President Moon taps lawmaker Choo Mi-ae as justice minister

December 7, 2019

president moon jaein has named to me as
his new choice for Justice Minister the decision was announced by the top office
earlier this morning true is believed to be the person to complete the
prosecutorial reform that people are hoping for
she will also contribute to establishing a country that’s fair just and
constitutional based on our expertise from her time as a judge and lawmaker as
well as her strong opinions and her innovative mind chu is a five-time
lawmaker and a current lawmaker with the ruling Democratic Party of Korea
she was also formerly the party leader in 2016 according to the blue house she
became a judge to protect the rights of the underprivileged and maintained
rulings that are people centered if she is appointed justice minister after
going through a parliamentary confirmation hearing she will be the
second female to hold the post

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