Presiding Officers welcome to Parliament

February 2, 2020

♪♪♪ UPLIFTING MUSIC ♪♪♪ This freeway
in front of Parliament House is a barrier between
the people and the Parliament. Some people also feel
that there is a disconnect between Members of Parliament
and the people. I’m Kate Doust,
President of the Upper House, the Legislative Council.And I’m Peter Watson,
Speaker of the Lower House,
the Legislative Assembly.It’s our greatest desire
to bridge that divide and we want you to experience
your Parliament.We invite you to come visit us
at Parliament House.
We offer a range of informative
and engaging tours
and you can see
Parliament in action.
And if you can’t
visit in person,
then we hope that the
information on this website
makes accessing information
about your Parliament easier.
Parliament House
is not a museum, it’s a working building whose role and functions
are continually evolving to better reflect the hopes,
needs and aspirations of all Western Australians. After all, it’s your Parliament. ♪♪♪MUSIC♪♪♪

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