Professor Feldman claims Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors
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Professor Feldman claims Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors

December 8, 2019

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  1. They all said "Based on the evidence in the report as presented by the intelligence committee" Which means they are relying on false information and not facts. There is not ONE single piece of evidence or testimony that proves investigations were to benefit or invite interference for 2020.

  2. This turd looks and sounds turdy. This is yet another reason to vote Republican folks…do you really want turds like this in control of your future/life?

  3. Extreme Leftist law school faculty know what's best. It's not like they are dressed up lawyers who would argue any case that suited their political inclinations or anything.

  4. This "Professor" is very good at twisting the truth to fit his corrupt narrative.
    I wonder how much these three "scholars" cost the Demonrats?

  5. This idiot is a professor at Harvard? He cant separate is own bias from the law ? See this is the problem with liberals they are all in their feels not in reality

  6. This guy. Is defined as example of where not to send your children for education if your college has liberal professors forget about that college is a not a choice For your children

  7. Professor Feldman also declared that Nixon ordered the Watergate break-in. Completely false, Nixon got involved in the coverup after the fact. Facts don't matter to Professor Feldman.

  8. So what crime did Trump do again?
    High crimes is not vague, yet the platform the democrats are using to claim a "high crime"… Especially when they block witnesses.

  9. PROFESSOR of what school is this a self made man senting away for a paper that says he is a professor George Soros's check is in the mail he hopes.

  10. From the constitution – Article I, Section 3, Clauses 6 and 7 provides: The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. … The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors

    1. The White House visit and Aid was held up after Trump wanted an announcement of investigations into the Bidens. We have the transcript citing them by name and witness testimony of people on the call.

    2. Two days after the whistleblower complaint was filed the aid was released to Ukraine. Staff had no idea why the aid that was previously signed off was held back. This in itself is a crime.

    3. President Zelinsky had an interview with Time magazine just a couple of days ago and when asked about the aid being held up by Trump said “We’re at war, “If you’re our strategic partner, then you can’t go blocking anything for us. I think that’s just about fairness”, he added. “It’s not about a quid pro quo. It just goes without saying.”

    Even Zelensky has admitted it was held up with no reason!

    These are a couple of simple reasons why he should be impeached – backed up by real evidence. What do the Republicans have as exculpatory evidence? Nothing. All they do is attack the process and point the finger elsewhere.

    YOU WILL SEE, FAKE NEWS, GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. General Michael Flynn supposedly lies and was destroyed, Hillary Clinton lies and runs for President, James the weasel Comey lies an gets book deal?

  13. Hi Mr. Feldman. What is President job? What is does for America and American? Look in your brain to think about what you talk

  14. Apparently this dude didn't actually watch the Schiff show…I did. He's basing his opinions on Schiff's report which doesn't say that all of those that testified said they saw or heard no quid pro quo. Tough to testify when you're basing your opinion on false information that's presented to you.

  15. Jesus Biden and the Democrats must be insanely guilty of something horrible if this is the result of trump just asking the question about their corruption

  16. Any significance to the fact that all of these so-called constitutional professors are Jewish liberals? Doesn't seem very objective!

  17. This guy is just there because he wants to be on TV boy he's playing to the cameras. He has not done anything wrong someone needs to look into the 2016 to make sure it doesn't happen again and that is all he was trying to do.

  18. This douchebag Feldman belongs in jail. ALL these so called professors belong in JAIL for destroying our youths minds and spirits. Just look at this [email protected]$king guy. I'd like to punch him in the face almost as much as Schiff. DOUCHEBAG!

  19. The right to know the truth if Biden has really committed the things he bragged about caught on video is in the interest of the country, specially those who were planning to vote for him. Let the investigation begin as there is less time remaining until the election will be conducted! Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise the Democrat party hoped for as the Democrat base truly believed in their hearts that he is the one that will beat Donald Trump. Clear Joe's name for the sake of the Democrat party. Let the investigation begin! So the DNC will have Joe for President and Hunter for Vice-President! Let him and his son Hunter be the Democrat Heroes!

  20. What the hell is a "professor" doing at an impeachment hearing? It's like allowing my neighbor, who's a janitor and who really hates Trump, to speak about how he thinks Trump is guilty. This entire hearing has been a joke from the beginning. What purpose does this guy serve other than to say, "Hey, I'm a Liberal who has interpreted the laws of the constitution as I feel they mean and want to tell you about it". What a waste of taxpayers money. But, look at who we are talking about…Liberals/Democrats. That's all they are, a WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY!

  21. When a nation ignores the majority of their best and most prestigious law professors that nation is completely lost. It's a very sad conclusion. We Europeans have to move on, even without the US. It's time that the European leaders start with building up their own European military force so that soon we will be the strongest and most powerful union in the world. The American president has proven that he is not a reliable partner for the Europeans, and he has proven that he is not a reliable partner for his fellow countrymen. He gets into a fight with every person that he speaks with. Except with the people who are known as dictators or war criminals or as both.

  22. All I have to do is look at this douchebag's hair and know I will never agree with anything he has to say. Butthurt wuss boy who resents alpha males ever since he was bullied on the playground.

  23. Look at how many views Turley video and Collins has. Now look at the views this one has. Because it is, and has never been about the facts. Fox views need a safe space.

  24. Dr. Feldman claims "my role is to describe and apply the meaning of impeachable offenses to the facts described by the testimony evidence before the House". Then you didn't have any role there since no evidence was presented to the House. Or does a professorship at Harvard empower you to interpret presumptions as evidences? Nice 5 minutes of lecture on the history of US constitution.

  25. What's about re election for a President? You call President and again say re election of President. That's the flaw in your constitution used to impeach abusive act against a sitting President. Your Constitution never allows to impeach a sitting President but you make selective interpretation for your political agenda. It's a high crime and a revolt against President, and HIS Government.

    The Democrat's Constitutional lawyers has just exposed how they have planned impeachment and used it's abusive revolt as tool to attack a sitting President and collapse of Government. This impeachment in your Constitution must be sealed inside closed bracket's ()[ ] and no access of it to anyone now and in future.

    Coming to DEMOcrats they will be prosecuted and sentenced to prison for lifetime for their abusive revolt against a sitting President and rebellion against HIS Government. And all those who parted in this revolt shall be lifetime sacrificial offerings to GOD EL ÈLYON and they have rebelled against GOD YAHWEH.

  26. Professor Tinkerbell seems butthurt by President Trump being elected in 2016. Hopefully he kills himself when President Trump wins again.

  27. Could this "guy" be any more transparently bias with the talking points! You can literally hear "him" in the school spewing this nonsense to our children.
    So I guess if your running for office you are immune to being investigated? Where was this immunity when Trump was running?

  28. I know this is a bit of a reach but, why doesn't the GOP simply call President Zelensky in as a witness ?
    If the Dems don't allow it, that would prove its a sham to the American people.
    If the Dems allow it, it would prove what a sham of a stunt the Demacraps are pulling on the American people.
    Sure it would be embarrassing asking a president to testify but, he's would be the only credible witness called.

  29. Mr Feldman I'm Jewish, shame on you
    You never talk of the high crimes of your democRATS friends like Rashida and ilhan as an example
    Trump 2020

  30. Comrade Feldman, do you have the slightest idea what you're talking about? You claim that President Trump committed crimes based on the statements of witnesses heard by Schiff! Well, none of them could identify a crime that would have been committed by Trump! What law professor are you ????

  31. They keep saying political rival?! “Come on man” 🙂 Joe Biden is in no way a political rival. Not even Obama will back him. He’s one of MANY deep state criminals that need investigated an that’s all.

  32. It is not possible for individuals like Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff to do what they want because they have parliamentary immunity and they stay above the law! It needs the US Supreme Court to stop this circus, which is causing huge damage to America and the American people!
    The majority obtained by Democrats in the House of Representatives is used in the largest and most serious abuse of power in the entire history of America!


  34. 2020 president Trump win again Feldman will fail right away because what he said Today is opposite with Americans, Feldman is professor law school but basically knowledge of professor law school is not because he only has hearsay he doesn’t have evidence, if someday he is accused by hearsay he remembered what he said today.

  35. Who cares if you are a "professor"? By what I have been told by several college students, that could just mean you are a dumbass. Many college students who graduated from college have told me that going to college, made them loose most to all of their common sense. I see that this so-called "professor" has "NO" common sense.

  36. Mr. Feldman…your a Trump hater …After watching you and the other 2 leftist…I will never vote for a Democrat ….Your a Showboat…spoiled brat who looks down on middle class…no wonder our universities are filled with anti American rhetoric..

  37. Hi my name is Noah I’m a taurus. When I’m not teaching future scourge of the earth lawyers how to be extra sleazy. I’m in a B-52 cover band. My favorite foods or German sausage, polish sausage, Summer sausage, and cream filled long johns preferably chocolate. Men I look up to. Joseph Stalin, Barack Obama, chairman Mao and anyone I meet at the bathhouse( if you get my meaning LOL)

  38. When will we hear about Nancy personal Interests in Ukraine particularly Burisma and maybe some offspring involvement too?
    Just curious when that will be the headline. Sometime soon right?

  39. Frankfarter law school… must be located in fantasy land. Had it with these elitist scumbags ruining our young minds in these colleges. He acts like he’s teaching class and we are all way too stupid to understand his BS.

  40. "The President is subordinate to the law."
    But none of you can point to the law that he has broken.
    That's the problem here. The Democrats are attempting a political power grab, masquerading as a fight for legal principle.

  41. Alan Dershowitz. Dec 5. The Republicans should have challenged Professor Feldman’s assertion that “abuse of office" is a constitutional basis for impeachment. These words do not appear in the Constitution and such vague criteria were rejected by the Framers. ||||| Alan Dershowitz. Dec 4. The Democratic experts are seeking to “amend” the impeachment provisions of the constitution by adding criteria that were expressly rejected by the framers. = Alan Dershowitz. Professor at Harvard Law School for 50 years, now emeritus. Active in litigation, writing, and defense of civil liberties and human rights.

  42. All those years in high education. All that lack of real world understanding and of allowing sharp vested interest to color one's position.

  43. I cant help but to think about what our Founding Fathers really would of thought . And how they would of responded to this impeachment hearing…….

    I Think the one guy would have been taken out back and beaten.

    The other non binary person would of been hanged and put into a unmarked grave.

    The woman would had 150 lashes and would of been made sterile.

    The last guy the one on the very right….. They would of given him a new horse and a weeks supply of bacon and appointed him to the scotus. For his non bias testimony to benefit all the people .

  44. Judges with NO actual world experience, They were never present at the events that allegedly took place….no political experience in govt, …judges that believe that the founding fathers were old racists WHITE men, that the Constitution is a Racist white outdated document …Constitutional scholars that hateteh Constitution what???

  45. This pompous, pitiful, puffball of pretense, was given a degree by which university ? Unfortunate students who enroll in his courses become brainwashed lapdogs of the Democrat Cult Party. Pathetic, unemployable, low value wankers, who tout victimhood as their only mantra !

  46. Watch the 4 without sound. Their expressions will tell you who the soviet style fanatic fascists are and who is the real impartial intellectual.

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