Polity Lecture (IAS) : Sovereignty And The Constitution Of India (Preamble) || Likhaai
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Polity Lecture (IAS) : Sovereignty And The Constitution Of India (Preamble) || Likhaai

October 10, 2019

Sovereignty and the Constitution of
India. Let’s see the meaning of the word Sovereignty first. sovereignty literally means to possess
supreme or ultimate power Over a state; to have a kind of
authority over the state; to have authority over it. its a quality that whatever decision
that you want to make there’s no one to question you that is
what you should do? or what you should not do? or how you are doing it
and why you are not doing it? it is something like that. In the
Constitution of India on the first thing that is the preamble we have this word written as the first
keyword “Sovereign”. India is neither a dependency and nor a Dominion. Now the meaning of
dependency is to be up colony of some other country
and to be a Dominion means, to be controlled by any other country. for example if we have Let’s say a country ‘A’ and then we have
another country ‘B’. let’s say these are the two countries
than if the country ‘A’ is using country ‘B’
for its resources and taking all these resources
back than country B is the colony of country A and the other case is, when the country ‘A’ is using his control, its political
control over country ‘B’ to dictate its Polity, then it will be
called as the Dominion so in that sense we can say that India is neither a dependency nor a
Dominion but rather and independent state which can take its
decision by its own, and there’s no one that they should
ask for. Well, we can not say that India was always Sovereign, but rather we should say that it was a Colony or a Dependency before 15th of August that is India’s
Independence Day or rather we can see till the passage of
the Indian Independence Act which was passed by the British
Parliament in 1947 India used to be a colony or rather
dependency of Britain or British Empire. Then later on after the Passage of
this Bill. India became a dominion of the British
empire. in between this era it was Dominion till 26th of January 1950 when the
Constitution of India actually got passed. When it was accepted and enacted, a real sovereign and where when it was ready to take all its decision by its own and there was no role of the British Empire
or British government in that so in simple words we can say, India ceased to be a British dominion on January 26th 1950 by declaring herself a sovereign Republic a Sovereign Republic as written in
the preamble here. We’ll be discussing these
terms Socialist, Secular and Democratic and all other things or other keywords in preamble, in the
later videos. well it is notable to mention that the
Pakistan the country Pakistan which also got
Independent on 15th of August or rather on 14th of
August as they celebrate it on that day. so after
fourteenth of August 1947 they were still a dominion of the British
Empire until 1956 they still were under the British dominion. Although we
can say that sovereignty means to have full control
or full authority over something but we cannot
rule out pressure or influences by the outer
media for example, if we are a country. Let’s say so let’s say we have a Government. Let us say this is our country ‘A’ and we have this Government, and there’s another country ‘B’ or another Government ‘B’ and than
another country let’s say C or there could be a political group
or a political or a pressure group let us say it to be ‘D’. So this is the main country what we are saying as Sovereign. and it is taking all her decisions by
her on. but yes the country “B” can always influence the country ‘C’. Let us say the
country B has a good kind of infrastructure. so if country ‘B’, have a good kind of infrastructure. Than the country ‘A’ can always check or they can copy or they can
always get influenced by the infrastructure of the
country ‘B’. or if, This country ‘C’, let’s say, or
there is a Government institution, like or rather an international institution
like UNO: United Nation organization then it can say that the country ‘A’
what is doing in your country is not good for the whole society or for the whole
mankind and you should stop it or you should not do. We can just said
waz you for that and or other in in that sense country D
can also say OK if you are doing that thing what kind what do you enjoy suggesting
that you should not do it and if you still do it then I will not
go for any kind of business with you so I won’t
do any piano business with you so we can see that in such a case dick are creating
pressure or them so it’s an external pressure that these
countries are creating what the golan institutions are creating were
country so this is what we can see that instead
up that country is a sovereign country and
it can take wallets it can manage all its decision but yes
we cannot rule out the word influence and the work pressure from
taking its decisions well it is interesting to note that
although India what independence in 1947 but is still continued all rather it
went ahead to have a membership bid the
British Commonwealth of Nations and it was already a member of the
United Nations Organization since 1945 it was a member of the UN
which is an international organization and it became up partner or it became a member of the
British Commonwealth of Nations in 1949 as India was a young country
which we just got out from the rules of colonial powers
then the imperial powers it became highly
debatable it became highly questionable that way India has joined the British
Commonwealth of Nations once again and with that is way they have acquired the
membership of the Commonwealth of Nations and and accepted
the British Crown as the head of the commonwealth of
nations with this was always a question on to be a tender in the
Constituent Assembly in those times as India was a new country AP they’ve
just got independence from the British government and now they
have accepted the British Pound once again as the head up from the Commonwealth of
Nations where it is a member by in itself well it is worthy enough to mention here
that the acceptance of commonwealth of nation in Norway constitutional any way or
another we can say it extra-constitutional it is extra constitution and that it is not
mentioned in the Constitution of India and knew it and to diminish the
fear solved the Constituent Assembly in those times the Prime Minister of India at that time
that is Joe are lower level the former prime minister he said on the
question of serenity that we have achieved it doesn’t nation lose
its independence by an alliance with another country Alliance normally means commitments the
free association of the solvent Commonwealth of Nations does not in one such commitments its
very strength delays in its flexibility and its complete
freedom it is well known that it is open to any
member nation to go out on the Commonwealth if it so
chooses it isn’t agreement by free you will to
be terminated by Fri when will these other phone famous quote by Jo Harlow Nehru on the question of joining though membership of the Commonwealth of
Nations and also we can see that the joining of
the UN or the International Organization is also a Norway question on the
serenity of India as many a times India has opposed
the rulings or oppose the decisions made by UN tal in the past fifty or sixty years after
the independence so we can say that India’s membership in
the UN no also is Norway constitutes a limitation
on her serenity when the above what we have said was all
technical let’s see what’s already actually means in layman’s term it
simply means that being a soul and country India can a
quiet attended to the and acquire a foreign territory or eat
concede a foreign territory it can you can just do we its own territory to
some other country by its own free will there need not take any
kind of decision early any kind of help from any other person or any other
country or go home and for example the case of sick im sick im used to be a foreign territory
and 1947 when India actually game to independence but but in 1975 sick game got incorporated in into the
main political map of India and it became an integral part of
India so this was requiring that a victory
that what India has done with second which is in the north eastern side of
Indy on donder global map as we know that India what
independence in 1947 and before that it was drool by the British government
and by all its acts and created by the British
Parliament but unlike that as the constitutional in the
old ordained by the people of India through their representatives assembled in the sole run Constituent
Assembly which was competent to determine the
political future of the country in any manner that that the lake so the
worst late we the people of India do hair by adopt in act and give to ourselves this
Constitution it simply determines that the the people of India does declared the
other team it’s all run T and the Constitution less on the
authority well this was the concept of sovereignty
with respect to the constitutional

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