Pokemon Bonsaï – Composition Spéciale
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Pokemon Bonsaï – Composition Spéciale

October 11, 2019

hi YouTube this is Mr. Bonsai today a special video for Pokemon Go launch. you have all heard about it, here in Japan I think that 90% of the population plays we will make a landscape for inside the house that’s why we chose a glass pot in which we will create a landscape as always we start with the soil mix We work on an indoor terrarium So we need something very airy a half unit of Fuji sand two units of Kiryu sand or coarse sand a whole unit of coal coal will allow to filter the water to prevent too many bacteria to thrive anyway we will use the large gravels as base layer to manage if there is a water overfill for the foam and some of
plants we use the standard mix for kokedama mix you can find details in the video on the soil mix linked right here it is a compact mixture tacky but pretty draining because
it contains Fuji sand and akadama we begin with a little of large gravel and we will start to look at the landscape a rock here a volcanic rock This volcanic rock is black chopped it will be perfect to host
moss and plants to accompany, a Ginseng Ficus. thrush from Japan It is a small, low grass suitable for all climates and mini bamboo to lighten the tone we also use a succulent types Echeveria it is quite thin, high with rigid and broad leaves. ideally I wanted to include a
small pool inside so I cut the plastic bottle bottom if we had to redo it I would use a clay mini saucer already glazed with shades blue, green, gray see why at the end of the video Once the location is decided we will fix it all with pure Keto feel free to put plenty, it will be hidden adjusting the height, size and
consolidation for the rock Once you are satisfied with the location take the kokedama soil mix rewet and we will spread it on different parts of the rock where we will put moss and plants the idea here is to have a difference keeping a part of the rock and preparing the
ground for moss Once the base is prepared this is what happens we can continue we will start with the mini bamboo unpot it the roots are cleaned and place our soil mix to secure and go with the next plant before moving to Japanese hrush
spread our soil mix that will serve as intermediate layers between
gravel and sand that we will put above . Now we place the thrush there is a hole in the stone specially created to accommodate a plant and fixed everything with the mixture kokedama it is clear that we have kept part
the visible rock the rest covered to accommodate the
foam Now the succulent plant easy it is placed to the left ficus is not in trunk they are plants which were Cuttings it will come to the right it now has a forest effect cover with the last layer of substrat composed 100% of coarse sand before continuing is prepared the base for moss use the mizugoke sieved and cut finely we will re-humidified so that it will re green we also have good wet moss that we must wring go round the base of plants with
the mizugoke, that will keep humidity I have here in my tray mizugoke that has already regreened So I mix once the two plants are surrounded I put on the rock he should not hesitate to push in order the
rootlets to grip the soil Later moss grow by itself the big plate that will come between the trucks of the succulent it gives a small hill effect and now finish adding other types of moss a little clearer or shaped differently it will come sprinkled throughout the décor to brighten the shades Once you are satisfied with the
green it is an interior composition
So we will have to keep an eye on watering and not to create a water overfill in our container we will place the white gravel that we will have prewashed and water fill to create our wading pool you see here the effect is not quite extraordinary with a clay cup one could easily bring more
the foam and does not see plastic in the reflection of the water Then I wanted to try to add
black gravel but with glass pot and tone already quite dark with plants I later decided to withdraw and replace by a sand as found in the lower layers to give a little color I use a kind of gypsum with the colors blue I’ll it at the right of the basin for as little reeds it will give an effect of lightness and support the little monster that will come right speaking of little monsters here are
Pokemon evolution a Blastoise evolution of Squirtle and Venusaur, evolution Bulbasaur two pokemon ultra famous that fits perfectly with the spirit
the composition Blastoise right near the water Venusaur near plants small final changes I add a few drops of ink in
the basin to tint the gravel and water Which give a reminder of color with Blastoise and with the new gravel and much more charisma to the
composition I hope you enjoyed this video I took great pleasure in the making if you liked the video feel free to share and like see you soon for new videos Please subscribe, Bye !

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  1. excellente vidéo comme d'habitude. wow tu gères en construction Légo , bravo ! Ps quel est le nom de la plante en arrière plan dont on voit le tronc ( ou les racines ) entremêlé ?

  2. Wow ! De TRÈS loin ma vidéo préférée ! Pas tellement pour les pokemons (quoique j'qi bien aime la phase de construction des Nanoblocs) mais surtout parce que tu es juste vraiment doué pour les compos ! Du super boulot !

  3. Salut Monsieur Bonsaï,
    comme d'habitude une vidéo technique parfaitement réalisée et très bien expliquée. Ce vent de modernité rajouté, rend cette réalisation très sympa. Merci à bientôt!

  4. salut, tu pourrais mettre de temps en temps une video sur tes anciennes composition pour voir comment elles evolues
    Et a tu des conseils sur le demelage des racinnes ?
    car parfois je tombre sur d'enormes paquet de racines emmêler avec de plus grosses.
    j ai vraiment peur d'en coupé.

  5. Bonjour,
    je découvre ta chaîne et elle est parfaite pour moi qui débute dans le monde du Bonsaï.
    Ce tuto est bien expliqué, j'ai hâte de faire mon propre paysage également.
    Merci beaucoup pour tes explications et bonne continuation.

  6. Votre composition est très bien faite je vous remercie de nous l’avoir partagé, formidable,,
    je n’ai pas aime les Pokémons du plastique avec la nature !!!!!!

  7. Pour une fois que je me perd sur YouTube et tombe sur un sujet passionnant et qui donne envie !!! j'aimerais me lancer dans ce genre de compostions et l'art des kokedama et bonsaï 🙂
    Je pense que mettre le nom des plantes dans la description serait un plus !! 😀 et un petit tuto pour débutant les plantes d’intérieur qu'il faut privilégier les erreurs à ne pas faire sinon j'adore c'est top je part visualiser les autres vidéos et m'abonne 😀

  8. Super sympa comme composition, il y a de tout et ça rend super bien !
    Je voulais savoir combien de temps tiennent ces compositions (mini bonsaï, paysage de mousse, mini forêt etc) ? Doit-on aussi apporter de l'engrais dans ce type de composition et les placer non loin d'une fenêtre ? Où est-ce plus éphémère ?

    En tout cas bravo pour la qualité des vidéos et des explications !

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