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    Typical Democrat lies. In NY an ER Doctor makes between 250k to 400k a year. You can't figure out how to pay off a student loan making a quarter a million a year? In California a Doctors salary on average is $125.00 per hr in an urgent care.


  3. What happened to live free or die NH? Haha. I’m kidding. But in all seriousness what about those expose vids where his staff was going on and on about how if he wasn’t the Dem nominee they would burn cities to the ground, take liberals and conservatives out to get the bullet. I mean liberals get the bullet too they say if they stand in the way of their ‘revolution’. And then all that talk about reeducation camps and that is what free college is for because college teachers and staff are usually far far left and a breeding ground for Marxist ideas. While I realize that this is a bit hyperbolic and what Bernie’s staff says and what Bernie does are two different things so would remain to be seen. And America is a free country. But that rhetoric is not good. You’re better than that! Although them again I thought the DNC was better than that to let him in again and then try and screw him again. They didn’t have to let him run as a Dem. Wow this is already too long. Haha. I’ll stop there. Cheers!

  4. The Silicone valley Droid known as Buttigieg deflects his Iowa role while projecting the debunked claim that Trump cheated his way into the White-house. Pretty rich of Sen.Sanders to claim he can beat Trump all while telling his sheeple that "HIS" new united "socialism" will bankrupt America. Bernie loves Norway's model, all while touting how he hates billionaires, doesn't have a clue that Norway has more billionaires pr.capita than the USA! "ALL ABOARD!" taking out "DEMS" at a million miles an hour with the TRUMPTRAIN…. #Trump2020 – turning 2016 liberal tears into 2020 rivers

  5. Why does fox have this clown the black guy he is so disillusioned bcuz he is an ELITIST. THE AMERICAN PPL WILL VOTE FOR TRUMP BCUZ HE IS HONEST

  6. Sanders is a Social-Democrat.
    for Americans who dont understand what that is.
    it is still a Free market, except for one thing . the Employers dont have advantage to give the workers the option to "work for this wages and this condition else you gona starv to death and get in pooverty" . exampel people in Sweden , our working class earns about the same as American lower middle class.

    what that does is that low income wages is going up the effect of the society is that there will be more people who are able to consume witch in the end gives company more profits and demands.

    Healthcare – its universal or some times a very low fee. but it also benefits the market, healthy people that dont have to worry about medical bills or anything are more likley to consume luxery items.

    Taxes – it usally a high tax rate in Social democratic society – but the Free market always regulates prices to what people can afford to pay.

    Education – Social democratic societys usally prioritise good Education for all its people without economic string attached. it some times

    Bussniess- here is where Socialist market really shines, people in our country are secured by the state that you wont die or get in pooverty, it makes it mutch easier for people to take risk to try out new innovating things or start a bussniess of your own.. Well if there are no risks there are no risk trying . so small Buissniess booms and grows steadly.

    my conclussion is the only people who dont benefits from Social democracy or Socialism is the people in the topp of the pyramid. " the richest people whant socialism for them self and Capitalism for the rest"

  7. The United States is already a democratically socialist country. The police, hospitals, public schools, social security, firefighters, the armed forces, the highways system, federal waterways, prisons, and national parks are some examples of many socialized programs that we all pay into already through taxes. What they are using is cold war era fear mongering about the word to scare people into believing democratic socialism = fascism or communism. Also, none of his ideas are really that revolutionary and have been successfully implemented in many other developed nations around the world.

  8. I hate the primaries the way they are. Other states get to decide who I vote for?? Not fair at all. I have complained about it for years!!!

  9. Elizabeth Warren clearly lost the race for the Primary, and right before she loses any support for her campaign, she says it time to stop attacking each other and Unite. Okay, who called Pence a dog, who ran a campaign in calling Bernie a sexist, who made it all about being a woman candidate…Chief Chow Wow Chow Warren. Sorry I meant Chef.

  10. These Democrats politicians are crooked politicians and should not have any rights to be president ,they don’t do a good job for the people who have been left behind

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