Primitive Technology: A-frame hut
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Primitive Technology: A-frame hut

September 21, 2019

Searching for stone Turtle Quartz hammer stone Amphibolite stone Knapping the axe head Pecking the axe head Grind polishing the axe head Wood for axe handle Making stone chisel Carving mortise in handle Burning mortise to make hole larger Tapering handle to make it more ergonomic Axe finished Timber for hut 4 X 4 m area Sharpening wooden stake Lashing 4 m long ridgeline to back post Putting in post A frame for front of hut 3 m long Rafters Wait-a-while palm fronds 100 fronds Splitting fronds Thatching Tying with vine Taking thatch from old hut Thatching ridge line Making jockeys to weigh down the thatch on ridgeline Tree stump Fire makes it go away Uprights for back wall Cane for back wall Stone footing (prevents rising damp) Digging a drain and making mud at same time Daubing wall Axe rack Making a bed Palm fiber Atherton oak nut A small meal 13 inches of rain in 24 hours Floor remains dry Drain diverts water away from hut A frame hut

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  1. I dont know why but when he added some time and a subtitle just to show a nice little turtle i started dying and thinking about how he thinks no one can tell its a turtle by looking of it. Even my little sister said no shit Sherlock when she saw the subtitle.

  2. please show exactly which knot you use to connect the trunks. please do a pure knot video. thanks great vids.

  3. Одна беда, на земле практически уже нет мест где бы все эти навыки сгодились, надобность в каменных топорах отпала даже в диких амазонских племенах.

  4. first 10 seconds, I saw a turtle and he was grabbing some stones, I thought he was gonna show us how to kill and eat a turtle using those stones. 🤣🤣

  5. Du verdienst absoluten respekt.Wie oft machst du das.das ist sehr gesund was du machst,ich wäre sehr gerne dabei gewesen.

  6. Báo cáo anh với trình độ phát triển ở tầm cao mới , trong suốt quá trình từ đó cho tới nay họ đã đạt tới mức phát triển rất cao và đang trở nên ngày càng nguy hiểm

  7. I swear to god, the reason humans eventually started building stuff out of stone as they moved farther North, was that they couldn't find any damn straight sticks anymore

  8. Nice wall decoration, but not sure I'd like to go to bed and have that Stone Age sword of Damocles danglin' above me goober….

  9. Another awesome video! I wonder what he does to keep all the mosquitoes and flying insects from biting him? They have to be unbearable in those tropical locations. I never see him fighting of the pests while creating his magic.

  10. Always love the videos even though I had to chew my own arm off to survive at 0:35 when I heard the sound if screaming demon babies.
    Other than that. Sir I salute you

  11. my son was playing with mud till he was 10. then he realize that have to learn to do something to earn his good to do all those but who supports you?

  12. "What about ticks?"
    That is what I think seeing him hug a big bundle of foliage, also the thatching going all the way to the ground.

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