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Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee – UK Constitution

September 16, 2019

Hello, I’m Graham Allen, I’m the Chair of
one of Parliament’s select committees, the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee,
and I’m talking to you from the lobby of the House of Commons because I need your help.
Parliament needs to ensure that our democracy is ever stronger, and one of the things we’re
going to do is consult with you, and ask your opinion on a number of things around “Do we
need a written constitution? Do we need to strengthen our politics? And what ideas do
you have to contribute?” So lots of countries do have a written constitution,
or a codification of their laws, but we don’t in the UK, and perhaps we should join that
democratic family and have a written constitution of our own. Perhaps we should know the rules.
So in 2015 we are going to be celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta,
and we should enjoy those celebrations, but as well as being a backward look to see things
like the establishment of the rule of law, and to ensure power is distributed properly,
the things that they did in these days. We also need to look forward, we need to see
whether we need a new constitutional settlement, in other words a new Magna Carta. And maybe
we do, and that’s one of the questions that I’m going to ask you to think about. “Do we
need a written constitution? And if so, what should it look like?”
Let’s have a look at the document that my Select Committee has produced which actually
outlines a number of options. Firstly, that we should stay as we are, and
there are arguments both for and against that are in the document that I’d like you to have
a look at. Secondly, that we don’t need a full blown written constitution, that we could
actually do something of lesser scale, perhaps the Cabinet Manual could be put into some
sort of Parliamentary framework. Perhaps all the existing laws could be pulled together
in one place. But that’s for you to choose, and whichever option you choose, you then
need to tell us what are the changes you’d like to see. And particularly, if you plump
for a written constitution, do you think our draft has got it right? Do you think we’re
right on the powers of the Prime Minister? On the strength of local government? On devolution?
On whether we should elect the second chamber, behind me here?
There are lots of questions that we need you to have a look at, and if you could do that
seriously and send us the evidence, your views, we will put those things all together, by
about January the 1st 2015, and actually produce a Report for Parliament, and for Parliament
to consider. Let us know what your views are, we’ll take them seriously, and we’ll produce
a document that we think you’ll be proud of. Thank you so much.

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  1. No!  Our Constitution is fine as it is – any attempt by Parliament to change our Constitution would be an act of Treason and these MPs had better wake up to this simple fact!  We KNOW what the global corporate banking elite have got lined up for humanity and we KNOW that their 'useful idiots' in Parliament are just doing as they are told.  With what is now coming out about organised Establishment-led paedophilia and the truth about money supply (check out the restoration of the debt-free and interest-free Bradbury Pound in its centenary year), our corrupt political parties are on their way out….the people are waking up.  Join the British Constitution Group and support the UK Column.

  2. I think you should let kids advise you what to put in a new constitution as their minds haven't yet been corrupted by modern society. I also think it is a disgrace how the queen still has power in government. The house of lords needs dissolving and more frequent elections need to be held. Change is needed but can't be implemented by the existing system. I also need to mention that politicians should not be allowed to have business investments. Investment companies are screwing the county over. Why should rich people be able to make money for doing nothing. 
    I think what the country would be like now if Guy Fawkes had of succeeded… Better I would of thought!

  3. Oh…. and I don't want to pay any tax on anything over a 40 hour week! I work my butt off for a basic wage yet I keep industry and investment companies making millions. I don't like making rich people richer when I am struggling to pay bills. I don't mind swapping jobs with a share holder of a major investment company. Offer stands ?… I'm a hydraulic engineer who worked for Pirtek owned by an investment company who was visited by Cameron a couple of years ago. Does Dave have any friends or family with shares in this company by any chance? Investment companies stink of corruption. I have seen it first hand and can back it up!

  4. How about complete separation of church and state legalizing criticism of religion. Prayer in public schools should be replaced on emphasis on the golden rule. Also shut down your shut down shariah courts your country has too many Islamists who want to impose shariah law which is discriminatory against women and religious minorities by modern standards. It's the only way you will ever successfully de-radicalize crazy fundamentalists.

  5. First things first, we need money out of politics! We British very openly criticise the extreme corruption in the US government (whereby 95% of the time the party who spent the most money on its election campaign won at a federal level!), yet we seem to dismiss the fact that 2/3rds of our laws are produced in Brussels (the hub of the EU). This is the same Brussels which contains 30, 000 corporate lobbyists, whilst only having 31, 000 politicians, this then must make you wonder how much better off are we than the US, the answer, not very. The simple fact that the tories (especially David Cameron) are trying to push through 'TTIP' (secret EU & US trade agreement) agreement which would lower  fundamental regulations on things such as food quality, corporate restraints, tax brakes etc as well as try to SELL OFF THE NHS to the highest bidder reveals a great truth about the way our societies run! All if not most of the issues we face in daily society are symptoms of a corrupt system, far more corrupt than you can identify from watching main stream media! 

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