Presenting the Address-in-Reply
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Presenting the Address-in-Reply

September 26, 2019

Aide to the Governor: Your Excellency, the
Speaker. Narrator: The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly,
the Hon Telmo Languiller, has led a group of members and parliamentary officials to
Government House, where they will deliver the Assembly’s Address-in-Reply to the Governor
of Victoria. Speaker of the Legislative Assembly: The address
of the Legislative Assembly agreed to on 16th April 2015 in reply to your speech on the
opening of parliament. Narrator: The event was a ceremonial occasion
during which the Speaker presented the Address-in-Reply to the Queen’s representative in Victoria,
His Excellency the Hon Alex Chernov AC QC. Governor of Victoria: I thank you for your
expression of loyalty to our most gracious Sovereign contained in the address you have
just presented to me. Narrator: The Address-in-Reply is the Legislative
Assembly’s thanks to the Governor for delivering the speech opening the 58th Parliament on
23 December 2014. This speech outlined the government’s legislative and policy program
for the new parliament to consider. Speaker of the Legislative Assembly: Governor
may I have your permission to introduce my fellow members of the Legislative Assembly.
Narrator: The Speaker was accompanied by the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly and other
parliamentary staff. The two members who moved and seconded the motion at the start of the
Address-in Reply debate, Tim Richardson and Gabrielle Williams, were presented to the
Governor along with other members. After meeting the members present and the clerks of the
parliament, the Governor thanked the Speaker for ensuring that the parliament functions
as it should. Following the formalities, the Governor welcomed everyone to Government House
and invited them for morning tea in the State Drawing Room.

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