Picture Frames with Morso Guillotine Cutter

October 17, 2019

A surprise package arrived! Two beautiful watercolor paintings! Let’s build some frames. The IKEA “as-is” section sometimes has cabinet doors/drawer fronts that are hardwood (oak?). Removing factory edges to square up the stock. Ripping the wood to width. Cross cutting the pieces to length. Planing off the factory finish. And planing down to final thickness. Routing out recess for glass, mat board and painting. Also routed a chamfer for decoration. The Morso Guillotine Cutter! Pedal operated for cutting perfect angles. Adjustable stops to support rabbets. Making the cut. Only man power required. Taking large bites takes quite a bit of force. Easier to nibble away and sneak up to your lines. Perfect 45’s Glue up. Cutting in slots for splines for added strength. Ripping some thin strips for splines. Cutting out splines on the bandsaw. Gluing splines into frame. Flush cutting the splines. Sanding flat. Sanding surfaces down to remove glue and burn marks. Ebony stain. 3 coats of satin spray lacquer. Cutting mat board to size. Marking cutout area. This tool cuts a 45° bevel into mat board. Taping the painting to the mat board. Cutting the backer boards. Drilling holes for picture frame hardware. Acrylic sheet Mat + painting Backer board Securing in place. Adding hanger hardware. Hanging in the living room. (adjust as necessary)

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