PM Theresa May’s Brexit Withdrawal Deal Fails Again In UK Parliament | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
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PM Theresa May’s Brexit Withdrawal Deal Fails Again In UK Parliament | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

February 26, 2020

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  1. For a start, May is going nowhere. No one wants her job.
    Corbyn is ignoring his own party's policy. He should be pursuing a second referendum at this point but he won't do it because he hates Europe.
    Europe thinks the Brits are a mixture of idiots, charlatans and fools. It's a depressing time for the U.K. Quite the humiliating wake-up call.
    There are two paths from here – either a short delay and they try to rush through a much "softer" deal with a closer with Europe, or a longer delay with a referendum in about 9-12 months to ratify any deal that is done in the meantime. That would probably end with no Brexit, which would ultimately be the best outcome.
    So much for the buccaneering, international powerhouse U.K. that Brexit campaigners promised. Instead, it has unfortunately proved itself to be inept, deluded and foolish.

  2. This utter failure failed at her last job, targets the disabled and keeps the masses in poverty. Now she fails again and again at this, while the people were conned by Boris and Farage and they, like her, get off scot free. Time to resign loser. Maybe Donnie can hold your hand…

  3. The EU will not block an extension to Article 50 as long as it doesn't extend to the point where the UK has to hold European Parliamentary elections. If it did a major problem arises because the UK cannot legally hold another referendum at short notice because election law does not allow referendums to be held without 3 months consultation and 3 additional months notice of a vote and the alternative that parliament overrides the referendum result and withdraws article 50 would be a negation of democracy. The only alternative to that is the March 29 default position of the UK crashing out of the EU without an agreement which would cause chaos across Europe.

  4. And now Plan B – maybe this can help? But I can only advice Nothern Ireland, Scotland and Gibraltar to leave the UK as soon as possible before the Brexit disaster ruins own country!👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️

  5. Putin is sowing poison in Europe and here in America. Putin needs to see a weakened America, and a weakened and divided Europe.

  6. What happens if they also reject a no-deal Brexit? Will GB then remain in the EU if they cannot get a better deal?

  7. One more blessing from right wing movements. I feel sorry for Great Britain and all the people being fooled into believing that Brexit will be good for them.

  8. If the UK asks nicely, Canada might just accept them as our 11th province (unless California beats them to it).

  9. Please stop saying crash out and cliff edge .coments made by the remainers on a project fear agenda for 17.4 millions a no deal brexit on wto rules will be fine nearly all media have vested interests in the European Union so you will mostly receive bias media just like they have in America .no deal brexit please . And let us move forward

  10. Should've required a 2/3 majority from the very beginning. This was too big a decision for a simple majority.

  11. The analogy with the US is this: brazen, cynical populists complete the downward evolution of a whole party to back a stupid, cruel set of policies that serve their crony capitalist agenda by harnassing angry white resentment at the world the neo-liberals made. About half the country solidly resists these stupid policies. The rational half now have to peel off enough of the voters who realize they have been duped or just made a big mistake to vote the other way. We in the US had the mid-term elections that pulled us back from the abyss; the UK if it has a second referendum when article 50 gets postponed–now just need more of the rational people who didn't bother to vote back in 2016 to get off their arses and a couple of percent of those Leavers to switch and we could get back to the normal mess we were in before.

  12. Leave it to the people of any country to live in fear of everything to cause this chaos. Its better their way, which is worse for everyone. The good thing is that those who voted for Brexit will suffer the consequences. This is called karma. I am thrilled.

  13. Why extend the deadline? What for? They – the EU – are not interested. We leave – that’s it that’s what we voted for. Look at what the EU did in Greece – slavery overnight. Look at chaos in France, Italy etc.
    Just get out that is what we voted for. You can not negotiate with thugs.

  14. Ireland are on the side of the adversary. Why should we sell our souls to slavery because of Ireland. Look at what that Rat the Irish prime minister is saying.
    We are not going to build the Irish boarder but if they put up a boarder that is not our business. For us we leave – let Ireland deal with their business. It’s up to them.

  15. I guess Merkel only had enough to pay May and not the rest of parliament, she's Putins woman he keeps so many on the side Merkel, May, Hillary and half the women in Senate. Must be nice to keep a harem but the quality is a bit off.

  16. no deal , no Brexit, Conservatives (UK) and Republicans (USA) are finished they have completely screwed up both nations. Russia is behind all of this Iam sure.

  17. I don't understand why in the world did they ask their citizens to vote on an issue if they never intended on leaving the EU????????? Welcome to crazy world 🙁

  18. I know there has been a lot of propaganda in the media over the years regarding Brexit and alleged Russian interference, but the truth of the matter is that the UK public have always been divided over the issue right from the moment it joined the EEC decades ago. For those who were alive then, they have always been a 'leave' supporter because they resented joining the EEC (now the EU) in the first place.

    The reason why it has become so messy is because parliament is split three ways:
    1- Those who want Brexit and complete control over regulations, tax, borders, etc (ERG Conservatives and DUP)
    2- Those who voted either way and are willing to support leave but in the spirit of compromise (May & others in government)
    3- Those who are adamant against Brexit despite there being a majority for it (Labour, Greens, SNP)

    Each group in parliament has their own vision of Brexit and continuously try to enforce their agenda and tear down all other agendas at any cost.

    On top of that, there is then the party politics for the fight for Downing Street (Government). All the Brexit votes are being abused politically by MPs in order to achieve party goals while completely disregarding the real issue.

    To top it off, the EU is also in a slight dilemma here because while it would be beneficial for them to have a trading agreement in place with the UK (as the EU enjoys a considerable surplus from UK trade), they also need to appear to be making Brexit as difficult as humanly possible to deter other countries from pursuing similar paths respectively. The EU think that populism has just started, yet they still have not realised that it's already here.

    The UK, according to poll data, had a lower ratio of those wanting to leave the EU compared to a number of other member states. The only difference is that our government has actually put that decision to the public while other countries have not (at least, yet).

    On the back of all this going on, people often forget that we know how the EU negotiate and we're more than familiar with their negotiating tactics. It has been said right from the very beginning that the process will push the boundaries and test the nerve of each side – but the EU make their final offers at the 11th hour, and while we are close to the 29th March, we are not there yet.

    This is just another typical day for British politics though. The exact same thing happened with the Scottish referendum and while emotions were high in that one too, everything eventually calms down once it is all over.

  19. The United Kingdom government are embarrassing the country and the British people to the entire world, too many individual MP's have personal agendas and are not representing the people! honestly after this you must ask yourselves does democracy really work in this new world we live in. I am sure this could result in riots, violence and other upheaval if parliament do not leave the EU

  20. Two years ago some irresponsible demagogues — Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, and those who helped them — convinced the Brits to vote on leaving the EU, even though no one had bothered to figure out what that move would mean. Since then, it turned out that the economic consequences will be very bad for everybody, but worse for the UK. And, even worse, what they voted for was a mathematical impossibility: Northern Ireland is part of the UK, there cannot be a customs border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, and Ireland will not leave the EU. Therefore, Brexit is as impossible as adding 2 with 2 and getting 55.

    Common sense would say that the plans for Brexit should be just scrapped, and that vote ignored as having been conducted under false premises — since the voters were given a cloice that just was not possible to execute. If the formalists really insist, there could be another popular vote, this time without any impossible and suicidal alternatives: that is, with "No" as the only option.

    So, in the next few days, the Parliament must vote on an important question: when the Brits voted for Brexit, were they idiots, morons, or imbecilles?

  21. I know….
    Stay in Europe..Move to NIreland, Scotland.
    Leave Euro..Move to England n Wales.
    You did that to India Pakistan Bangladesh…
    Circle of life…Why don.t you do it yourself..?

  22. Get out….get sovereign … a country again. You have no Constitution…you are a ship without a compass or captain…making up laws….changing the rules as you go ….the British people who voted for Brexit are going to revolt.

  23. she is now trying to hold Parliament responsible, exactly her plan. She is duplicit in this i believe.
    O a.d its not crash out its cash in

  24. O and it is not a no deal BREXIT. IT IS A NO DEAL WITH THE EU.

  25. As goes the UK and the USA, so goes the world. Britton is facing a disastrous two year Brexit, America is facing our two years of Trump. Another global economic and civil collapse with Russia, China and a couple other small players to pick up the pieces. Won't someone rid us of our failed leadership?

  26. Brexit fans deserve it. Britain will be buried by the Brexit deal. Theresa May needs to resign while she has any self respect.

  27. CNN, MSNBC & many other Medias are all Deep states control medias, all concious people should knows, but it's Sad to realize the Deceptions from these deep state's media stilll crawling firmly the British parliament..

  28. To hear that person shout out General Election yes let's have a general election and both of your parties will not get back in power nevermind labour a radical Change Is Coming like they did it in America it's going to happen here they are going to screw the people and will screw them


  30. Looks like the wimpy Brits and their beta males are letting their panty waists dictate their demise. A strong, confident and competent alpha Male is needed to rescue those morons.

  31. Population of UK Registered Voters : 45,766,000. Total voted in Referendum out of a population of 66,000,000.ap.
    Of the 45,766,000 Reg Voters , 33,551,983 voted against 12,140,017 who did not vote < people who either recognised they did not have the necessary information to cast a well considered vote, or were simply unconcerned.

    Of the 33,551,983 million people who voted, 48.1% voted to Remain, against 51.9% voted to leave.
    That amounts to 3% = 1,269,501 likely hood of ill informed and mis informed leavers carrying the day.

    By the rules the referendum, the government did not have to enact a withdrawal from the EU, but could have taken it as a measure of public discontent to weigh up in the coming future parlimentary sessions. Given the margine was so close as to be seen as becoming divisive , the government could have looked ahead to dealing with this in a more Open and Democratic way than it had done,by taking steps to properly and fully inform the public on the complex issues they faced before taking any desicive action at a future date…one way or another.

    Having said that,when all said and done, here in the UK we do not have government or a media that makes the neccessry effort to Inform the public which in turn enables the public to take meaningful action. Neither do we have an state education system that provides the necessary information to up and coming generations about their social economic history in any meaningful way for them to be a part of a real democratic process of government.

    This Referendum was ostensibly carried out by the Tory government ,to bridge a rift in its own ranks,without prepairing the public with information about the complex issues they would be faced with before they voted,has BACKFIRED MASSIVELY. Though to be fare, on the Leavers side they did broadcast Exciting Bite Sized adverts of what has transpired to be mis information and lies about how easy and beneficial coming out from the EU would be.
    As a citizen of the UK I am deeply worried about the future of my daughter's family and their young children, as much as I am for all of their generation who will bear the brunt of this debacle in government.
    There seems little doubt for concern that the people of the EU have problems caused by neoliberal policies , which has lead in large part to this debacle. This in my view is something that needs to be challenged ,much as the American public face with neoliberal policies coming out from their government, giving rise to issues of injustice and inequality etc etc .

    It should be incumbant on societies and their governments to properly inform and educate their children about Real Economic and Social political life; how it is structured and developed over the years, and how they fit into the scheme of things,so they as citizens are an informed and enabled people to participate in the process of democratic government on local and national levels.
    In short ,here in the UK, we are at best an ill informed population. And at worst a hugely ignorant one….watching over a seriously divided bunch of politions in parliament brought on by David Camoron's government.

    Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn are better examples of polititions, and what are called Progressives. In my view it will be people like them that offers any hope for the future and satbility of the world.

    We're the UK we don't honor our contract…but we're a great
    Country. You can trust us..NOT.

  33. 🧐 – What a bunch of numpties, representing constituencies all across Britain.

    In a time where / when 'UNITY' should be shown, the House of Parliament is showing divide.
    How on Earth do you expect Brussels / EU, to take Britain seriously.

    For crying out loud.
    As individuals, you’ll never in life please everyone;
    But, it’s possible to work with others, in an ethical way, so those whom weren’t pleased, may understand in order to compromise.

    My analysis of what is truly happening / delaying the vote etc;
    Is 'Greed'.

  34. For those that try using article 24 thinking it will save brexit –

  35. Leaving to a WTO GATT Deal is nothing to be frightened of.. Under GATT Article 24 we have the option to leave but continue trading with the EU tariff free for up to 10 years whilst negotiating a bespoke relationship. That's a clean, safe, transparent option which meets all the requirements withut any of the nastiness !

  36. Brexit is the result of Racism. Obviously Racists wont agree to accept refugees, immigrants, etc. Racists do not want Open borders with the rest of EU.
    EU by definition has been Open Borders – Free Movement. UK is the only Racist EU nation and it prefers to go bankrupt and hungry than to accept immigrants and refugees.
    Racist UK got what they wished for.

  37. We face leaving the EU without a deal on 29th March with all the chaos that would ensue. This PM has been heavily defeated twice in Parliament and yet still has the arrogance to persist in pursuing her dead deal! Never before has a PM of the UK been so bloody minded in the face of total defeat in Westminster to even now insist on proclaiming it is her deal or no deal. It bears all the analogy of your President holding up two fingers to Congress and declaring a national emergency for his crazy wall.
    We supposedly live in democracies, but we surely need protection from these two autocrats.

  38. How’s he not embarrassed to show his face on TV after being ripped apart by Dawkins about thinking Mohammed actual split the moon in two?

  39. Theresa May and the orange malignant tumor are attempting to destroy the world! These despots must be exiled! Nazism must be destroyed worldwide! Some still call them “cumservatives,” but they are primitive, corrupt, racist, xenophobic plagues of sub-humanity!!

  40. What about a new referendum on doing away with parliament all together. They will not do what the people want so why not?

  41. As long as May is heading up the ship, she'll head for every iceberg she sees until the good ship Brexit is sunk. A Remainer sailing the Leave ship, what more did you expect? While the coastguards Barnier and Tusk guide May, the good ship Leave slowly sinks in the vast EU ocean.


  43. The remainers have made a very big mistake by voting against her deal and voting to stop a no deal.Its just made it almost certain only her deal or no deal is on the table .You would have to be very stupid or very naïve to believe otherwise.

  44. THE dog and pony show of s
    White supremacy is slowly being dismantled .. The fake white dominate male is being exposed in the court rooms in the college scandals .. And Theresa. May. Darts Vader voice an all is continuing the brokenness and fake ness of conservatism …. But the big one will be when a majority of white women marry out of there race an it’s not far behind ya dig!!

  45. we will see an extension children. EU won't be harsh with the UK. They have been through so much in the past the EU should allow an extension to take place.

  46. The only deal available she says ! Boris proved different . May will melt into history as a failure , the arrogant liar !!

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