Prevent Wood Rot – Gutter, Window Frame
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Prevent Wood Rot – Gutter, Window Frame

October 24, 2019

[ music playing ] How to Repair Rotted Trim: Welcome to Burning
Questions. I’m Mark and your burning question for the
day is, “My trim work on my house is rotting, why? Can somebody help me?” Here is what I have found in the past 28 years
of where we see areas that rot the most. Let’s start with generally the bottom areas
of door frames, the bottom areas of window frames (the sill area), and fascias behind
the gutters, especially at the corners. So what is going on here and how can we solve
this? First let’s take the bottom of the door
frames and bottom of the window frames. Generally, things are not properly caulked,
not properly primed or painted. Generally that is protection, or, they are
generally sitting on a concrete surface, or next to a brick surface. What the challenge is here is that concrete
and brick have a tendency to be extremely porous. So, let say it rains, water can penetrate
the brick or the concrete and have a tendency to leach or weap up into the wood and stay
there. So if you have it properly sealed and properly
caulked, you generally won’t have any issues that is one of the big challenges. Two, the second one that I find is one the
big challenges, behind a gutter at a corner, actually where the gutter meets at the corner. It is not properly flashed and/or the gutter
has a hole in it and water gets behind the fascia board. It is a tricky area to fix so you want to
make sure your gutters are properly sealed, you have good flashing, caulking is going
on everywhere and all your surfaces are protected. Thanks again for joining me. Send in your Burning Questions, and I’ll
put them out.

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