t like the republican
inclinations at all it they come from a country where they had
no experience with limited government latinos come from a cookbook any country
what countries that but which country do if he does come
from i guess she’s referring to all of them i think she’s referring to mexicans i think that that’s the way i see
someone talk about latinos and hispanics uh… speeding away which really references one country i think they’re just assuming latino
means mexican the time i think that she doesn’t know what she was referring to
maybe she doesn’t even al okay let’s continue little bit more and uh… barrick tightrope likely have
a bill of rights uh… golden books that that’s that’s good so let’s analyze this piece by piece
number one she talked about illegitimacy speaking of illegitimacy in political
orientation if you look at young white women in red states verses young white women in blue states you will see significantly higher levels of so-called
illegitimacy in the red states so i don’t know that so you can kind of the
you can slice of statistics anyway you want the other thing is that in argentina where i’m from aka of a
catholic country mostly catholic country which is what they mean when they say
family values and she says they come from a country let’s assume it’s been
any any country of most countries in in latin and south america they say uh… okay they don’t
understand the differences between governments or anything like that they
should be conservative in argentina where legacy is a very catholic country there’s a perfectly good understanding
there the differences between government and what it means to be of conservatism
of not conservatism in people are still very liberal so i don’t even i think
that the paradigm is wrong lewis to assume that in the u_s_ if your religious you vote
for what is the american republican party more mostly translates to other parts of the world
necessarily that’s maybe a little too nuance for phyllis that’s another discussion i guess but
uh… yeah there that’s her opinion her or
thoughts on this a very presumptive and you know uh… she is dave really make
sandwiches justices are these people are stupid and and don’t know what they’re
doing behave that way it is important that really the core of it in time yet if i’ll point out that this idea
that uh… you know immigrants in this case uh… hispanic immigrants don’t
know about the bill of rights the way americans duke that you have read it you have a
rich citizenship past are requires much more knowledge than the average person
will find in any city in the country yet no question about it anything they may
know more their naturalized citizens

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  1. ……..they aren't Republican because if they were, they'd be one step closer to the stereotype the Republicans themselves make of them; uneducated/stupid

  2. Any citizen of the US, no matter their political leanings, that wishes to change in any way the Bill of Rights not only does not understand the Bill of Rights but also is un-American.

  3. I am of mixed race. It would be better to say. No one even knows there in a Republic and what it means. Long Live Human Rights. A Democratic Republic. Not a democracy. Conquer & Divide is all they are doing. One Love

  4. She is thinking of Mexicans, because she is thinking of undocumented. Still, she sounds like an ignoramus for saying "country" and "Latinos" in same sentence.

  5. Did anyone else want David to let the tape play longer so we could hear her hang herself?

    Hope David's not afraid that his audience is too stupid to understand what she's getting wrong.

  6. Her son is the creator of Conservapedia. THAT is how far beyond the reach of facts she is. She is from the Barton school of historical revisionism.

    I MYSELF probably know more about the bill of rights than she does. I once took an online copy of the citizenship test, and passed easily. I doubt strongly if she could.

  7. It all boils down to the fact that Phyllis Schlafly does not know what the fuck she is talking about

  8. Republican principals suppress minorities rights to vote; prevent ordinary ppl from getting health insurance & confiscate their pensions; cut workers pay & deny them barganing rights; pass laws against ordinary citizens suing corporations; deny poor women access to health care & a free choice concerning their bodies; take away food stamps, housing subsidies, & home heating assistance from the poor; cut taxes for the rich & increase them for the middle-class; oppress gays, legalize pollution, etc

  9. I really could've gone living without knowing this Schlafly lady existed. Sounds like an old Anne Coulter.

  10. This horrible old bag still alive, with her gay son and her anti-gay rights stance–god what a foul creature

  11. I actually live in Kern County and local governments usually are dominated by the Democratic party until you get into Good ol' Bakersfield. I think this idea that groups should vote in droves for a party is absurd. There's just as many Latinos concerned by college costs as are white, black, asian, etc. Its just a divisive way to speak on any issue.

  12. To her… anyone who disagree that white christian freaks should rule over all = not understanding the Bill of Rights.

  13. I'm pro life. I believe every baby and every kid should be protected. These republicans want white Americans to have a dozen kids but whenever the baby comes from a foriegner, they use terms like anchor baby, illegitimate and say "illegals use babies as an excuse to stay here". Sounds like a perfectly good excuse to me if I was a republican.

  14. Latinos have very intimate experience with limited government; those among them in poverty are victims of all those cutbacks to social programs and to discrimination due to lack of thorough protection of their minority status. As well as a downright sloppy and outdated immigration system.

  15. Also if you want a laugh, check out her Buster Bluth-like son Andy Schlafly and his comical conservapedia site.

  16. A woman that denies in the 21st century that rape in marriages exists has no right whatsoever to be part of any public discourse.

  17. What a typical American conservative. Of course all hispanics are Mexican. They are the bad ones who jump the fence and sell cocaine and infiltrate "our" public schools and the girls grow up to whores and porn stars. Or at least that's what Rush Limbaugh told me.

  18. You know what I find irritating: In many countries outside of the US, kids in their public school systems lean not only their native language but English too and maybe even a third language. They come in here and they speak better English than most of us. They offend no one. But we go into their country and get angry at anyone who doesn't understand our English.. Americans seem to be so inherently ignorant of other cultures. It bothers me so much.

  19. I just had a little look at the history and constitution of mexico, which is where most of the latinos in the USA are from. It's a republic with separation of church and state, bans on cruel and unusual punishment(including death), freedom of speech, right to legal equality, etc. That mexicans do not understand republican principles is a little out there. I guess the constitution is a bit more socialist, but it's just standard worker protections. I guess she doesn't use google.

  20. I imagine the reason they aren't Republican is because they DO know the bill of rights and the Constitution, more than the Republicans seem to. Hell, the Republicans can't even be bothered to see and obey their own Constitutional laws.

  21. I used to think the same thing about my one grandmother….smoked roughly 3 packs of cigarettes a day for decades, and that batshit crazy witch from the dark ages seemed healthier than any of us, but eventually the smoking did her in. Have faith, this crazed lunatic will die too…that much hate isn't healthy.

  22. I am curious as to why David likes America,and if he was able would he leave and go back to Venezuela or does he think the USA is the best?

  23. He couldn't make the money in Venezuela that he does here. You see it all the time with celebrities, they rip on America and praise another country but never seem to want to move and the simple answer is money.

  24. She does have a very good point here. In the US we have a lot of freedoms and when someone comes from a country where they didn't have that much freedoms or never had the mentality to work hard to get what the want and government independence then they would vote for a more socialist party. They would vote for a party that wants to develop a government that is like the one they came from.

  25. Really? The Bill of Rights and the Republican party? Is that why George Bush pushed for the PATRIOT Act?

  26. Is that why Obama is taking the Patriot Act to the next level? I do believe it was a horrible idea to start with. Well actually it was a great idea in concept but in actuality it violates so much of the constitution its sad.

  27. She is an idiot. Sad how half of the people elected are idiots, regardless of party. Just like Diana DeGette and her co-sponsering the high capacity magazine bill and knowing nothing about what a magazine is.

  28. What a horrible hag this woman is and has always been. An awful person who has made the world a worse place to be.

  29. I love that you come on and pretty much prove David's point with your lack of knowledge of foreign countries.

  30. The irony is that conservatives do their best to destroy public education, which teaches about the Bill of Rights. Oh, Phyllis Schlafly, your party shoots itself in the foot and you blame others. Self-awareness isn't your strong point.

  31. Why do conservatives ask stupid questions like "why aren't X minority conservatives?" Do these idiots have ANY self awareness?

  32. Nope.
    Haven't you heard? They've had an autopsy some months back. Results: DOA. The dead have no self awareness.

  33. I'm a gringo living in Mexico … and Mexicans are fully aware of what freedom means … and we have it here. It's a pity that we even have to talk about phyllis schlafly anymore.

  34. This fuckin Mexican knows enough to realize she's a racist hag! And I am a Republican! I work my ass off for what I have!!!

  35. Democrats seem to be the ones that help the rich by creating regulations to hurt small businesses and the middle class and are also known for their racism with playing the race card. Also, what government program the democrats support boost the economy? Is it high taxes and giving money away?

  36. Bill of Rights? Why are we talking about the Bill of Rights?
    George W tore it up and Barack threw it away. ­čśŤ

  37. That's funny, I thought Mexico had a WAY more limited government compared to the USA. I guess it's why their economy is even lagging behind ours and want to come here.

  38. I agree with the point about different countries being Hispanic. I am Puerto Rican and Mexican stereotypes get put on me

  39. There you go again, playing the "playing the race card" card.

    johnmburt. tumblr. com/post/50431298584

    Do you ever actually succeed in shutting down a conversation with that charge, or does everyone see through it as easily as I do?

  40. No, I just see how asinine and racist people are that make race an issue by playing the race card. Example, I have legitimate reasons why I dislike Obama and whenever I talked about his ideas or Obamacare people just say that I dislike him because I am racist and he is black when race has nothing to do with it. People that bring up the race card are making race an issue when it isn't.

  41. This video was really disturbing. It's sad to see someone so ignorant. My parents are Mexicans, and hardcore Mexicans born and raised in Mexico. I have stricter parents than anyone else. They're overly catholic, and are reaaaaaaaaally conservative. I swear they're the epitome of the word, and we butt heads all the time because of that. Yet they hate republicans, because they feel that they are greedy, ignorant bastards… Not because they don't know their "family values"

  42. "People that bring up the race card are making race an issue when it isn't." — whyamimrpink78

    Yes, I know — we're trying to get you to stop doing that, but you just keep on playing the "playing the race card" card, making that same feeble accusation with nothing to back it up.

    johnmburt. tumblr. com/post/50431298584

  43. It was built by black people while white people whipped them….then it was built by the chinese and irish over the corpses of the locals.

  44. There's a difference between saying that america is a country where white people are the majority and saying that it's just for white people.

    Ps: There are other better democracies and better countries.

  45. And what do you plan on doing if whites aren't the majority?

    As for america being one of the greatest democracies on earth.

    No I don't. It was originally a democracy for landowning white males. The revolution was for the sake of the landowning elite. The same people who sent wounded revolutionaries to debtors jails when they couldn't pay their debts while giving them shit pay.

    We committed genocide, had colonies and massacre people up to this day.

  46. anyone notice how conservative radios never ask HISPANICS why hispanics aren't conservatives?

    Hey.. im here, im an activist for MANY liberal causes… I'm hispanic… Ask me…. why are you asking her?

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