President Moon to submit constitutional amendment bill to National Assembly on Monday

September 26, 2019

President Moon Jae-in is expected to submit
a constitutional amendment bill to the National Assembly today as originally planned. But it’s unlikely to pass,… due to strong
resistance from the opposition parties. Not only are they against the content of the
revision,… but also they’re against the president’s plan to put it to a public vote
on the same day as the local elections. Park Hee-jun reports. The Moon administration’s proposed constitutional
amendment would give future presidents up to two consecutive four-year terms, instead
of the single five-year term they get now. It would also strengthen people’s basic rights,
and decentralize government power. The bill is expected to be submitted to the
National Assembly on Monday, March 26th, which is the deadline for lawmakers to come up with
their own proposal, something that at this point, with only a day to go, they appear
unlikely to do. The government wants to put the constitutional
revision up for a national referendum this summer, so the bill first needs to be approved
by parliament, but there seems to be little chance of that. It would need the support of least two-thirds
of the chamber’s 293 lawmakers, but the main opposition Liberty Korea Party holds 116 seats
— more than enough to block it. If a referendum is held on the Constitution,
the Moon adminstration wants it to happen at the same time as the local elections in
June. That timing, too, has been criticized by the
opposition parties,… which argue that more discussion is needed before it’s put to voters. The Liberty Korea Party also accuses the ruling
bloc of juxtaposing the issue of the Constitution with the elections to gain political advantage. It’s now less than three months until voters
head to the polls, and it’s a race against the clock for the administration to get the
parties to agree on both the content of the revision and the timing of the referendum. Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.

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