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  1. This guy is a clown. Brushing over trumps crimes. Where are the old republicans who hated the Russians. Now a days these guys are bending over backwards for these Russians.

  2. From WHEN did the republicans EVER listen to professors. Scientists, according to republicans are IDIOTS. Now it seems that law professors are IDIOTS TOO!
    When are you disgusting republican Individuals going to stop???
    You are following the lead of a Clown, and not the circus kind. This is the clown from the movie IT!

  3. Ahhh…Piled High and Deep..professors…one would think that a 'most esteemed and learned' professor(one who thinks what they have to say is the gospel) would have the basic and fundamental grasp of the difference between a Republic and a Democracy…I learned the difference in the 4th grade, age 10. Why age 10? because thats the age when one, whom is properly educated, can interpret laws themselves without the need for a lawyer(hint btw…hire a lawyer and the court see one as a child..true dat)After she cant seem to keep the two very different forms of government straight…she loses me with a bunch of misplaced, out of context flowery quotes from men who knew they were still getting shafted but didnt feel like risking the family farm over it…Constitutional Law 'experts' never reveal what a constitution really is, and who is the constitutor that constitutes it….its rather important to the narrative of both sides of this charade and it is a charade…one that everyone with a title in that room is well aware of..
    dont believe the hype.

  4. Professor Pamela Karlan is just mad angry lesbian who hates Trump and that anger and hate for Trump has clouded her judgement.

  5. Notice how these three screwball “professors” squirmed and sweated when the subject of contributing money to the democrats came up. Ah,beer, ah, Er. Just three disgusting, liberal phonies.

  6. She was lying when she said elections 'Matter'…..We are made to think we have a choice, but we are the unwitting participants of this Dog & Pony show!

  7. Professor, you should be offended by these racist, homophobic, chauvinistic, white male supremacists. You are no alone, a majority of us are offended by lawless, ignorant, cult followers. I just hope the majority get the hell off the couch, shut off the TV and get politically active. That's my wish.

  8. Maybe Trump should have smashed all his evidence with a hammer, like CNN’s God aka Clinton.

    (Hope I don’t suddenly kill myself after making a comment like this)

  9. America is like a healthy body, and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within. Joseph Stalin

  10. Conservatives have learned from Democrats over the last 10 years, (Russia-Gate, Kavanaugh, FISA abuse, IRS Scandal, Benghazi, Clintons, etc.), that it's "Win at all costs". No more dignified losing with McCain & Romney. There's no nobility in losing anymore. That’s why America voted for Trump. He may be a handful sometimes, but he’s a winner. It's "win at all costs" – Winston Churchill

  11. Its Going to take 4 or 5 of Mr. Doug Collins Buddys on the HJC-Together to Pull the Boot out of His Ass that
    Professor Pamela Karlan put there with Her Beautiful Response..
    Don't Ever Mess with A Constitutional Law Expert Sir,
    even worst Don't do it when the Expert Is A Woman.
    Your very lucky you can still sit down……….Sir

  12. Collins said the first true statement he's made in a public forum: "democrats are scared to lose"
    this is 100% accurate – there are a frighteningly large amount of borderline retarded people who have the ability to vote.
    so yes, the entire world is scared that those people will once again elect one of their own to the white house.

  13. " Constitutional experts "….. Yeah , sure. 3 anti – Trump liberals. And it wasn't expert testimony. It was. 'expert opinion'. And all of it against Trump.

  14. Well done Professor but the Trumpublicans don't care. Even if Trump was responsible for the final solution, they'd still support him.

  15. Only a matter of time until it reaches the Senate. And Ol' Mitch guarantess they won't have 67 votes to remove Trump. And it's done. Mercifully.

  16. I laughed when this woman proudly ranted "we were the very first to invent the absentee vote so that the Union troops could stay in the field and still vote in 1864'. Wow! Gosh, Impressive. Oh except American WOMEN were not allowed to vote until 1920. 60 years later! SIXTY. Guess that proud history of how important voting was for the people only applied to HALF the people. That's 30 years after New Zealand, 20 years after Australia, 2 years after the UK,. Yep, you're definitely world leaders and first in the voting process all right! rolls eyes

  17. these are idiots! these law school profs. don't even realize they are setting up the dems for a down fall when Durham starts charging people like obummer and the fbi top dogs cia and the dni they just let the people know full well they are guilty of treason

  18. This lady is so ridiculous. Get over it Trump won. Democrats sound like crybabies. Go get your Starbucks and find a safe space

  19. I'm sure we can expect clear Constitutional objectivity from the admitted Left Wing Progressive, Jewish, Lesbian Pamela Karlan… .

  20. Another unattractive activist hiding in HER Ivory Tower behind a Professors title. We will see how the left reacts when the shit hits the fan. They will all run to their safe rooms.

  21. She must have read edited transcripts because no live witness when pressed could actually confirm a demand by the president.

  22. All of the people who dislike her words are woefully stupid. That fat old orange bastard is done. The founding fathers have officially spoken. You turds can go back to wherever your colonizing ancestors migrated from if you can't handle it.

  23. Trump has no need for help against Biden …the transcript shows NO evidence whatsoever what this moron is claiming. she is a joke and a parasite on the American taxpayer REP COLLINS IS CORRECT to call the partisan demoKKKrat hypocrisy out! ….. We the people are more insulted of such idiot professors who only read Sdhiffs PARODY of THE ACTUAL TRUMP conversation.

  24. Another Jewish supremacist testifies, but never condemns what Israel has done to interfere in our nation and what is had done to Gentiles in Palestine.

  25. As an American Person, USAF Veteran and a former hard-core, conservative Republican I look at Doug Collins and say to myself: "Huh?" Then I think: "WOW!!" I am so thankful I "woke up" and decided that, being a Human Being and a Patriotic American was much, much more important than being a "Republican". IMPEACH TRUMP and all of his Cronies that are involved in this Scandal because make no mistake, there are more scandals in the increasingly smaller "World of Trump". What is needed here, once the Articles of Impeachment reach the Republican controlled Senate, is a Million Americans devoted to camping out on the Steps of Congress as a show of solidarity and resounding message to Mitch "The Turtle" McConnell, Nunes and all everyone in this Country who've been duped. Who's with me?

  26. Is she talking about the Clinton's???? BTW she just speaking of Law and definitions. not an actual case. Lowering the standards since orange slices and participations medals

  27. why not ask the opinion of a plumber or any other tax payer? This snobby bitch can take her bias and shove it deep in her lez hole.

  28. This fucking bitch make joke the kid to insult his family, because she hates his father because of different political party view .Is that behavior of a law professor,no it's the behavior of illiterate bastard gang street more than a law professor.

  29. This nasty bitch has the nerve to talk about alleged (still unproven) foreign interference from Russia, but never condemns the much much bigger foreign interference from the Jewish state of Israel. Surprise surprise.

  30. You know all my friends call CNN a tabloid but I don't care because I just got a great idea for a Western movie will make CNN the saloon where the Democrats fornicate and Trump walks in and clears the floor go Trump go

  31. Rep. Collins is the involuntary recipient of a lecture on the importance of free and fair elections in the world's oldest democracy by a tenured law professor. He's probably not listening very carefully. The minds of members of Congress tend to be focused on three goals: 1. reelection; 2. reelection; 3. reelection. If supporting the outrageous actions of President Trump will help Rep. Collins to win reelection,, well…

  32. This is worse than the shifty circus that came up with no evidence with their so called witnesses it is just ridiculous

  33. "Widespread agreement" that Russia interfered=Propaganda. How about showing us proof bitch? A few FB ads is not significant interference. And Russia had nothing to do with the deep divisions in our society. This bitch had far more to do with that than the Russians. She is the worst of the elites.

  34. Fellow GOP members, Trump is NOT a part of our party! Trump has twisted and infected the greatest political party in the history of this country. I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS, WILL YOU? SAVE OUR PARTY; IMPEACH AND REMOVE THE PARASITE!

  35. This why we're losing the public. I don't need opinions I need direct evidence. These s ok called witnesses are killing our chances. Where are the people who can set the record straight. All this is doing is prove wh thg people don't like lawyers. The talking about people 200 years ago. I want to know about right now.

  36. Okay, the part where, "im sure this law professors didnt have the time to digest all about the witness transcripts." That's for the COMMON PEOPLE. For PROFESSORS who are on a congress hearing to TALK about it, YES they will. (Or they SHOULD) These people CARE and took their time, that's obvious. (If they didn't then yes, like he said, no point.)

  37. She claims to want to pretend that she is concerned about our elections while trying to deny millions of Americans our right to elect our President.

  38. They totally dismiss the written transcript of the call and the word of the president of Ukraine both verify there was no quid pro quo. But the democrats want to write their own narrative to suit their obsession to impeach. They are afraid of losing the 2920 election. They will lose.

  39. so much to unpack here. he says "america will see why most people dont go to law school", yet around half congress are lawyers.a nation of laws that used to be laws before the Republicans seized power, and it was a slow coup of american democracy by using gerrymandering, judge packing of courts including supreme court, voter suppression, and now using foreign interference to subvert our elections. trump and his band of thugs is just the public face of this coup, there to distract while the republican party subverts democracy, creates a dictatorship, undermines the rule of law, and spreads propaganda. the republican party of abraham lincoln killed america.

  40. No. Don't speak for me. Trump told another country to investigate an opponent and he held the money. Plain and simple!!!! This is the beginning…wait until they change the constitution!!!!!!

  41. Prof. Karlan you have so elegantly stated the constitution rules regarding this president bullying his way to foreign governments-sadly thinks he rules the world and nobody can make him accountable-well he is wrong

  42. The American people are listening and learning. It seems to me the ones that don’t know what’s happening are the GOP trump lackeys. How embarrassing for them, but I suppose I’d bury my head in the sand too, considering their leader is as guilty as hell!
    THANK YOU PROF. KARLAN, you were brilliant, articulate, and easily understood, a true patriot.

  43. This Karlan person mentions Trump as being one who attempts to upset and election. What? When has it been shown for years now how he had to fight like hell to overcome the cheating of the democrats who WERE trying to subvert 2016. READ MORE

    The democrats hired the liars to give FALSE WITNESS, the democrats SPIED, not Republicans or Mr. Trump, and it was Hillary who was soaking up foreign MONEY, not Trump. This Kaplan person is a total fraud as a human even. READ MORE

    How on earth do complete ignoramuses like this Kaplan robot keep their jobs? The University she is associated with must be a real dump. We need them gone entirely, no good comes from rotten fruit. She is, in my view, and almost perfect example up what I call an "upward failure". With a mind like this one here, one begins to question the wisdom our creator. How can mental wires be so thoroughly cross connected?, and still the person is able to walk, chew, and speak?

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