President Trump Participates in the Announcement of the Guidance on Constitutional Prayer
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President Trump Participates in the Announcement of the Guidance on Constitutional Prayer

January 21, 2020

The President: Well,
thank you very much. A couple of things
happened today that are very exciting. The USMCA passed
the Senate. It’s one of the biggest
trade bills ever made. And then, yesterday, as
you know, China passed, and that’s something
that is extraordinary. And it’s going to have
tremendous far-reaching effects, including our
relationship, long term, with China, our farmers
and manufacturers and bankers, and everybody. It’s jobs. It’s jobs like we’ve never
seen before, and that’s going to be something
very special. And USMCA today, which
just passed by a very comfortable vote — a very
high vote — we are very proud to have that. So we’ve done two of the
biggest trade deals. They are the two biggest
trade deals in the world ever done. And we’re honored to have
done them in a short period of time. We are gathered in the
Oval Office for the National Religious Freedom
Day — something very important and very
special, and special to me and the people that are
gathered around me. This afternoon, we’re
proudly announcing historic steps to protect
the First Amendment right to pray in public schools. So you have the
right to pray. And that’s a very
important and powerful right. There’s nothing more
important than that, I would say. We’re joined by the
Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos; Deputy
Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen; and students and
advocates from across America. And advocates they were. They’ve been calling and
writing by the thousands. And you’re representing
that large group of people. In a sacred principle
of our Republic that government must never
stand between the people and God. Yet, in public schools
around the country, authorities are stopping
students and teachers from praying, sharing their
faith, or following their religious beliefs. It is totally
unacceptable. You see it on the
football field. You see it so many times
where they’re stopped from praying. And we are doing
something to stop that. Tragically, there is a
growing totalitarian impulse on the far-left
that seeks to punish, restrict, and even
prohibit religious expression. Something that, if you go
back 10 years or 15 years or 20 years, it was
un-thought of that a thing like that could even
happen — that anybody would even think of
something like that happening. That is why, today, my
administration is issuing strong new guidance to
protect religious liberty in our public schools. The right of students
and teachers to freely exercise their faith will
always be protected, including the
right to pray. So we call this the “Right
to Pray.” Is that a good idea? Good? Right? You like that, right? (laughter) Nine federal
agencies are also proposing new rules to
roll back discriminatory regulations. So we have rules to roll
back discriminatory regulations on religious
service organizations. And earlier this
afternoon, my White House released a new memo to
make sure federal funding is never used to violate
the First Amendment — which is a very big deal. With us today is Hannah
Allen, a high school freshman from Texas. Hannah, would you tell
us what happened at your school with respect
to you and prayer? Hannah? Ms. Allen: Thank
you, Mr. President. The President:
Thank you, darling. Right here. Ms. Allen: So, me and a
group of students from our school wanted to pray for
our former classmate’s brother who had got
hurt in an accident. After the prayer, our
principal told us, “Don’t do that again.” So the
next day, parents had called and complained. He told us that we could
pray, but he said we had to hide in the gym or
behind a curtain, or somewhere away from
everyone else. And I know that if this
can happen in a small town in Texas, it can happen
anywhere across America, and that’s not right. No one should feel ashamed
of their faith, especially in school or anywhere. The President: Well —
Ms. Allen: And — The President: So what
ultimately happened? How was that resolved? Ms. Allen: So we got
with First Liberty. They’ve been amazing. They supported
us the whole way. And they sent the school
a letter, and the school complied with the letter,
and they changed the — yeah. The President: And now
you’re able to do that? Ms. Allen: We are. The President: Good. Well, now it’s going
to be much easier yet. Okay? All right? Thank you, darling. That was beautiful. Thank you very much. We’re also joined by
Marilyn Rhames, a former teacher and the founder
of Teachers Who Pray. Marilyn, if you could, let
us know — where is — Ms. Rhames:
I’m right here. The President: Good. Thank you very much. Maybe you give us a little
bit about what happened? Ms. Rhames: Yes. So, thank you. I’m Marilyn Rhames. I’m the founder and
president of Teachers Who Pray. And I founded Teachers
Who Pray because I, as a teacher, believe in the
beauty of every child and the unlimited potential
that resides within. However, the students that
I was getting weren’t set up for success because
they were so significantly behind grade level. And I taught in Chicago
public schools for 14 years. And during that time, we
were losing students every year to gun violence. And one year, it was like
30, 32 students getting killed. And I was overwhelmed with
the heaviness of the work, so I thought about
quitting, and I decided not to. I was going to fight. And I was going to pray
and uplift my spirit so that I can do the job that
I knew God had called me to do. So I began praying with
other teachers in the building who were
like-minded, and we really supported each other,
built community, built more hope, built more joy
in the work despite it being so difficult. And we grew. Like, right now, there’s
over 150 chapters of Teachers Who Pray because
teachers need that spiritual support
and guidance. And today, I believe it’s
super important because there is a myth out there
that what Teachers Who Pray does and other
organizations do for teachers, spiritual
wealth is not legal. And it absolutely is. And I’m here to tell
teachers that we need to pray for your faith. We need to pray. We need to buckle and just
do what we have to do for our kids because they need
us and they’re depending on us. And if we’re not strong,
we can’t make them strong. So that’s why I’m here. The President: That was
really beautifully said. Thank you very much. That was beautiful. Thanks, Marilyn. So, while I’m President,
which will be hopefully for five years — and, I
don’t know, maybe we’ll work on, with the media,
we’ll work on a major extension of that. Right? (laughter) But we will not
let anyone push God from the public square. We will uphold religious
liberty for all. And I want to thank you
all, and God bless you all for being here. It’s a great time
in our country. We’re doing things that
nobody thought was possible. I’d like to ask, if I
might, Secretary DeVos and Deputy Attorney General
Rosen to say a few words about our actions,
if you don’t mind. Please. Secretary Devos: Thank
you, Mr. President. The President:
Go ahead, Betsy. Please. Secretary Devos: Thank you
for your leadership, your courage, and your
friendship to people of faith, especially our
nation’s children. Too many misinterpret a
separation of church and state as an invitation for
government to separate people from their faith. In reality, our
Constitution doesn’t exist to protect us from
religion; it exists to protect religion
from government. The First Amendment
affirms our free exercise of religion, and we don’t
forfeit that first freedom to anyone or in any place,
especially in public schools. After all, it’s been noted
that as long as there are final exams in schools,
there will be always be prayer in schools. (laughter) Thanks to your
leadership, Mr. President, today we remind schools of
the law with respect to religious expression —
something that hasn’t been done in more
than 15 years. And where there are
violations, we now make clear that the law
requires states to establish a clear process
for students like Hannah and Michael — Mr.
Mcleod: William. Secretary Devos: William
— parents and teachers like Marilyn
to report them. It also notes that the law
directs states to tell us about any and all
complaints as well. This administration and
you is, and always will be, committed to ensuring
all believers have the freedom to learn, to
pursue our passions, to use our talents, and to
live in accordance with the unique purpose that
God has called us each to do. If we embrace that
freedom, our faith will be a light no darkness
can overcome. Thank you again,
Mr. President — The President: Thank
you very much. Secretary Devos: —
for your leadership. The President: Beautiful. Thank you,
Betsy, very much. Jeff? Deputy Attorney General
Rosen: Well, thank you. Thank you, Mr. President. And thank you for your
leadership on this really critical issue. There are — the
fundamental freedom that you’ve been supporting
for Americans to practice their faith is so
important and is so appreciated by millions
and millions of Americans. And at the Department of
Justice, we remain firmly committed to enforcing
Americans’ constitutional rights, including
this one. So that’s part of why
I’m very honored and privileged to be a part of
today’s announcement on the new guidance document
about prayer in school. I think sometimes people
don’t appreciate that there are many, many
Americans who feel called to pray during the day,
and our First Amendment to our Constitution
protects that. And sometimes I think
there’s a confusion about this issue as to whether
it’s trying to force people to pray who don’t
want to, but that’s not what this is about. This is about protecting
the rights of those who do to have the liberty to do
that on school grounds. And that is protected —
The President: Right. Deputy Attorney General
Rosen: — by the First Amendment. So today’s guidance
reaffirms and clarifies and spells out for
Americans what that freedom is with regards
to prayer and religious expression. And I really think that
the courage of people of faith, such as the folks
we have here today, is really a reminder
of how important our constitutional liberties
are and of the great action that your
administration is taking to ensure that they
remain legally protected. So again, Mr. President,
I thank you — The President:
Thank you, Jeff. Good job. Deputy Attorney General
Rosen: — and the Secretary DeVos and the
whole administration for the efforts to
make this happen. The President:
Very good job. Thank you very much, Jeff. Paula, would you like
to say something? Go ahead. Pastor White: Yes, sir. It’s such an honor to
stand here with you, President Trump, and
with this amazing team. And the policy and
everyone who had made this — this is a huge thing. So we said it is a
constitutional right, a First Amendment right. And, President, you
continue to be such a fighter for people’s
freedoms, for their liberties. As you often say,
“We worship God, not government.” Perceived and
perception has often been — people have been
bullied, harassed, stopped from practicing
their faith. You have so many people
that have walked out here, very brave, with horrific
stories of being persecuted because they
simply wanted to pray. And prayers, we know,
makes a huge difference. So thank you for standing
for all — The President: Thank you very
much, Paula. Pastor White: —
religious liberties. The President:
That’s great. Thank you very much. Would anybody like
to say anything? Go ahead. Mr. Mcleod: Can
I tell my story? The President:
Yes, go ahead. (laughter) Go ahead. Mr. Mcleod: So it all
started when I walked in the classroom. I was — it was Ash
Wednesday and I had my ashes on my forehead,
and all the kids in the classroom was like,
“Is that dirt on your forehead?” Because they don’t know,
because they aren’t Catholic and they
were all Mormon. The President: Oh. Mr. Mcleod: So — because
I was like — they’re — that was like — I was
like the only Catholic in that school. So then the teacher came
up and was like, “It’s unacceptable. Wipe it off.” And I told
her four times, and she didn’t listen and she made
me wipe it off in front of all the kids. The President: Wow. Mr. Mcleod:
That’s my story. So, thank you,
Mr. President. The President: Well, it’s
not going to be happening anymore. Okay? Mr. Mcleod: Thank
you, Mr. President. The President: All right? Mr. Mcleod: I just don’t
want anyone to feel like that. The President: That’s
a beautiful — it’s a beautiful story. Well told, because it sets
such a good plate out there for people. I mean, you hear a story
like that, it’s such a shocking — Jeff, that’s
a shocking story, right? You were the only
Catholic in the school? Mr. Mcleod: (Nods head.)
Well, I think there’s one more. The President: But they
didn’t have any idea. It was just — and the
teacher did not treat you properly, right? Mr. Mcleod: (Nods head.)
The President: Okay. We’re changing that. Okay? Great job. That was beautiful. Come here.
Give me that hand.
Anybody over here? Anybody? Sure. Mr. Windebank: Mr.
President, thank you so much for the
opportunity to be in the Oval Office. So much history has
taken place here. It’s surreal. Thank you, sir. The President: Good. Mr. Windebank: My name
is Chase Windebank. I started a small group of
students praying in high school during
a free period. And by my senior year, it
had grown to a community of 90 students. It was so encouraging. But later in senior year,
the administration wound up banning us from praying
during school hours — not even during lunch. And so I remember thinking
I didn’t want to file a lawsuit at all, but after
many meetings unsuccessful with the administration, I
wound up realizing it was the only way to secure
future students’ rights to pray. And so thank you, sir,
that now I get to have the opportunity to tell
students to live out their faith in big and small
ways — The President: That’s right. That’s right. Mr. Windebank:
— in the future. And you guys are making
sure that the Founding Fathers are living
on in our nation. So thank you,
sir, very much. The President: Beautiful. Thank you very much. That’s very nice. Mr. Windebank:
Thank you, sir. The President: Yes? Ms. Hijaz: I pray
five times day. Oh, my name is
Malak Hijaz. I pray five times a day
and I have to pray at lunch. And I would bring the
hijab to cover my hair and kids would make fun of me,
harass me, and attack me. And I would tell the
principal, and the principal actually
blamed everything on me. At the end, me and my mom
complained so many times, and I didn’t have a good
education at the end. So, yeah, everything
was blamed on me. The President: And we’re
going to take care of that, right? Ms. Hijaz: Yeah. The President:
Thank you, darling. Ms. Hijaz: Thank you. The President: Beautiful. Thank you very much. Ms. Hoblin: Mr. President? The President: Okay, we’ll
I want to thank everybody for being here. Did I hear somebody else? Yes, please. Go ahead. Ms. Hoblin: Hi, my
name is Ariana Hoblin. I’m a high school student
in South Florida. And in my middle school, I
was the only Jewish person and I was very open
with my religion. I would announce when I
would have Shabbat plans, which is a day of
prayer and rest. And when we started our
Holocaust unit, it ended with everybody being nice
to me because I spoke out about it. And I wanted to inform
people and I wanted to help people learn. And the students started
to write swastikas on my belongings, on my arms. I was pushed and
shoved in the hallway. They even went so far as
to take my face and put it on Anne Frank’s body. And it was sent around to
three different schools. And I was terrified
to say I was Jewish. And that should never
be in anyone’s mind. Anyone in school should be
able to say, “I am what whatever religion I am. And I practice this and I
believe this.” And it’s been three or four years
since middle school. I’m a junior in high
school and I have continuously fought for
anyone to have the right to exercise their
constitutional rights in school. And I just want to thank
you so much for everything you’ve done, and for
Israel and for everything that you’ve truly
done for all of us. The President: Well,
thank you very much. So beautiful. Thank you. It’s working
out better now? Or is it sort of similar? Ms. Hoblin: Yes, my high
school is extremely supportive of me. I go to Wellington
High School. The President: Good. Ms. Hoblin: And they’ve
helped me be a leader in the Jewish community now. The President: Well, this
is going to help too. Ms. Hoblin: Thank you. The President:
Thank you very much. Mr. Kennedy:
Mr. President? The President:
Yes, please. Mr. Kennedy:
Coach Kennedy. The President: Coach. Mr. Kennedy: We
talked a few times. I coach up in Bremerton
High School — The President: Right. Mr. Kennedy: — in
Bremerton, Washington. And I was fired for
praying after football games. The President: Right. Mr. Kennedy: And it’s just
so nice to have First Liberty representing me
and having a President that has the guts
to stand up for us. So, I appreciate you, sir. The President:
Thank you, Coach. Mr. Kennedy: Oorah. (laughter) The President:
Good coach, too. He’s a good coach. Mr. Kennedy: Thank you. Ms. Chaney: Mr. President? The President: Thank
you all very much. Yes? Ms. Chaney: My name
is Emily Chaney. I’m a sophomore at East
Ridge High School. And I started a prayer
locker at my school, and it really helped a lot of
people who had different prayer requests. Just — The President:
Where do you come from with that
beautiful accent? (laughter) I
love the accent. Where do you come from? Ms. Chaney:
Pikeville, Kentucky. The President: Kentucky. Oh, we love Kentucky. (laughter) We
love Kentucky. Ms. Chaney: I started a
prayer locker at my school and it helped a lot
of kids who have many different prayer requests
just to let them know that someone was there for
them and cared for them. And Americans United for
Separation of Church and State sent a letter to our
board of education that the prayer lockers
needed to be taken down. And whenever my teacher
told me my school was notified that I had to
take my prayer locker down, I was heartbroke,
because I had like 10 prayer requests a day. And that was — I just
feel like it really helped move in our community,
in our schools. And I just — I’m just so
thankful for you and all you’ve done for
our country. The President:
Thank you very much. Ms. Chaney: Thank you. The President: Say hello
to everybody in Kentucky for me, okay? (laughter) And beyond. And beyond Kentucky. Ms. Chaney: Thank you. The President: Okay? We’re all set? Dr. Richburg:
Mr. President? The President:
Yes, please. Dr. Richburg: I come from
a heritage and from a faith persuasion that
every day of my life, from childhood to now, was
grounded in faith. And it is my belief that,
had we not had that freedom to exercise that
faith, we would not be where we are today. And so, for that reason,
we look at this moment as epic, and an opportunity
to return to where we have one time been — the
opportunity to freely express ourselves and to
share with others, who might feel the same way,
how far we’ve been brought and how far we must
come through faith. The President: Beautiful. So nicely stated. Thank you very much. You were going
to say something? Mr. Buehrer: Yes, Mr.
President, I wanted to thank you. Eric Buehrer, with
Gateways to Better Education. And these guidelines
haven’t been updated and reissued since 2003. The President: Right. Mr. Buehrer: And when we
saw that and contacted the Department of Education,
we were so gratified of the response from
Secretary DeVos and others on your staff that said,
“Yes, we need to address this and update these.”
Other administrations should have done it every
two years, and it hadn’t been done. So thank you so much for
stepping up and really supporting religious
freedom in schools. The President: Well, we
covered a lot of territory in here, as you know,
because, you’re right, it’s been many years
since they were updated. Mr. Buehrer: It has. The President: So I think
it’s very important. Well, thank you
all very much. Go ahead. The Press: Yeah, Mr.
President, tell me a little bit about what many
folks, especially folks of faith, view as a
cultural war out there. Prayer, a lot of things
going on in society — what are your views on
this cultural war that we hear so much about? The President: Well, it is
a cultural war, and you have two sides. And you have a side that
believes so strongly in prayer, and they’re being
restricted, and it’s getting worse and worse. And I think we’ve
made a big impact. And we’re loosening up a
lot, and I want to loosen it up totally. But you do have — you
have things happening today that 10 or 15 years
ago would have been unthinkable,
what’s happening. Taking the word “God”
down, taking the word “Christmas” out. You know, I think we’ve
turned that one around very good. I think we’ve turned both
of them around very good. But we’re not going
to let it happen. We’re never going
to let that happen. And we’re
fighting it hard. You know better than
anybody, we’re fighting it very hard. And we’re opening it up,
and we’re opening up again. So stories like you hear
— but so many other stories — hopefully, in
the future, you’re not going to be hearing
too much about that. Okay? Thank you. Good question. The Press: Mr. President,
what is your response to Lev Parnas, who says that
your efforts in Ukraine were all about 2020 —
that you just wanted Joe Biden out? What’s your
response to that? The President: Well,
I don’t know him. I don’t know Parnas,
other than I guess I had pictures taken, which I do
with thousands of people, including people today
that I didn’t meet. But — just met them. I don’t know him at all. Don’t know what
he’s about. Don’t know where
he comes from. Know nothing about him. I can only tell you: This
thing is a big hoax. It’s a big hoax. We call it — this
is the current hoax. We’ve gone through the
Russian witch hunt. We’ve gone through a lot
of them — from probably before I came down the
escalator, but certainly since I came down
the escalator. You take a look at
what’s happened. The Press: But he says
that — The President: And, in
the meantime, our country — The Press: He He says that
you know what you were — The President: It doesn’t matter
what he says. He’s trying to probably
make a deal for himself. The Press: But he says
that you knew what Giuliani was doing in
Ukraine, that you knew what he was doing — The President: I don’t even know who this man is, other than I guess he attended fundraisers, so I take a picture with him. I’m in a room; I take
pictures with people. I take thousands and
thousands of pictures with people all the time —
thousands — during the course of the year. And, oftentimes, I’ll be
taking a picture with somebody. I’ll say, “I wonder what
newspaper that one is going to appear in.”
No, I don’t know him. Perhaps he’s a fine
man; perhaps he’s not. I know nothing about him. But I can tell you this — The Press: He described
a situation that was more than just taking
pictures, Mr. President. He says that — The
President: I don’t know him. I don’t believe I’ve
ever spoken with him. The Press: — he was with
Giuliani when you were on the phone with Giuliani. And he said that there
was a — The President: I don’t believe I’ve
ever spoken to him. I meet thousands of people
— The Press: — that there was a pressure campaign on the President of Ukraine. The President: I meet
thousands and thousands of people, as President. I take thousands
of pictures. And I do — and I do it
openly and I do it gladly. And then, if I have a
picture where I’m standing with somebody at a
fundraiser — like, I believe I saw a picture
with this — this man. But I don’t know him. I had never had a
conversation that I remember with him. Certainly — The Press: So
when he said Mulvaney knew about this — The President: Let me just tell you: You just have to
take a look at the polls. The Press: — that Bolton
knew about this — The President: Quiet. You just have to take a
look at the pictures. You just have to take
a look at the polls. You see I don’t need
anybody’s help. We’re doing
phenomenally well. The economy is the best
it’s ever been in — we have never had an economy
like this in history. We just made the two best
trade deals in the history of our country. We are doing well. I don’t need the help of
a man I never met before, other than perhaps taking
a picture at a fundraiser or something, if that’s
where it was taken. The Press: He makes it
sound like this was just about taking
out Joe Biden. The President:
So — go ahead. The Press: Are you
still going to Davos? And if you are, what’s the
message you want to send being — The President: I
will probably be going to Davos. I’ve been invited. We have tremendous world
leaders, and we also have the great
business leaders. And we want those business
leaders all to come to the United States. Some of the businesses
left the United States because they were
disgusted with what happened. And now they’re
all coming back. We are booming. Our country is the hottest
country anywhere in the world. There’s nothing
even close. Every world leader sees me
and they say, “What have you done? This is the most
incredible thing that we’ve ever seen.” I
understand the stock market, today,
broke 29,000. When I came in, it was
a fraction of that. It was a number that,
frankly, would have gone and it would have been
cut in half had the other person or the
other party won. The number would have
been cut in half. We are doing so well. And I want to get more. We have tremendous room
for growth in our country, in terms of the economy. We have tremendous,
powerful room for growth. So I’m going to
be going to Davos. I’ll be meeting the
biggest business leaders in the world; getting
them to come here. I’ll also be meeting
with foreign leaders. Okay? The Press: Mr. President,
you’ve been talking about prayer and faith today. What’s your message to the
millions of Catholics in the United States? Why should they vote
for you in the upcoming election — Catholics? The President: Well, I
have a great relationship with Catholics. I’ve done so much
for Catholics. You take look at
the abortion issue. You take a look at many of
these — you have Mexico City; you take a look at
so many of the different issues. My relationship with
Catholics and the Catholic Church has been very, very
good, as you know very well. Jeff, go ahead. The Press: Mr. President,
Rudy Giuliani wrote a letter to Zelensky
requesting a private meeting, and he said it
was in his capacity as private counsel to
President Donald J. Trump — this was before
the inauguration. Did you authorize him
to write that letter? And what was your
understanding of what the meeting was supposed
to be about? The President: Well, I
don’t know anything about the letter. But certainly Rudy is
one of the great crime fighters in the
history of our country. He’s certainly probably
the best over the last 50 years. He was also the greatest
mayor in the history of the city of New York. I think Rudy was truly
an outstanding mayor. As an example, his
endorsement of Bloomberg — he got
Bloomberg elected. He wouldn’t have
even been mayor. But Rudy was the
greatest crime fighter. And Rudy is somebody that,
frankly, having him on my side was a great honor
for me, and it has been a great honor for me. Rudy Giuliani — Rudy
Giuliani did a phenomenal job over a long period of
time in fighting crime. And frankly, he’s a very
legitimate guy, a very straight shooter. I didn’t know about his
specific letter, but if he wrote a letter, it
wouldn’t have been a big deal. Rudy was always in — it
was very important to Rudy that I be a great
President, and that’s okay with me. It was very important to a
lot of people, because our country was going to hell
and now our country is on a path that we haven’t
seen in decades and decades. We’ve never done better. Go ahead. The Press: What was —
The President: No, no. Not you. Go ahead. The Press: The trial
is starting next week. What’s your view on how
long it should take and what witnesses you — The
President: Well, I think it should go very quickly. It’s a hoax. It’s a hoax. Everybody knows that. It’s a — The Press:
And witnesses? What about those? The President: It’s a
complete hoax — the whole thing with Ukraine. So you have a
perfect phone call. This is a call fortunate-
— it was actually two phone calls. You people don’t
report that. There were two calls. They were both
perfect calls. In fact, probably among
the nicest calls I’ve ever met — made to
foreign leaders. Now, so you have these
perfect calls, and everybody says it now. Before they knew they
were so good — because, fortunately, they were
transcribed — you had other people saying
terrible things about the calls. You had a fake
whistleblower that wrote a report that bore no
relationship to what was said. Everything was false. You have now the Ukrainian
President and the Foreign Minister of Ukraine saying
there was nothing done wrong. In fact, they said there
was absolutely no pressure whatsoever. Everything was perfect. And they impeach. It’s totally partisan. We had 195 to nothing,
Republican votes. I guess we got a Democrat
actually came over to the Republican side. We had 195 to nothing. This is a hoax. It’s a sham. I did the biggest deal
ever done in the history of our country yesterday
in terms of trade — and probably other things too,
if you think about it: the deal with China. And that was the second
story to a total hoax. Today we just had
passed the USMCA. It’s going to take the
place of NAFTA, which was a terrible deal. And the USMCA will
probably be second to this witch-hunt hoax, which
hopefully everyone knows is not going anywhere. There was nothing
done wrong. This was a perfect
phone call. Think of it: The President
of the United States, who’s led the greatest
growth — the greatest — the greatest economic
revival of any country anywhere in the world is
the United States, as big as it is. We’re doing better than
any other country, by far. Our unemployment numbers
are the best they’ve been in over 50 years. African American, Asian
American, Hispanic American unemployment, the
best in the history of our country. And I’ve got to go through
a hoax, a phony hoax, put out by the Democrats so
they can try and win an election that hopefully
they’re not going to win. It was put out for
purposes of winning an election. Our country is
doing great. Our country has
never done better. So they figure the only
thing they can do — they failed on the Mueller
report; that was a bomb. After two and a half
years, they failed. Now they said,
“What can we do?” And they pick up a phone
call that was perfect. But they didn’t
know it was perfect. They only found out later. They made up a phone call. What they did — look,
what they did — you have a corrupt person — he’s a
corrupt politician named Adam Schiff, and he
made up a phone call. He went out — you’ll hear
about this as you grow older. (laughter) He went out and
he said things that — “He said quid pro quo eight
times.” It was no times. He said, “Don’t call me;
I’ll call you.” That’s a mob statement. I never said that. Fortunately, I released
the transcript of the call. The transcript was
perfectly accurate. And now everybody agrees
because it went through a lot and they said, “Well,
could you add one word here?” Our lieutenant colonel
said, “Well, I think they should add…” —
they added the word. Everything — everyone
agrees the transcript is perfecto, done by total
professionals, right? But I released that after
they had done these fraudulent acts. And you get
impeached on this. We have the greatest
economy in the history of our country. We have the highest
job numbers. Today, it was just
announced, we have more people working in the
United States than ever before in the history of
our country — almost 160 million people. We’re doing an
incredible job. And for absolutely no
reason — The Press: Mr. President, during
that call, you said Marie Yovanovitch was “going to
go through some things.” The President: — and for
absolutely no reason, I got impeached. The Press: Can
you address that? The President: It’s a
disgrace and it’s a hoax. Thank you very
much, everybody.

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  1. FIRE KUSHNER!!! He is destroying this country!!! Let ISREAL FIGHT THERE OWN WARS!!!!! End ALL immigration both legal and illegal!! if you want to fix immigration impose a tax on business that employs above a certain % of workers that are foreign born. End welfare and anchor babies, and tax ALL money sent out of the country. They will deport themselves!

  2. My ancestors grandparents came in the sixteen hundreds and donated land to build a church which still stands today. They are even buried in the cemetery. The deal was that the church must care for it or it will go back to the family, because they knew how important faith was in every day life.

  3. The government doesn't need to pass more laws to protect the Constitution! It needs to rip down all of the existing laws that infringe upon anything in the Constitution

  4. The Second Amendment is the protection for the Constitution the Bill of Rights and so on. If Trump is serious about defending the Constitution and its amendments. He would remove all infringement on the Second Amendment there are many. As it stands they have militarized most police departments with equipment that even the most powerful pistol and long rifle are no match for. I'm tired of the dog and pony show let's get real!!!!

  5. nice of you to say this but i think is safer that kids if they want to pray just pray in church n importantly at home. cause they bible say seek the lord in secret place in your room anyways spiritual things can happen so is best to be alone with god in prayer. if your not ready for a minstries dont pray too much because just look at CHIRST MINISTRIES he wen he started his ministries he fast forty days n satan came to tem him after that he start his ministries healing CAST out demons live a holy life, love forgive n long prayers n suffering that what u might go throught sometime so u have to think are u willing to do all that if u do commit then can pray long hours fast to start. SO i think kids r not ready for all that. they cant deal with battle of the mind n dont want them anger prayer wen they too young dont know understand much

  6. Why is Hillary not in Jail ? … Why is Julian Assange rotting in jail ? … Why is Roger Stone not pardoned ? … Why did you ban bump stocks ? (ever hear the words "Shall not be infringed") Turd !

  7. God Bless President Trump, FLOTUS Melania, the First Family, the Administration and Everyone in the Military.


    Keep America GREAT

  8. The girl that Prince Andrew molested was recruited while at work, working as an attendant at President Trump's Mar-a-lagon resort. Epstein and his girlfriend were members for more than a decade, Trump invited Epstein to parties at Mar-a-lago.
    Epstein was able to plead his crimes down to a minimum sentence, and as part of the agreement the documents (including all of the other implicated participants) were sealed and a blanket immunity given to other abusers. The U.S attorney who signed off on this deal? Alex Acosta, who Trump appointed his Secretary of Labor.
    Here is a bonus video of Trump partying with Epstein.

  9. The protection of the president is important and all tactics should be used n all ways to help keep him safe 😲😁🤔

  10. Another win for the President and our Country!
    Nancy Pelosi, you are a miserable, useless traitor.
    We’re watching FBI. The Clinton free pass should not be allowed to stand! No justice, no government.

  11. They have been trying to impeach him even before he took office. His leadership has SAVED our economy. The Left Wing MSM is absolutely disgusting. I’m glad Trump forced them to show their biased, corrupt face. Thank you Mr President for preserving American values and our culture.

  12. What took so long? This has been an issue all my adult life and I'm in my 50's. The separation between church and state means that the government cannot tell us how to worship. It does not mean we cannot worship in public.

  13. Authoritarian Quacks for Teachers- why is it these BROADCASTS have wim lits for audio technicians or R the foreign spy networks sap sucking me dry – low pressure ear

  14. This is amazing, all the major religions represented God bless and protect President Donald J Trump and ALL who support him in all he is doing fo,r We The People 😙😇😇😇🙇💓💛💖💜💟#PURGETHEDEMONRATS 👹👺🙃#SAVETHECHILDREN 🙇🙏👼#PURGEMSM 💩 💩 #PURGEHOLLYWEIRD 😪👹😈👺👽👾💀😠#PURGEAMAZON #DRAININGTHESWAMP 😁😂😃😆😎

  15. These jerkalists are corrupt, they know the truth, why do they keep showing the general public their true colors,asking the same questions about impeachment, Rudy Gulianni etcetera, instead of REAL SERIOUS NEWS, ERR LIKE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, I don't think they are human.

    2 CHRONICLES 7:14


  18. Yes ~ ❤️ ❤️ 💕 Thank You President Trump ❤️ the people of Faith are very grateful for your support in the public square, public school, etc and you will definitely defend God, may God bless you ♡ amen ❤️ 💕 TRUMP ❤️ 2020

  19. When prayer and the Bible was in schools, there were little to no school shootings, less teen pregnancy, and less drug use etc.
    Trump is headed in the right direction. The USA needs God and the Bible back in their lives. It is the only hope for a good future.

  20. 2016-2024-2028 ! President ! Trump ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅 Ps freedom & right of religion never forget that nor never stomp on that amendment.

  21. God Bless President Trump, and God Bless America, And may God Almighty cast off and expose all of these horrible satanic leftwing haters, who have infiltrated our schools, our government on all levels, And remove them from their positions of power so they will no longer be a plague upon the hearts and souls of the religious people of America.

  22. Can't wait for catholics praying in government schools the original St. Maximilian Kolbe's prayer, from 1936:

    "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee, and for all those who do not have recourse to Thee, especially for the Freemasons and for all those who are commended to Thee."

    "O Maryjo bez grzechu poczęta, módl się za nami, któzy się do Ciebie uciekamy i za wszystkimi którzy się do Ciebie nie uciekają, a zwłaszcza za masonami i poleconymi Tobie".

  23. God Bless President Trump and America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  24. President Donald Trump is at work..
    Nancy Pelosi is still complaining. She never stops complaining. But I don't see her passing any good bills to help the American people like Donald Trump is.


    Just thinking out loud

    Kind Regards
    Royal River Niger Company iii

  26. The American farmers are now selling to China their beef at half the price they were getting before Trump imposed sanction's on China, the American farmers were starving, Trump gave in to China, He is a lousy negotiator, worst president of all times, kick the bum out of office, Farmers in the USA were losing their farms because of the idiot Trump, knows nothing, idiot

  27. Amazing! My President Invokes the spirit of God in Public Schools, where it needs to be to banish the darkness. God Bless America. Thank you President Trump and VP Mike Pence

  28. teach your children well….so they can have a good life and become a good leader
    because your children is the future

  29. Thank you Mr President for bring God back to our Nation. And thank you for everything you have done to resurrect the America and let her stand as a Light to all nations. I do have a request for our school system. Make it a requirement that government and civics and debate are mandatory for graduation.The brainwashing starts from 1st day of kindergarten. And how is it that schools are teaching our kids Islam??!! And they don't teach the truth about Islam. Ive seen the material.

  30. Good move Mr. President. This is the best thing to happen to America in decades.
    The New World Order will come after you with everything that they can muster. But do not fear.
    "One man and God is a majority." That is why David slew Goliath.

  31. Mankind only "thinks" he can remove God from anywhere. God is still everywhere, some people just choose not to acknowledge Him, or His presence. I've prayed many times at work. No one knows, because I don't make a "show" of it. I also wouldn't object to someone who did want to openly pray in public. If you're an atheist,  you don't have to participate, but it is welcome if you respect those who do want to pray, and don't interrupt. Likewise, you, as an atheist, should not be harassed for not engaging in the prayer. Respect is a two-way street. Ms. Pelosi; There is a difference between "praying for the president", and "preying on the president." I believe yours is the latter…

  32. Dear President and Mrs. Trump,

    Pleased to announce that tonight is the DEBUT of:

    "THE PEW: Leo, Roseanne And The Boys"
    Featuring: Leo Lyon Zagami, Roseanne Barr, John Barnwell, David William Parry, Lowell Joseph Gallin
    Sunday, January 19th, 2020 (23 Tevet, 5780):

    Sunday, January 5th, 2020
    "Leo, Roseanne Barr and The Boys discuss Education on The Leo Zagami Show"
    Special Guest Star: Roseanne Barr

    Sunday, December 29th, 2019
    "The Leo Zagami Show Featuring the one and only Roseanne Barr"
    Special Guest Star: Roseanne Barr

    Sunday, December 7th, 2019
    "Sabbatean Frankist links to the Jesuits and their Illuminati agents"
    Featured Guest: Lowell Joseph Gallin

    Sunday, November 17th, 2019
    "Is Anti-Zionism a Form of Anti-Semitism? And what is really happening in Israel?"
    Featured Guest: Lowell Joseph Gallin

    Shalom from The Land Of Israel, City Of God/Jerusalem, Hill Of The Priests (Abu Tor/Givat Chananiya),

    Mr. Lowell Joseph Gallin
    Root and Branch Association, Ltd.

  33. Oh my Lord!! May God lift you up as you have lifted and brought back everything to order. You are the best thing that ever happen to USA

  34. Damned nation will come to the school principal that prohibits school students praying. Especially for another student's healing

  35. theres so many Muslims in the USA & they pray many times during the day and if they are allowed to pray at school,work or any where they like than its only right to let everyone no matter what or who they are who wants to pray to be able to feel free to pray.I grew up in school to pray & say the Plege Allegiance to our Flag of America…These are things that should had NEVER been took away as our RIGHTS.THANK YOU President Trump. If anyone is affended then walk away from where they are. I'm still shocked that there are places in the USA that will not let people display our own flag of our Country.We are proud of our Country & our laws…one more thing in over 60 years of my life have I ever heard of reporters & others who talk over ANY President while he is trying to speak that we have ever had.A huge number of people knows a lot of what is going on

  36. Are there penalties for hoax causers?
    If not, can one be initiated?

    Using TAX $ for personal (political/other) gain. IS THAT THEFT?
    – ARE HOAXES/witch hunts/ OBSTRUCTING-
    —- good works of government?
    —- anti-American—> Treason
    Should there not be laws against such ???

    Thank You Jesus for PRAYER RIGHTS!!
    Thank You, Jesus for putting President Trump in office- please, according to Your WORD, fight his battle FOR HIM. DESTROY HIS ENEMIES (Exodus 14:13&14)
    Thank You LORD. AMEN

  37. Why the Ark of the covenant and these Jewish candlesticks have to do there. Exposing The Unholy Alliance with The Jesuits and the Zionist.

  38. Politics and Religion are not fair and after their coming for The Noahide Law …………. Happy to not living in United State Corporation

  39. Another wonderful step in the right direction to restoration by our President. The media is a tool of the devil. But our POTUS forges ahead for the Country.

  40. Sir others are asking about, also we veterans are concerned about Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. So, I'll ask this question too since R.Parcke-wms did a few days ago. Please address this situation and what is the Trump admin is doing about it?
    Those agendas are a threat to our U S. Constitution , Bill of Rights, and the Christian and other faith communities.

  41. Thank God for bringing President Trump to us for such a time as this…..God is faithful , and answers prayers . I prayed for this moment for many years .

  42. I wish Trump wouldn't allow himself to be bated so easily and forget why he is in this meeting in the first place. Answering questions unrelated.



  45. FOUNDER OF (ISIS) –>> Donald John Trump = 1776….What?! 😉

    ISIS IS ISRAEL = 888.
    ISIS is Israel: Donald J Trump = 1776.
    ISIS is Israel: The number nine = 1776.

    THE (ISIS) KING NR 9 = 666.
    THE (ISIS) KING NR 45 = 666.
    ISIS Israel Intelligence = 666.
    ISIS Devil = 666.

  46. What's the map for? This is nonsense…surely the 1st amendment covers this. It weird that a man who swears in public wants people to have religious freedom…except the Muslims. Trump you serve nobody but yourself.

  47. There’s no way to forbid prayer in schools IF it’d done silently. Verbal payer, or ‘sharing’ religious views is all too often a way to attempt to change others’ beliefs. Spiritual guidance’ and support are private matters belonging at home or church.This public praying issue will break down our Constitutional right to separate state and religion, to the detriment of other beliefs and views like Judaism, Buddhism, atheism etc, and opening the door to Islamic and other tyrannies. How would you like to live like The Handmaid’s Tale or under Sharia?! The last time Christianity ruled it was known as the Dark Ages. Remember the Inquisition?

  48. Thank you, Lord, for Blessing our beloved President Trump and keeping him Safe, Strong, Compassionate, Wise, and Resolute as You have done. In Jesus name we Pray. Amen.

  49. Ok, so basically, Trump is making a big announcement that boils down to, "Hey, guess what, the constitution protects your religious freedom, just like it always has. As long as the school doesn't sponsor your prayers, keep doing what it's always been ok to do. You still can't hold school led prayers at football games, because that's still unconstitutional, but I'm going to phrase it in a way that makes it sound like you can so that my conservative base will see this as a win. Yay me, boo Democrats, am I right!?" So what's the big news here?

  50. Waoh! Hide at the gym or behind the curtain to pray. Meanwhile, internet, media, video game, scary movies etc is full of crap for our kids to watch, brainwashed, steal their minds, thoughts, useless them, cause them depression, anxiety, fear, suicide etc, looking for help, falling into the hands of prescription meds.
    There is a song:- you can not hide from God (you can not hide & pray), though the mountains cover you, His eyes are well on you. Thank you Jesus, prayer works, prayer heals the sick, the depress, eradicate suicide, divorce etc Amen. Thank you President DJTrump!

  51. Lol… Anybody else see President Snowflake's Emotional Support map on the desk? His beloved Twitter has called it out as a doctored map, made to be more red then it actually is. And there's the Orange Blob-in-Chief staring lovingly at it whenever he doesn't get to talk… What a joke! He used to complain that the world was laughing at America, they weren't but they sure are now!

  52. Unless you like to be treated like The Gimp from the movie Pulp Fiction give a thumbs up on this video. The subservient weirdos want to take away the 1st amendment as much as they want to take away the 2nd amendment and strip away constitutional rights from the American people.

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